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PACNL271 : Collection 4: “Kradad” Beach & Surfer Necklace Style Oriented (Accessories, Thai Amulet)
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Design: Kradad

Size: circumstance 76 cm/ vertical length 38 cm

Material: one-eyed coconut shell beads, 1 casing

The name Kradad comes from Koh Kradad island, Trat Province. On the island there are many coconut trees. But there is one leaning coconut tree due to the nature; the lower body parallel to the ground, from the center of the body to the top beginning to upright. This coconut tree is a signature of this island that visitors will always take pictures with it.

This necklace is made from “Kala Ta Diaw” or one-eyed coconut shell with a beautiful casing.

Interesting fact of Kala Ta Diaw is that in hundreds of coconut shells will have only one with only one eye.

Our idea is like “being unique and different” like one-eyed coconut shell, and we want you to be like that.

This work you can see the meticulousness and delicacy in manscraft from the bottom of the necklace.

**Suitable for:
1. People who are casual lifestyle, love nature but also want to be different from others.
2. People who like things wood material.
3. People who like brown tone look.
4. People who believe in Fengshui, desire to enhance their own wood element.

Collection # 4: “Beach & Surfer Necklace Style Oriented”

Nowadays, we live in a hurry to keep pace with the world. So about the dress, we would like it to use in every situation in a day such as meeting, events, shopping or hanging out with friends in the evening.

Like Steve Jobs, his dress was simply with just T-shirt, jeans and shoes confidently presenting his new iPhone. With his easy casual look, but it makes differently outstanding appearance on stage apart from holding a microphone and script that today many people like to imitate to their presentation.

But dressing of a casual lifestyle may be too simple or same others. Sometimes, we need to draw people attention such as going to an event.

With this idea, our team designed “necklace plus casing” to look fashionable. In design, we added gimmick and colors to suit casual lifestyle, but still outstanding.

Design is flexible for personalization to show your style in necklace you wear such as adding pendant in the casing other than amulet or Takrut.

The necklace is available in normal necklace, long necklace and mini choker.

Various materials made from nature represent sea, waves, white sand, forests, trees, rocks, even the moon and stars, fetched in Thailand and its neighbors such as the one-eyed coconut shell bead and Hin Phra That (holy relic stone) bead of Thailand, rattan bead and amber bead from Myanmar.

That is the background of our “Beach & Surfer Necklace Style Oriented”. There are 6 designs: Andaman, Full Moon, White Sand, Dark Circular, Kradad, and Putao.

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