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No.1456: LP Somboon **Good Luck, Money & Prevent Bad Things


Now or Never!!
First Batch & Only One Batch
Phra Rahoo Kala Ta Diaw
Stronger Power from Powerful Material
By LP Somboon, Wat PiKulNgoen, Nonthaburi Province

100% Authentic from Temple

**Dear customers: This Pre-Order is closed on Friday 10 August 2018. Shipment is around Friday 24 August 2018 or as soon as Pre-Order items have arrived.

Note to buyer: To use the amulet effectiveness, must wear real & specific spell from who cast it. **Billionmore's customer will get Spell(Katha) of every pre-order that will automatically upload to your inbox after ceremony.**

Year: 2561 B.E. (2018 C.E.)

Purpose of Making: to earn donations to develop and restore Wat PiKulNgoen

Ceremony: holy blessing by LP Somboon on the auspicious occasion

About Guru Monk:
LP (Luangpho) Somboon Paphagaro, Wat PiKulNgoen, Nonthaburi Province is a descendant of magic of LP Sook Wat Pak Klong Makham Thao, Somdej Nuam Wat Anong (studied meditation), and LP Wong Wat Sala Loy. A junior of LP Nor Wat Klang Tha Ruer because LP Somboon and LP Nor had 'LP Wong' as their teacher and LP Wong was a blood uncle of LP Somboon, too. LP Wong had brought up LP Somboon since a baby, also ordained LP Somboon a Buddhist novice. LP Wong taught LP Somboon all his magic. 

Experience: It was told that the even the robe of LP Somboon could remove spirit obsessing.



Now or Never!! ‘Rahoo Kala Ta Diaw’ Amulet -Lucky, Money & Prevent Bad Things

Good occasion to own strong powerful amulet from superb guru monk.

Power: brings good luck, money and strongly protects from negative assaults

Powerful Material
: Kala Ta Diaw is what Thai people call an uncommon coconut shell with only one hollow on its top part unlike others that have 3 hollows.

Ancient Thai people believed that a coconut shell with one hollow has hidden power in itself. They cut the coconut shell and punched a hole on a piece of it. They inserted rope into the hole and wore as a talisman. They believed this talisman could save them from dangers and fulfill what they pray for. In Sukothai Era, some people who knew magic began to consecrate a piece of mentioned coconut shell. They built up sacredness for the coconut shell. So, name “Kala Ta Diaw” became well-known.  In Ayutthaya Era, people believed this kind of amulet could attract good luck and prevent poverty.

Present: With a picture of Rahoo the half-body black giant angel is known as ‘the god of change’. He will turn believer’s destiny to good in all aspects. Moreover, there are holy Yant with Rahoo to increase the power.

Furthermore, backside is filled holy mass, a piece of LP Somboon’s robe, and wealthy Takrut Racha Sarp to increase the power!

Made only 999 pieces.

**every amulet with authentication code and number**

If customer has any questions, please contact at

If you would like to order casing, please click.

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Now or Never!! ‘Rahoo Kala Ta Diaw’ Amulet -Lucky, Money & Prevent Bad Things

LP Somboon, Wat PiKulNgoen, Nonthaburi Province

3.8 x 4.8 cm


Low in Stock

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