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LP Khwan, Wat Thab Yai Chiang, Phitsanulok ** Protect & Enrich

No.1182: LP Nark **Holy Protection

LP Koon, Wat BahnRai, Nakhon Ratchasima **Safe & Prosperous

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No.11: Nice Coconut Shell & Natural Material Accessories

No.659: Aromatic Incense Collection

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Billionmore Direct Mall

No.1367: Collection by Guru Monks & Temples **Great Help & Protect
No. 1367

LP Singthong, LP Noon, LP Teelek, Wat Phra Phutthabat Dong Ngu

No.1366: Wat Chao Arm **Included Auspiciousness
No. 1366

Wat Chao Arm, Bangkok
No.1365: Wat Noi **Peaceful, Lucky, Prosperous & Secure
No. 1365

Wat Noi, Bangkok
No.1364: KB Noy **Powerfully Protective & Auspicious
No. 1364

KB Noy, Wat Sri Don Moon, Chiang Mai Province

No.1363: AJ Erawan **Charm-Love-Luck-Protection
No. 1363

AJ Erawan

No.1362: LP Sirosuwauanluck **Enrich & Enhance Fortune
No. 1362

LP Sirosuwauanluck, Wat SriSaThong, Nakhon Pathom province
No.1361: KB Thammamunee **Charm, Love, Wealth & Protection
No. 1361

KB Thammamunee, Suan Pa PuttasatanSupradit, Mahasarakham Province
No.1360: LP Charn **Great Protection
No. 1360

LP Charn, Wat Bang Bor, Samut Prakan Province

No.1359: LP O **Wonderful Charm & Prosperity
No. 1359

LP O, Wat SiSuPhon, Phetchabun Province
No.1358: KB Kaew **Auspice & Protection
No. 1358

KB Kaew, Wat Ban Klang, Lampang Province Batch: Sarng Barami (Build Merit)

No.1357: LP Weera **Stay Safe to Dangers!
No. 1357

LP Weera, Wat Homsil, Samut Prakan Province Phayak Parb PhaiRee' 2018
No.1356: KB Kritsana **Very Lucky & Successful in Life
No. 1356

KB Kritsana, Asomsatan Suan Phutthasart, Nakhon Ratchasima Province Jow Sua Heng Heng Ruay Ruay' 2018

No.1355: 3 Guru Monks Collection **Good Luck & Prosperity
No. 1355

1. LP Ken, Wat Sumanaram, Ubon Ratchathani Province
2. LP Amnard, Mahawiro Dharma Retreat, Chaiyaphum Province
3. KB Chaiyapathaphee, Wat Doi Duang Kaew Sapphanyu, Chiang Rai Province
No.1354: LP Serm **Help & Protection
No. 1354

LP Serm, Wat SaNga Ngam, Prachinburi Province

No.1353: LP Thar **Charm, Wealth & Protect
No. 1353

LP Thar, Wat PahTosaponMungkalaram, Roi Et Province
No.1352: AJ Pu Lad **Love, Charm, Luck
No. 1352

AJ Pu Lad

No.1351: LP Pae **Real Protection, Charm & Prosperity
No. 1351

LP Pae, Wat Sawang Arom, Nakhon Pathom Province

No.1350: Collectible Amulets **Auspicious, Progress & Prosperity
No. 1350

Collectible Amulets from Reverend Thai Monks

No.1349: LP Thar **Luck, Kindness, Safe & Prosperity
No. 1349

LP Thar, Wat Pah Tosapon Mungkalaram, Roi Et Province  
No.1348: Powerful Amulet Collection **Wealth, Good Luck & Spiritual Powers
No. 1348

Powerful Amulet Collection
by Occult Expert
No.1347: LP Rod **Good Fortune, Safety & Progression in Life
No. 1347

LP Rod, Wat Khok Krom, Surin Province Batch: Somprathana (Fulfillment)

No.1346: Wat Phra Borommathat Nakhon Chum**Auspice-Protection- Abundance
No. 1346

