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PAMPZ112c : First Batch! Magic Glass Ball - Bead (AJ Thongtang, ChaiYaPhum province)
with Katha: DU_AJThongTang
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Size 2 cm x 2.7 cm
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Subtotal 230.49 USD



Name : GaewSaRaPadNeuk (Magic Glass Ball)

Origin : Thailand

Purpose for Making : Require donation of money for developing Thai temple.

Material : 4-Magic Glass Balls

Year: B.E.2550 (C.E.2007)

Size : 1.5 cms x 1.5 cms
(With Casing : 2.2 cm x 3 cm)

Arjarn Thong Tang was ordained as a monk and studied magic knowledge almost 20 years with many Arjarns. He was studied with Phor Kroo Pram Suttho at Nakorn Sawan province for 8 years. Next, he was studied with LP BoonMa of Wat DaenKongKongWaNaRam, ChaiYaPhum province. LP BoonMa has 108 years old. Moreover, he was studied Sak Yant knowledge with layman and many Arjarn.

After success any knowledge, he had made amulet for his disciples. Amulet of Arjarn Thong has very powerful. Arjarn Thong Tang's magic power was focused on helping people succeed in running businesses and that many had experienced through his amulets.

It consists of 4-magic glass ball as follow:

1. Duang Gaew MaNeeChot (water element) – This ball can support great kindness and charming with opposite sex.

2. Duang Gaew ViToon (Soil element) – This ball can protect the owner from any devil and dangers.

3. Duang Gaew ViChian (Fire element) – This ball can support invulnerable, miracle and powerful.

4. Duang Gaew ThamMaRat (wind element) – This ball can support shelter, become invisible and hypnotize.

According to Arjarn Thong Tang:

1. Please worship with white flower, garland (jasmine flower).

2. Please keep in upper place because this amulet was recited with high knowledge.

3. When you need him help for something. Make your mind calm. Think of all your goodness that you done and focus all your faith to the Buddha, your holy monk and this Magic Glass Ball with Katha.

4. Please don’t ask this amulet for help illegal.

Real experience

This real experience comes from one woman. She has GaewSaRaPadNeuk. She wants to contact with someone. But she can’t contact him because she has no his telephone number. She doesn’t know that how will she contact. Thus, she made a wish from this amulet that please help me contact with him too.

Next morning, that man called to her. Her wishing from this amulet was success. She was very surprise.

The power of this amulet can protect owner and owner’s family, prosperity in working life and financing. Moreover, owner can wish anything from this amulet. However, owner must really respect in this amulet. Also, this amulet promises to bring relief to loneliness, bring protection and safety in traveling and bring pure joy of kindness.

Copyright (c) 2006, All rights reserved.