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No.1376: Wat Phra Borommathat Nakhon Chum **Good Luck, Wealth & Protection

LP Saeng, Wat Sompoi, Buriram Province

No.1406: LP Rittidet **wealth, good luck, charm and protection.

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PACNL261 : Energy Jewelry! Burmite Amber Necklace Type 3: Twist with 14 Beads for Hang 1 Amulet (Accessories, Thai amulet)

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Size bead about 0.5 cm/ necklace length 31 cm


Burmite Amber: The Fossil Talisman

Combination of Burmite Amber and Thai Craft…

Design: Type 3: Twist with 14 Beads

Gender: unisex

Use: Wear as necklace with hanging 1 amulet.

Material: Burmite amber beads, waxed rope

Color: yellow Burmite amber beads, black waxed rope

Size: bead about 0.5 cm/ necklace length 31 cm

**for custom rope color and length, contact**

Burmite Amber: The Fossil Talisman

Power of Necklace Jewelry!
Work through you on an unconscious level!!!

Part 1: Survey Burmite Amber in Myanmar

1.1) General Facts about Burmite Amber:

Burma or Myanmar (current name) is a well-known country with the most natural sources in Southeast Asia, the prolific minerals and forests which leads to Burmite Amber—The World’s Quality Amber.

Burmite amber is known for 2 colors: translucent yellow and clear cherry red color. Deep red Burmese amber is the rarest and most valuable one. Mostly, Burmese amber is very clear. Compared to other ambers, Burmite is also harder.

The high polish and fluorescence of Burmese amber bring to it a decorative value that makes it a favorite among jewelry designers in the world.

Burmese amber, also referred to as Burmite, is from the Hukawng Valley in the northern state of Kachin in Burma. Historical accounts say that Burmese amber made its way from the valley to the Roman Empire via the Silk Road in China as early as the first century AD.

1.2) Journey
February 2019, Billionmore team had a chance to travel to the Hukawng Valley in Kachin, Myanmar. In this valley, we met many villagers using various tools to dig the carcass of rubber trees such as red wood and Dipterocarpus alatus that the resin flew and formed as organic jewel crystal.
Villagers got the resin sheets, then soaked in water before selling in the wholesale market in the middle of Mijina Town, Kachin State. Wholesalers will buy the amber resin and send to the villages where polish amber. Next sell in the retail market in the city of Mergina, in form of bracelet, necklace, rosary and so on.
Part 2: Belief about Amber
Amber is a talisman that is the main benefit for “health”; emotional therapy and dispelling negative energy impacting us very well.

Other benefits are:
1. Enhances vitality, Relaxes the tension and Stimulates the mind to feel refreshed.
2. Cure stressful headaches by wearing as necklace or putting a piece of amber on the neck.
3. Can prevent the wound from spreading.
4. Has invisible power used as a protection to escape from various evil things including negative forces.
5. Enriches the positive power of the amulet to be more powerful.

Part 3: General Facts about Amber

Amber is an organic gem which is well-known and popular. In fact, amber is the fossilized sap aged about 20-60 million years with main components of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Some ambers may be found with the remains of insects or plants beautifully created by nature. Amber can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes and clarity. Ranging from transparent to opaque.
The most amber source is the Baltic Sea in the west of Kalinin Russia Other sources include Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Denmark, Norway, England, Myanmar, Lebanon, Mexico, Romania, Germany, Canada and the Dominican Republic.

Colors of Amber That Are Found:

1) Yellow Amber
Yellow and brownish amber pieces are found around the world. They make up more than two-thirds of the amber found in the world. The original place it amber was found was in the Baltic Sea area, and this area is still the best market for amber both in quality and quantity. However, wherever old fossilized trees can be found, amber may be found as well.

2) Black Amber
Black amber accounts for about fifteen percent of the amber found. However, it is not actually pure fossilized tree resin. It has been mixed with the remains of the tree from which it came or other plant matter. That does not make it any less appetizing.

3) Green Amber
Green amber is very popular. It only accounts for about two percent of the amber, but there is plenty of it found to supply the world. The Dominican Republic is known for the best specimens of green amber.

4) White Amber
White amber is especially rare (about 1-2%). It is also called “bony” or “royal white” for its unique texture. White amber is praised for the decorative swirls in butterscotch, grey, green, honey or blue hues which create one-of-a kind decorative effects. White amber is never treated as it is praised for its natural beauty.

5) Red Amber
The second most rare amber is red amber. Only about one in every two hundred amber specimens are red. The color is very authentic and can be very deep. This amber is very expensive per gram.

6) Blue Amber
Blue amber is the rarest of all the colors of amber. However, blue amber is fairly new to the gem industry. It must be caught in the right light, or it will look like every other piece of yellow-brown amber.

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