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PAMPZ455 : Palad-Khik Pla Ta-Pean (Fish) amulet (LP Thong,Wat SahmPleum, Bangkok)
with Katha: PK_Master
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Size 1.1cm x 3.1 cm


It can bring wealth especially for person

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Pla Ta-Pean (Fish) Palad-Khik amulet. Pla Ta-Pean fish is an auspicious animal of Thais. This fish is amulet for help in trading because fish nature is a deftness animal

From: LP Thong,Wat SahmPleum, Bangkok

Color: Black

Material: Metal

Year: C.E.2004 (B.E.2547)

Size: 1.1cm x 3.1 cm

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for making: LP has been made amulets that require donation of money for developing the temple.
Ceremony: LP Thong has been making the item follow ancient textbook.
Most of magic spell and Yant in Pla Ta-Pean used were:
1) Yant Tri Ni Sing Hay
2) Hua Jai Phra Si Va Li(Na Cha Lee Ti)
3) Hua Jai Ma Ha Setthi(U Ar Ga Sa)
4) 4-Mae That (Na Ma Pa Ta).

Power: People believed that Ta-Pean Palad-Khik by LP Thong can bring wealth especially for person who engage in business.

Regarding to Thai history, Thai name for a penis amulet is Palad-Khik which means "honorable surrogate penis." Have a long tradition as lucky charms and protected from fierce animals like snake or scorpion, are worn by boys and men on a waist-string under the clothes, off-center from the real penis, in the hope that they will attract and absorb any magical injury directed toward the generative organs. It is not uncommon for a man to wear several palad khiks at one time. One may use to increase gambling luck. Another may use to attract women and a third for invulnerability from bullets and knives. Women in Thailand do not generally wear palad-khiks, but they keep Palad-Khik in purse. They believe that Palad-khiks can help the owner to secure good fortune in business.

Biography of LP Thong:
LP Thong of Wat SahmPleum, Bangkok passed away in 2005 at the age of 102 year old. He has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. Also, he was knowledge of Visha and very highly respected in Bangkok. Amulet of LP Thong has been well-known among amulet collectors.

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