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PAMAY327 : Magic Cloth Medium Yant Pha Mon Jumlang (KB Kritsana, Wat Pa Mahawan, Nakhon Ratchasima province)
with Katha: BT_KBKritsana
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Size 33.5cm x 48.5cm
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Magical Medium Yant Pha Mon Jumlang – Good for business.

100% Authentic from temple

Name: Pha Mon Jumlang = Lord Shiva that is the right side and Devi Uma is the left side turn the faces towards that there is meaning about love of men and women.

From: KB Kritsana, Wat Pa Mahawan, Nakhon Ratchasima province

Color: the background of magic cloth is white and the characters, image is colourful.

Size: 33.5cm x 48.5cm

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2551 (C.E.2008)

Purpose for Making: Require donation of money for developing the temple.

Material: Cloth

Ceremony: KB Kritsana created and strongly blessed this magic cloth by using the specific magic that is “Mon Thira Yan” has power about multi-purposes. KB Kritsana learned this magic from “Pu Ruesi Bang Bod” in Loas and learned the other magics from the monks in Cambodia for over 20 years.

Presented: “Thep Pha Mon Jumlang” in the magic cloth of KB Kritsana is different from the other. This magic cloth has the images of Shiva and Devi Uma turning the faces toward that there is meaning the forever love. Moreover, the image of the magic cloth is like a butterfly too. There are inscription the holy characters “Thewa Nakhi” that the ancient characters in this magic cloth. The magic cloth of Shiva and Umathewi is very popular in many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the other because the power of the magic cloth.

Powerful: The magic cloth has the powers about bringing charming, luck and wealth to the worshiper.

Biography of KB Kritsana:
For decades, Phra Kruba Kritsana has been become a monk under Phra Kruba Pu (who has been very well-known in North of Thailand) and followed hin on Tudong to Cambodia and laos. KB Kristsana spent 10 years studying Buddhist holy texts and practiced meditation in the forests located in NE Thailand.Phra. kruba is one of the best-known in present day who is a guru master of unique amulet style.
Kruba Kritsana of Wat Pa Mahawan, Nakhon Ratchasima province was born in 1st August 1954. He was ordained as monk in 27 October 1979. He has been becomes a monk under Phra KruBa Pu who has been very well known in North of Thailand and he followed Phra KruBa Pu on Tudong to Cambodia and Laos. Kruba Kritsana spent 10-year studying Buddhist holy texts and practiced meditation in the forests located in NE Thailand. Kruba Kritsana is one of the best known in present day who is a guru master of unique amulet style.
In 2532, Kruba dwelt in a cave above the Moonbon Dam in Khonburi. After 3 years the local local people became aware of a great monk that was residing in the area and requested that he move back to the forest and construct a new temple, Wat Pa Mahawan.

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