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No.1409: Wat Phra Nakhon ** Rich Money Lucky & Prosperous

No.1254: KB Sarijaikam **Powerful Northern Mantras of Luck & Wealth

No.1393: AJ Pu Wiset ** Love-Charm-Wealth-Protection

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Wanna Lucky in finance ?
Wanna Happy in love ?
Wanna Promotion in job ?
Wanna Healthy ?

Here we select good metallic amulets classified by Lucky Numbers according to astrological tips for 2021 Year of Golden Ox to help you,

Also, this year is also considered a golden (metal) year. Therefore, we recommend finding sacred objects related to this element to decorate your home according to ancient beliefs. Gold or metal is very special because it can resist the influence of various bad astrological stars and in the old days, these items were still only rich people 'homes.

Ajarn Man Karin is a famous numerology fortune teller in Thailand.

He reveals the lucky numbers for 2021 divided into 4 sides:

Wealth (7824)
Wanna Lucky in finance ?  Click>> PRO Lucky No.7824

who want to earn a living well and flow of finance, should have these numbers.

The numbers that add up to the money, number 7824 money, easier money, number 7824 money, number 2 money, number 4 money, number 6 money, both cash and money transfer, offer, and number 8 is the biggest amount of money, considering what form we need money in, if we're a merchant, the seller of money online, we need to use number 4. It takes 2 for cash, 8 for the biggest number, and it's perfect for people with five million up, so naturally means numbers. All four numbers turn out to be 7824 numbers that are easier to make money, The easy way is to change the number after the name LINE, or maybe just put it behind the name IG, or maybe the password.

Love (3659)
Wanna Happy in love ? Click>> PRO Lucky No.3659

who want happy love and lover that can support finance should have these number

The best number for love and support is 36 or 63." If we combine four natural numbers, it's 3659 and it's good love, or in another word is having a rich lover that can mean the lover has better finance or he or she earn a living well. The easy way is to change the number after the name LINE, or maybe just put it behind the name IG, or maybe the password.

Work (4159
Wanna Promotion in job ? Click>>PRO Lucky No.4159

who want to get promotion in work and people support should have these numbers

4 numbers that add to the work, number 4159, a good job, has a support. For the matter of the work He said that if the number 1 and the number 5 are together, it will add to the growth of work. So if you want to mix it into 4 numbers, it will be 4159, this one is the focus on good work Supporting adult work Adult push it Add in the matter of good work. The easy way is to change the number after the name LINE, or maybe just put it behind the name IG, or maybe the password.

Health (5989)
Wanna Healthy? Click>>
PRO Lucky No.5989

who want to get away from sickness and get lucky should have these numbers

4 numbers that help to enhance health, number 5989 is healthy and so lucky.Health is the most important thing, so he says that nature number 59 is already focused on nature and have holy things as protector. But 89 is the number of things involved in the matter of invincibility. Therefore, AJ Man put these two numbers together into 5989, which is the most perfect. The easy way is to change the number after the name LINE, or maybe just put it behind the name IG, or maybe the password.

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