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PAMPH18 : Beautiful Bia Gae Lek Song Rittanuparb (LP Jur-ah, Thai Amulet)
with Katha: BG_LPJurah
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Size 2 cm. x 3.5 cm.
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Beautiful Bia Gae LP Jur-ah is the most famous amulets in Thailand
100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Bia Gae LP Jur-ah

From: LP Jur-ah of Wat klangbanggaew, Nakorn Pathom province

Color: Black with beautiful silver casing

Presented: Bia Gae with Yant at the back.

Material: Made form metal and and put mercury inside.

Year: B.E.2551 (C.E.2008)

Size: 2 cm. x 3.5 cm.

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for making: LP Jur-ah require donation from this Bia Gae for building the temple.

Holy Ceremony: LP Jur-ah written Yant Script on the front of this Bia Gae with holy spell one by one.

Power: People believe that LP Jur-ah has power to induce beautiful life and fortune.
The method for keep or place Bia Gae:
Please keep this Bia Gae with himself or at your home for worshipping and protection your family.

Biography of LP Jur-ah:
Luang Pu Jur-ah of Wat Glarng-Bang-Gaow, NakhonPaThom province was born in 1925. Now he is 81 year old. LP Jur-ah was ordained at the age of 26 at Wat Glarng-Bang-Gaow.
Later, he has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. LP Jur-ah was close disciple of LP Purm. He has knowledge of Visha (magic) and has been studied the art of making efficacious Bia-Gae and amulets from LP Purm.
LP Jur-ah is only one who succeeds in making the Bia-Gae from LP Purm. After LP Purm passed away, many people want LP Jur-ah to become an abbot of this temple but he refused and become a second abbot. Every day, many people go to meet LP Jur-ah. They really need for his help. They are said that Luang Phor is a monk who possesses a lot of metta (loving-kindness) and bahramee (power).

LP Purm was an abbot of this temple.He was guru monk and very well-known in Thailand. LP Purm was a monk under LP Boon who was the first monk who created style of Bia-Gae in the present era and popular for his knowledge in both holy Dharma and Visha.

The history of Wat Glarng-Bang-Gaow:
Wat Glarng-Bang-Gaow is an ancient temple, locates in Tumbon Nakorn Chaisri. It has Both, Viharn and ancient main Buddha that the archaeorologist assumes that it was built from Krung Sri Ayutthaya era. Inside there are Phra Phuttha Vithee Nayok Museum which have shows of old objects, arts objects and other utensils of LP Boon {Phra Phuttha Vithee Nayok Boon Kunthachote} and LP Perm. Besides, there are amulets, miracle objects and the amulets of LP. Another is a Thai medicine, herbs, curing medicines and other objects.

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