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PAMAY692 : Protect collection Pha Yant LP Klun with LP Aun in big size (LP Chaloem, Wat Phayatikaram, Ayutthaya province )
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Size 41.5 cm x 59.5 cm
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The best powerful magical cloth of protection

100% Authentic from temple

Name: Pha Yant LP Klun with LP Aun in big size

From: LP Chaloem, Wat Phayatikaram, Ayutthaya province

Material: cloth

Size: 41.5 cm x 59.5 cm

Year: B.E.2543 (C.E.2000)

Origin: Thailand

Ceremony: LP Chaloem blessed this magical cloth by himself for long time.

Powerful: Pha Yant LP Klun with LP Aun has several supernatural powers such as protect worshiper from harm, black magic, ghost, obstacle and problem.

Presented: there are many holy Yant and characters on the magical cloth such as LP Klun picture, LP Aun picture, Phra Khun Paen picture and other to increase powerful.

History of Prayatikaram Temple:
Prayatikaram Temple had its former name ‘Phobyat Temple’. The name ‘Phobyat Temple’ comes from a legend that in the past there was a village where full of beautiful girls. There were told from people to people. One day the king heard that, so he went to the village. He saw a girl and he adopted her from her parents. When the girl grew up, she became the queen. She went back to the village again to visit her relatives. Then she built the temple there and named it ‘Phobyat Temple’. After that, the name of the temple was changed from ‘Phobyat Temple’ to ‘Prayatikaram Temple’.

Biography of LP Klan:
LP Klan was born in 1847, Ayutthaya Province. He live in a poor family. His parents were Mr. In and Mrs. Chan. He had 3 siblings. His poverty made him struggle to live, so he was very resolute and determined. At the age of twenty-seven, he got ordained at Pradusongtham Temple. He was an abbot of ‘Prayatikaram Temple’ later. He had a monk’s name ‘Thammachot’. He was a good monk and respected by many people. He was very famous for magic spell and his amulets. He passed away on 21 July 1934 and his life was 87 years and 60 years in monkhood.

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