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No.1431: Batch: Maha Setthi 1,000 Lan **Great Luck-Rich-Protection

No.1416 : Wat WiangMonMongkolPhanaram **Good Luck and Good Things

No.1371: LP Chumphon **Kindness, Safeguard & Luck

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BRBA59 : Good luck wonderfully & Successful Copper Takrut Yant Fah Prathan Pon (Feng Shui Scroll) in 2-Ring Silver Plated Casing with Qu (Takrut/ From: Wat San Chao, Pathum Thani Province/ LP Leng, Wat Phantai Norasing, Samut Sakhon Province )
with Katha: Monk&Amulet_Master
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Size Length 19.5 cms.
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Dear customers, if you are interested to buy and get more information, kindly contact us

Your Personalized Talisman in the World!!
Properly Blessed by Proficient Occult Master


**Due to natural material, each one may be different in color and detail.

Miraculous Powers from Nature!

100% Authentic from Temple
100% Quality & Delicacy Craftsman Work

Don’t miss!

Name: Good luck wonderfully & Successful Copper Takrut Yant Fah Prathan Pon (Feng Shui Scroll) in 2-Ring Silver Plated Casing with Quail Egg-like Hin Phra That Bracelet.

Origin: Thailand

Form: Takrut/ From: Wat San Chao, Pathum Thani Province/ Year: B.E. 2563 (C.E.2020)
From: Stone/ LP Leng, Wat Phantai Norasing, Samut Sakhon Province / Year: 2560 B.E. (2017 C.E.)

Size: 1.7 cm x 2.4 cm (include casing)
Size: Length 19.5 cms. (elastic band)
**If you would like to customize to your wrist size, please kindly note at special command when do transaction in website or email us at

Making about 3-5 business days after customer payment.

Material: copper yant sheet
Material: “Hin Phra That” a holy relic stone from Mangkorn (dragon) Cave in Khao Sam Roi Yod (holy mountain) which has pattern like a quail egg

Purpose of Making: to earn donations to develop and restore the temple.

Ceremony: This Feng Shui Scroll received blessing from LP Parn, a present abbot of this temple who is a close disciple of LP Sorn, a famous guru monk in the past.

Power: This Yant Fah Prathan belongs to Grandpa Kimkoey or people call "Pae Rong See". It is the most excellent Yant of him that can turn bad luck to good luck wonderfully or ones who wish something will be successful very soon. That is because Grandpa Kimkoey already linked power from the sky and the land together deserving the name "Fah Prathan" that means "granting from the sky" or "a godsend". It is good to have this Yant at home, shop or establishments to improve bad Feng Shui.

Meanings of 1-18 Ga of Yant Fah Prathan Pon (Ga = amount of this Yant )
1 Ga = It is carried for Feng Shui of life and to build up fortune
2 Ga = increase beauty
3 Ga = fight against ghosts and bad spirits
4 Ga = best for communication and public relations
5 Ga = bring fame and popularity to business and establishment
6 Ga = best for service jobs
7 Ga = improve business and establishment
8 Ga = help gain reverence from people
9 Ga = good for selling monk stuff, cell phones and appliances
10 - 18 Ga = attract the flow of fortune, prosperity, abundance, good health and safety

**SPECIAL** This frame comes with divine joss stick ash from Lao Bun Thao Gong Shrine to multiply the power!! This powder can bring good luck, wealth, good business, success in career and people kindness.

About Temple:
Wat San Chao is a longtime well-known temple in Pathum Thani Province. "San Chao" means "shrine" because this temple has Lao Bun Thao Gong Shrine built and bestowed by "Grandpa Kimkoey" or famously known as "Pae Rong See". Besides, this temple had Luangpho Sorn, a famous guru monk as a former abbot. The present abbot is Luangpho Parn who is a close disciple of LP Sorn.

Story of Grandpa Kimkoey (Pae Rong See):
Grandpa Kimkoey was a Chinese old man who settled in Thailand long time ago. He was a rice mill owner, so people called him "Pae Rong See". When he was alive, usually went to the Chinese shrine at Wat San Chao in Pathum Thani Province. He liked to help people and teach them to do good things. People often asked him for a favor about Feng Shui of their houses, establishments and their ancestors' graves and most of them were later prosperous in business. That made Grandpa Kimkoey gradually well-known.

Miracles of Grandpa Kimkoey:
Some people say a picture of Grandpa Kimkoey even without blessing can help people obsessed by a spirit. Some had experience that Grandpa Kimkoey Yant cloth stopped the fire hazard. People also believe Grandpa Kimkoey amulets can improve Feng Shui very well because Grandpa was good at it.

Power: People believe Hin Phra That can protect owner from dangers, develop meditation practice and bring peacefulness and good things to life.

Ceremony: Every Hin Phra That item received holy blessing from LP Leng for auspiciousness of worship.

Objective: donation for developing and restoring the temple

About Guru Monk:
This is LP Leng or Luangphi Leng of Wat Phantai Norasing, Samut Sakhon province. LP Leng is an energetic new generation guru monk eager to apply his own magical knowledge to help people and serve Buddhism. LP Leng has been interested in magic and Lek Lai for a long time. He likes to study with experienced guru monks. Used to practice meditation with LP Jaran at Wat Ampawan, Singburi province and study magic of Guman Thong with LP Hong at Wat Petchburi, Surin province. And studied with LP Sai at Wat Phra That Doi Thapchang, Prachuabkirikhan province. In fact, LP Sai, Wat Phra That Doi Thapchang was a nephew of LP Ngern, Wat Don Yai Hom (Nakhon Pathom province) who was a famous guru monk in Thailand. That means LP Leng keeps on mantras of both LP Sai and LP Ngern.

Experience: LP Leng already blessed an amulet and gave to a man to wear, then tested power by cutting a man’s arm with a knife many times. Wonderfully, the knife could not get into a man’s skin!

Hin Phra That (holy relic stone):

Kao Sam Roi Yod is name of the mountain where is national park in Prachuabkirikhan Province, Thailand. There is a holy quiet place surrounded by nature. There are many caves in it such as Khao Phra (monk’s mountain) Cave, Mangkorn (dragon) Cave, Khow (white) Cave, Manow (lime) Cave, Khumsarp (treasure trove) Cave, Sam See (3 colors) Cave, Mae Ya (grandma) Cave and Lersi (hermit) Cave.

Thai people believe that many hundreds of years ago, many Buddha disciples came to Kao Sam Roi Yod to do meditation. They stayed in the caves and did meditation until their minds were perfectly still and enlightened. These Buddha disciples left their bodies there when they died.

Year after year, their bodies decayed and turned to part of rock in the caves. This rock is relic. The longer year goes by, the more precious these relics are. After that, people found the relics and assumed they were relics of Buddha’s disciples. They named these relics “Hin Phra That” and people began to worship.

People believe Hin Phra That is very holy by itself because it comes from hundreds of years and absorbs natural powers. Some worshipers found relics grew bigger by themselves.

Hin Phra That have different shapes and colors. Different colors of relics have different powers.
1. Red: support person’s ascendancy and fame
2. Honey color: build up person’s charm and bring mercy
3. White: good power to help person do meditation well
4. Black: protection
5. Brown: good health

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