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PAMAY505 : Rare Collection Pha Yant Phad Bok – The Best of Harm Protection & Charm (LP Tim, Wat LaHanLaai, Rayong Province)
with Katha: Buddha_LPTim_WatLahanrai
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Size 22.5 cm x 34.5 cm
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Don’t miss auspicious occasion to worship great powerful amulet by great monk

100% Authentic from temple

Name: Pha Yant Phad Bok (magic cloth)

From: LP Tim, Wat LaHanLaai, Rayong Province

Year: B.E.2518 (C.E.1975)

Material: cloth

Size: 22.5 cm x 34.5 cm

Build: 5,000 items

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for making: Donate the money from amulets to develop and restore the buildings in Wat LaHanLaai. Moreover, LP Tim created the amulet to help worshiper from trouble and problem.

Ceremony: LP Tim strongly blessed this magical cloth in 16 June B.E.2518 (C.E.1975) by himself for long time. Moreover, LP Tim created this magic cloth followed LP Grad of Wat Sakkorphai who was magical expert in the past.

Powerful: Pha Yant Phad Bok by LP Tim has several supernatural powers such as protect worshiper from harm, danger, weapon and black magic. On the other hand, there is excellent of making worshiper to be more charm and sex appeal.

Biography of LP Tim:
LP Tim of Wat LaHanLaai was born in 1879 at Rayong Province. LP Tim was a nephew of LP Sang who was the originator of Wat LaHarnRai. LP Sang was very clever in magic power. At the age of 17 his father takes LP Tim to learning with LP Singh. LP Tim learned for 1 year and he returned at home. Next, he was ordained at the age of 19. He attended to study knowledge of LP Sang from textbook. He became a famous guru monk in Rayong Province. He recite incantations many famous of amulets such as Gring Coin, Phra Holy Powder, and Phra Pita, etc. Every holy thing of LP Tim helps in dangerous protection, beloved, trading and good luck. LP Tim passed away in 1975 at the age of 72 years old. Although, it passed for 31 years but he still be respectable for many people. He has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way.

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