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PAMPZ438b : Rare Magical Big Phra Khan Thep Sattra Thao Wet Suwan (Knife) - Second Batch (LP Jeud, Wat PodeTiSetTee, Nakhon Pathom province )
with Katha: Meed_LPJeud_TW
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Size 2.8 cm x 18 cm
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Subtotal 161.99 USD


Harm Protect Big Phra Khan Thep Sattra Thao Wet Suwan - Build amount limits

100% Authentic from temple

Name: Phra Khan Thep Sattra Thao Wet Suwan = Magic Knife of Thao Wet Suwan

Batch: Second batch

From: LP Jeud, Wat PodeTiSetTee, Nakhon Pathom province

Year: B.E.2553 (C.E.2010)

Build: 72 items only

Color: Red-brown

Material: (Holy metal from first batch) There were many holy objects use to make Phra Khan Thep Sattra Thao Wet Suwan such as ancient coin, copper alloy, iron, special lead, copper, the metals from a top of pagoda, bronze spear, iron from dead body, copper dagger, zinc, ancient bell, holy water bowl and the other. Then, melted the masses together and poured in square mold to be holy sheets. LP Jeud inscribed the holy characters on every the holy sheets by himself again after that LP Jeud strongly blessed by himself for 7 Tuesday so it became really strong power holy sheets call “DeeNai”. LP Jeud melted these holy sheets again to form Phra Khan Thep Sattra Thao Wet Suwan. LP Jeud strongly blessed Phra Khan again for 9 months 9 days by himself also called “DeeNog”. While blessing LP Jeud invited his teachers and Thao Wet Suwan to bless too. Phra Khan Thep Sattra Thao Wet Suwan was created from strong belief and strong power. LP Jeud told close disciple that “Keep Phra Khan Thep Sattra Thao Wet Suwan because in the future this magical knife will be a great of great amulet which is really rare to find”.

Size: 2.8 cm x 18 cm

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for making: Require donation of money for developing the temple.

Ceremony: LP Jeud strongly blessed this magical knife in “Sow Harh” (Saturday five) that is great auspicious time. Moreover, LP Jeud reblessed again affer I rent from temple.

Powerful: The excellent powers of Phra Khan Thep Sattra Thao Wet Suwan:
1. Can soak this magical knife in water to make holy water
2. Can protect a worshipper from venomous animal
3. Can protect a worshipper from black magic
4. Can make a worshipper to be invulnerable when carry with oneself.
5. Can expel a spirit and ghost from a worshipper
6. Can protect worshipper’s house from fire
7. When a worshipper has to go outside and have to sleep in outdoor, it should be put the tip of the knife on a ground and draw in square or circle shape around the area that you prepare to sleep. This method can protect animal and ghost to harm you.
8. If you suffer from black magic that make your body to be swollen. Should soak this magical knife in water to make holy water. Then drink the water and use the magical knife press on the swollenness until the tip of the hand and leg is remove or disappear.

9. If you have to go by ship, please soak a magical knife in water to protect a worshipper from ghost and bad things.
10. When you have an abscess or just abscess, you should draw by using the tip of Phra Khan Thep Sattra Thao Wet Suwan encircle the abscess and recite the incantation, recall to Thao Wet Suwan. The abscess will drive out in 3 days.

Presented: On the handle of magical knife has a model of Thao Wet Suwan that has two styles first is god style and second is giant style.

Biography of LP Jeud’s biography:
Luang Pho Jeud of Wat PodeTiSetTee, Nakhon Pathom province is the topmost monk in Thailand. In the present LP Jeud is well know in the amulet about lucky and wealthy and there is many disciples who worship LP Jued. The amulets of LP Jued are very popular because its help many the disciples such as making the disciples richer and wealthier. Moreover, LP Jued’s amulets help the disciples to protect the bad evil. In another LP Jued is the expert monk in the meditation because he learned Visha (magic) from Luang Pho Noi at Wat Seesathong and Luang Pho Noi at Wat Thamasala.

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