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No.1425: LP Phet **Complete Everything!


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Good Amulet Good Ceremony
Brahma - Maha Somprathana
By LP Phet, Wat Ta Kror Gao, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

100% Authentic from Temple

**Dear customers: Temple will declare the closing date later. Shipment is around August 2018 or as soon as Pre-Order items have arrived.

Note to buyer: To use the amulet effectiveness, must wear real & specific spell from who cast it. **Billionmore's customer will get Spell(Katha) of every pre-order that will automatically upload to your inbox after ceremony.**

Brahma (Thai: Phra Phrom or Thao Maha Phrom) is one of the 3 highest Hindu gods, also known as 'God of Creation'. People believe Brahma built the world and created humans and all creatures, having duty of protecting the world, human and animals, moreover controlling human beings' fate. So worshipping Brahma is regarded to support worshiper's destiny and be auspicious when starting the important activity or establishment.

Batch: Maha Somprathana (Great Completion)

Year: 2561 B.E. (2018 C.E.)

Objective: to earn donations for developing and restoring the temple

-    Yant Sheet Inscription from many guru monks such as LP Poon (Wat Ban Pan, Ayutthaya), LP Mahasurasak (Wat Pradu, Samut Songkhram), LP Chamnarn (Wat Chinwararam, Pathum Thani), LP Joy (Wat Non Thai, Nakhon Ratchasima), KB Kritsana (Arsomsathan Suan Phueksasart, Nakhon Ratchasima), KB Bang (Wat Ban Tanod, Nakhon Ratchasima), LP Jai (Wat Phrayayat, Samut Songkhram), LP Kamnuan (Wat Kaew Charoen, Samut Songkhram), LP Tiw (Wat Maneechonlakhan, Lopburi).
-    Holy Casting Ritual on 26 May 2018 at Siam Phutthasil Foundry, Nakhon Pathom Province
LP Phet, abbot of Wat Ta Kror Gao as the president of the ceremony and incantation,
Invitation Spell by the royal Brahman
-    Grand Blessing on 13 July 2018 (great auspicious day of the year) at the Ubosot, Wat Ta Kror Gao

About LP Phet:

LuangphoPhet of Wat Ta Kror Gao, NakhonRatchasima Province is a good monk who deserves worship. He keeps on magical knowledge of his masters to help people and develop the temple.
LP Phet was born on 16 November B.E. 2477 (C.E. 1934) in NakhonRatchasima Province. He got ordained as a novice when he was 17 at WatNonphuttha, NakhonRatchasima Province. After ordination, he went to stay with LP Lersi Ling Dam who was a meditation expert monk (LP Lersi Ling Dam: C.E. 1916 - 1992) at Wat Ta Sung, UthaiThani Province. He learnt dharma and meditation from LP Lersi Ling Dam. Until age 20, he came back to NakhonRatchasima Province and got ordained as a monk at Wat Ta Kror.
With strong interest in mantras, LP Phet traveled to learn magic from many skilled guru monks. When he finished, he came to serve LP LersiLingdam (former abbot of WatTha Sung, UthaiThani) again until LP lersiLingdam passed away in B.E. 2535 (C.E. 1992). After the funeral of LP LersiLingdam was finished, he came back to Wat Ta Kror, NakhonRatchasima Province.
In B.E. 2540 (C.E. 1997), LP Phet found an old temple where is Wat Ta Kror Gao today. He wanted to develop there. He named this temple Wat Ta Kror Gao. With good behavior of LP Phet, many people visited the temple and donated money. In addition, LP Phet used his magical ability to help people for example making powerful amulets for good luck and protection. Because of that, Wat Ta Kror Gao is gradually developed.
Today, Wat Ta Kror Gao is prosperous. Many people from common people to high-ranking people and celebrities donate money to support the temple. LP Phet is a good monk, so many people have faith in him.

This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted.
Note: The real item may be different from picture. It is in original condition from maker.
We provide Katha in text and MP3 and instructions for every sacred item at Your Katha.

If customer has any questions, please contact at

If you would like to order casing, please click.

Last modified : 07 Jun 2018 - 12:59 PM (GMT+7:00)


Complete Everything! Set of Brahma Maha Somprathana (7 pcs)

LP Phet, Wat Ta Kror Gao, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

4 sizes



product detail / customize


Complete Everything! Set of Brahma Maha Somprathana (5 pcs)

LP Phet, Wat Ta Kror Gao, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

3 sizes



product detail / customize


Complete Everything! 1.5-inch Brahma Maha Somprathana Amulet - Maha Chanuan

LP Phet, Wat Ta Kror Gao, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

lap 1.5 inches



product detail / customize


Complete Everything! Big Brahma Maha Somprathana Amulet – Maha Chanuan

LP Phet, Wat Ta Kror Gao, Nakhon Ratchasima Province



product detail / customize


Complete Everything! Small Brahma Maha Somprathana Amulet – Copper

LP Phet, Wat Ta Kror Gao, Nakhon Ratchasima Province



product detail / customize


Complete Everything! Brahma Head Maha Somprathana Amulet –Copper

LP Phet, Wat Ta Kror Gao, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

1.9 x 2.9 cm



product detail / customize


Complete Everything! Brahma Maha Somprathana Medal –2 Color Special Maha Chanuan

LP Phet, Wat Ta Kror Gao, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

3.8 cm



product detail / customize

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