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PAMPZ276 : GREAT Palad Khik “Tua Gerd Sitthichoke” (KB Thammamunee , Suan Paphutthasathansupraditmethee,)
with Katha: PK_LPThammunee
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Size 1 cm. x 5 cm


Marvel of Palad Khik “Tua Gerd Sitthichoke” – Very famous in Thai amulet market.

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Tua Gerd Sitthichoke = this spirit has power to help the owner to be rich.

From: KB Thammamunee , Suan Paphutthasathansupraditmethee, Mahasarakam province.

Year: B.E. 2551 (C.E.2008)

Quantity 1,999 units

Size: 1 cm. x 5 cm

Color: Gold

Material: Lek Arthan from Yod Prasat = holy metal that get from the top of old castle

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for Making: This Palad Khik made for require donation to develop the temple.

Ceremony and step to make this item: KB must do as the steps learning in calculate day and auspicious time (Lerk Yam) that is well for doing a thing. Also, KB used holy metal that get from the top of old castle. KB should do as a sheet before. After that, KB find the auspicious time in first of Saturday, Khuen 15 Kham (the waxing period of the moon) and then do Pithee Akkara Lek Yant and born Tua Gerd 32 Tua in the final ray of Tuesday Ram 14 Kham (the waxing period of the moon) on the funeral pyre cremates for great power that can control ghost for obeying.

For the reason that LP brings the top of old castle to use is for magic metal object that is the top most of mass. After that, use the silver sheet to Long Akkara Yant Mae That. Yant That of 4, that is, soil, fire, wind, Yant Argan 32 and Yant Mahasaney that more than 50 Yants. For example, Yant Naree Rum Phung, Yant Naree Nung Lak, Yant Nang Hai Tha, Yant Maha raluay Roi Choo, Yant San Nang Long, Yant Wak Thoranee, Yant Chang Pasom Klong, Na Do Loh Hee, etc. Besides, there are Yant for luck, too such as Yant Setthi Phan Goth, Yant Narai Plik Phanedin, Yant Bat Phra Sivali, Yant Gaew Saraphat Nuk, Yant Phoo Khao Thong, Yant Maha Kumsup.

Power: People believed that this Palad Khik has power in protecting the owner from enemy and danger.

The main characteristic of Tua Gerd Sitthichoke that KB built has unique descriptions that are:
1. Eagle eyes to the one who is far sighted that done everything complete. 2. Fish mouth find to eat all the time.
3. Lion tail is the symbol of the power, Baramee (Prestige) and Saney (Charm).

Biography of KB:
Kruba Thammamunee TiJaTumMo has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. LP studied magic from Khmer guru monk who has knowledge of Visha (magic) to exorcise. Also, Kruba has been studied the art of making efficacious amulets from old magic book.

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