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It is Month of Love.
Pleasing singles with powerful amulet to make you in Love & Get Successful...
"Mae Ploy"
(Today - entire February 2021.)

Welcoming the Month of Love, we would like �Phra Khun Paen Mae Ploy� by LP Saksit,
Wat Baan Roon, Buriram province to fulfill your love.

This amulet was named "Mae Ploy". It is a beautiful good-meaning female name. Mae Ploy means "mother of gems". She is nice and kindly helps her devotees get so much successful in what desired

This Phra Khun Paen Prai Mae Ploy will be another legend of Prai amulet in Thailand like Prai Chaba. Power of Prai Mae Ploy will protect her worshipers from harm and accidents and also bestow great luck, wealth, assist our career and business and make us successful in what we hope for in human endeavor. Making merit and dedicating to �Mae Ploy� often will help speed the result.

Price of this amulet will be increased in the future, BUT WE offer you at special price $14.14 USD

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IT IS CONFIDENTIAL!! This amulet is Lucky Random. Lucky Random amulet is like a lucky draw that is exciting, you will know which one you will get.

1.    Red Build (450 pcs.)
2.    Yellow (Build 450 pcs.)
3.    Pink Build (450 pcs.)
4.    Green Build (450 pcs.)
5.    Orange Build (450 pcs.)
6.    Sky Blue Build (450 pcs.)
7.    Purple Build (450 pcs.)
8.    Blue Build (450 pcs.)
9.    White Build (450 pcs.)
10.    Black Build (450 pcs.)
11.    Kon Krok (Build 1,028 pcs.)

**Note: Lucky Random amulet will be sealed confidentially for individual. We will not open unless receive permission from customer or in case of encasing.


For your information:

Material: consolidation of herbs, auspicious flowers, blessing powders and ashes of spirit which LP properly blessed to make merit for her to be born a better life and other powerful materials.  

**More materials in making Phra Khun Paen Prai Mae Ploy such as:

-    Blessing banknote LP Sakorn Wat NongGlub.
-    Pathamang powder LP Kong Wat WangSapPhaRot
-    Din Gakya Yak (sacred soil)
-    Ivory Powder; it is material from elephant the large animal, so people believe ivory has power to help owner successfully pass the obstacles, dangers and enemies.
-    Mai Ngiw Dam (holy black wood) powder
-    Golden Teak Wood powder
-    Wahn/herb 108 kinds
-    Wet iron
-    7 cemetery soil
-    Hanuman quartz stone
-    Rae Khao Uem Khuem
-    Mai Song Ra-Ar
-    Mai Mayom Tai Prai (spiritual Thai gooseberry tree)
-    Mai Khanoon Tai Prai (spiritual jackfruit tree)
-    Lek Lai Phrai Dam
-    cremation grill iron
-    Color peel off the wall of Phra That Phanom
-    See Phueng (holy wax) from many guru monks

Biography of LP Saksit:

LP Saksit Suntharo was born on 13 October. B. E. 2510 (C.E.1967) Buriram Province. Ordained on 11 July B.E. 2553 (C.E.2010) at Wat Panchanaram, Buriram province. Resided at Wat Pa Khok Sa-ard for 3 years and then continued a pilgrimage and came back to temple when Buddhist Lent.  After Buddhist Lent, LP Saksit went on a pilgrimage to seek for magical knowledge from teacher. He met
Luang Pu Boon Worathammo, Wat Pa Saiyoi, Ayutthaya Province. Studied meditation Vipassana Kammathan at Pa Saiyoi temple for a long time. Then went on a pilgrimage along Thailand-Cambodia border for 2 years. After that, he went on a pilgrimage to the Northern Region, Phitsanulok Province.
Got good training from teacher and then moved to Wat Baan Roon, Buriram Province in B.E. 2561 (C.E.2018). These days, LP Saksit has stayed and developed Wat Baan Roon until now.

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