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GFDE01 : PRO GIFT Wealthy, Lucky Kamlai Kheow Niaw Sarp Bracelet Blessed by LP Weera (Gifts, Promotion)
with Katha: Stone_FengShui
Stock Status Discontinued   
Size Adjustable Rope


Thankful Gift For END OF YEAR... Welcome Wealthy & Lucky YEAR OF 2023

Order from $99 USD, Get 1 Free "Kamlai Kheow Niaw Sarp Bracelet" Blessed by LP Weera
(excluding special price items, promotion items and shipping cost.)

Valid now until 31 December 2022

Name: Kamlai Kheow Niaw Sarp Bracelet

Material: colored rope blessed by LP Weera assembled with green agate stone

Benefits/Powers: This Kamlai Kheow Niaw Sarp will attract lots of money and good luck to a wearer.

"Kamlai" means "a bangle or bracelet". "Kamlai" sounds like "Kamrai" or "a profit" in Thai. Thais believe that a bangle of bracelet is an auspicious accessory.

Wearing Kamlai which already received a spell from by monks or occultists is believe to magically enrich whoever wears.

Green Agate : wealth and power

Green Agate Green Agate is one of the many colored quartz minerals. There is a fine stone texture.

Possession of Green Agate Green Agate will give you self-confidence. This allows you to make better decisions in any situation and to be emotionally stable. to the situation faced. It also attracts fortune to the wearer. Don't miss the chance to find jewelry with this stone to benefit for yourself and your special people.

About LP Weera, Wat Homsil, Samut Prakan Province:

LP Weera of Wat Homsil is a respectable guru monk in Samut Prakan province. He is kind to everyone, so he is respected by many people. Moreover, LP Weera is a disciple of LP Charn Wat Bang Bor who is a famous guru monk in Samut Prakan. LP Weera studied mantras with LP Charn including magic of tiger that LP Charn is very famous for, so magical ability of LP Weera is not common. As for Wat Homsil, it is an old temple in Samut Prakan province. The Temple was once deserted, but at present it has LP Weera as an abbot.LP Weera of Wat Homsil is a respectable guru monk in Samut Prakan province. He is kind to everyone, so he is respected by many people. LP has been interested in magic since young inspired by his father who has ability in magic and using herbs to cure people. LP studied magic with his father including how to write Yant TreeNiSingHe that LP can do very well. Until teenager, LP went to study more magic with many gurus both monk and master such as Arjarn Soon who is the expert in Sak Yant (magical tattooing), LP Foo Wat Bangsamak and LP Charn Wat Bang Bor. With a lot of magic, his father was afraid LP might go in wrong way, so his father suggested LP to go into priesthood in order to serve the Buddhism and using magic to help people. After ordination, LP sets his heart on dharma and precepts. LP has many disciples especially police and soldiers in high rank. LP is often invited by disciples to bless at many places not only in Thailand but also foreign country for example Malaysia and Singapore. Besides, he devotes himself to Buddhist benefits for example running a free yearly ordination project that 20-year-old men can get ordained without any fees. This is a good project in maintaining Buddhism for next generations.

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