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"Thank for your waterproof of lek lai nang kwak. it is very beautiful and awesome powerful. Thank you very much"
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GFMA05 : Phra Nak Prok (Naga Buddha) (LP Kaew (Pho Than Kaew), Wat Khok Don, Phatthalung Province)
with Katha: Buddha_NakProk
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100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Phra Nak Prok (Naga Buddha) with stainless casing

From: LP Kaew (Pho Than Kaew), Wat Khok Don, Phatthalung Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2536 (C.E.1993)

Material: copper

Ceremony: LP Kaew properly blessed this medal with mantra and mindstream.

Power: Phra NakProk (also Pang NakProk) is name of the Buddha image under the covering by Naga. This image derived when Buddha was in practice of being enlightened. Buddha sat under the big Bodhi tree (Srimahapho) and kept doing meditation. One day, it rained 7 days and 7 nights and Phaya Mujarin (king of great snakes) saw and was afraid that Buddha would get wet, so he covered Buddha with himself like an umbrella. In fact, Phaya Mujarin had faith in Buddha. When it stopped raining, Phaya Mujarin transformed himself into a human and paid respect to Buddha.

Phra NakProk has powerful power in protection against harm, dangers and bad things, bringing peacefulness and turning bad destiny to good. In fact, Phra NakProk is a Buddha image of people born on Saturday. It is propitious for people on this day to worship Phra NakProk in order to enhance their life and fortune. However, worshiping Phra NakProk is also good for people in other days.

Biography of LP Kaew (Pho Than Kaew), Wat Khok Don, Phatthalung Province:

Pho Than Kaew Dhammiko, Khok Don Temple, Phatthalung Province – "Por Than Kaew Dhammiko", former abbot of Khok Don Temple, Ton Duan Subdistrict, Khuan Khanun District, Phatthalung Province, is another famous monk, Khao Orr. that the people of Phatthalung gave their faith and know your reputation very well because Father Than Kaew had studied Wittayakom with Phra Kechi Achan Sai Khao Or Many famous people of that era were Phra Achan Iad Pathumsaro of Wat Don Sala, Phra Ajarn Pal Palthummo of Khao Or Temple and Phra Achan Khong of Ban Suan Temple, Khuan Khanun District, Phatthalung Province.

His original name was Kaew Khaonuan, born on Saturday August 8, 1908 at Ban Chai Huai, Phatthalung Province. In his youth, he studied in elementary school at Wat Pa To School, Ton Duan Subdistrict, Khuan Khanun District, from then left school to work and help his family earn a living. until maturity Therefore, he entered the ordination ceremony on May 10, 1929 at Phatthasima, Pa Tor Temple, Ton Duan Subdistrict, Khuan Khanun District, with Phra Phutthithamthada. or Phra Ajarn Boonthong Former abbot of Wat Suwanwichai and the dean of Khuan Khanun District, Phatthalung Province as preceptor Received the nickname Dhammiko. Lived in the Buddhist Lent at Wat Pa To and studied the Dharma with intention.

In 1932, he passed the examination with a third-class Dharma practitioner. At the school office of Wat Pa To, Khuan Khanun District, Phatthalung Province, and in 1933, was the abbot of Wat Tham, Khao Pu Subdistrict.

1939, persuading relatives of Yom in Village No. 2, Ton Duan Subdistrict, Khuan Khanun District, to donate land including the establishment of the Khok Don Monastery and Wat Khok Don School

LP Kaew was a disciple of Wat Pa Tor. moved to rule at Khok Don Temple was the first abbot Vipassana meditation monks who are strict in the discipline Has commendable practices, likes solitude, loves nature, and likes to study and research science subjects. There were many famous monks in those days, such as Phra Kru Sitthayaphirat. or Phra Achan Eid Former abbot of Wat Don Sala Phra Ajahn Pal Palthammo, former abbot of Wat Khao Or and Phrakhru Phiphat Sirithorn or Reverend Father Kong Former Abbot of Ban Suan Temple Has the privilege of neuroscience in the field of science until known in the amulet industry and monks at that time

In addition, he also traveled to study special subjects from Father Than Klai Chandi for two years until he was well known.

In addition to being a famous guru monk He is also a developer who makes contributions to the community and society and creates prosperity for many temples and communities. which you have built and restored religious places inside many temples until prosperous

Later, around the year 1994, he had symptoms of ailments following his age. with Phra Ajarn Sathien Thanjaro or Phra Kru Wichitkitchaporn The current abbot of Wat Khokdon have come to take care of and serve closely

LP Kaew passed away in 1995 at the age of 87 years and 66 years in monkhood.

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