Wat Phra Borommathat Nakhon Chum, Kamphaeng Phet Province

No.1345: Wat Phra Borommathat Nakhon Chum **Enhancing Destiny, Wealth & Protection
No. 1345

Wat Phra Borommathat Nakhon Chum, Kamphaeng Phet Province

No.1344: Wat Kongkha **Protect & Bring in Mercy & Good Luck
No. 1344

Wat Kongkha, Nonthaburi province
No.1343: Wat SaTue **Protection & Auspiciousness
No. 1343

Wat SaTue, Ayutthaya Province

No.1342: LP Nujan **Help & Protect
No. 1342

LP Nujan, Wat Ban See Kaeo, Roi Et Province

No.1341: Occult Collection **Charm, Luck, Money, etc.
No. 1341

Occult Talismans from Various Masters & Monks
No.1340: LP Laem **More Magical Favors!!
No. 1340

LP Laem, Wat Pa Yang, Phetchabun Province

No.1339: Wat Phra Bat Bang Faen **lucky, charming & kindness
No. 1339

Wat Phra Bat Bang Faen, Chiang Mai Province

No.1338: LP Jan **Lots of Beneficial Powers!
No. 1338

LP Jan, Wat Ban Jaeng, Roi Et Province
No.1337: LP Amnat **Brings More Ease to Life!
No. 1337

LP Amnat, Wat Ku Bang Luang, Pathum Thani Province
No.1336: Powerful Collection **Charm-Wealth-Protect
No. 1336

Powerful Amulets from Various Gurus

No.1335: Wat Bangphra **Good Luck & Protection
No. 1335

Wat Bangphra, Nakhon Pathom Province

No.1334: LP Denchai **Charm & Kindness
No. 1334

LP Denchai, Wat Tak Fah, Sa Kaeo Province

No.1333: LP UdomSarp **Good Luck & Wealth
No. 1333

LP UdomSarp, Wat Weruwan Thammawihan, Sisaket Province
No.1332: LP Joy **Stability & Prosperity
No. 1332

LP Joy, Wat Non Thai, Nakhon Ratchasima Province
No.1331: KB Or ** auspicious, peaceful, protective & lucky
No. 1331

KB Or, Wat Phra That Doi Jomvae, Chiang Mai Province
No.1330: AJ Kan Sapparer **Wealth, Charm, Love & Security
No. 1330

AJ Kan Sapparer

No.1329: Wat Avutvikasitaram **Great Luck & Wealth
No. 1329

Wat Avutvikasitaram, Bangkok
No.1328: Wat Kiriwan **Good luck & Prosperity
No. 1328

Wat Kiriwan, Nakhon Ratchasima Province
No.1327: LP Thar **Wealth, Charm & Good Luck
No. 1327

LP Thar, Wat Pah Tosapon Mungkalaram, Roi Et Province
No.1326: Pa Non Mueang Monastery **Protect, Great Fortune & Kindness
No. 1326

Pa Non Mueang Monastery, Roi Et Province 
No.1325: LP Thub + LP Thongsapab **Wonderful Charm, Luck & Protect
No. 1325

1. LP Thub, Wat Lad Namkhow, Suphanburi Province
2. LP Thongsapab, Wat Kor Tha, Lamphun Province

No.1324: Wat Dong Makuea **Good Luck & Auspiciousness
No. 1324

Wat Dong Makuea, Saraburi Province

No.1323: Wat PhraSriRattanaMahathat **Supreme Auspice of Life
No. 1323

Wat PhraSriRattanaMahathat, Phitsanulok Province
No.1322: Lersi Kam HongNgoen **Protection, Love, Charm & Good Luck
No. 1322

Lersi Kam HongNgoen
No.1321: LP Ong **Wealth, Good Luck & Protection
No. 1321

LP Ong, Thitadhammo Monastery, Ubon Ratchathani Province
No.1320: Wat Phra Borommathat Nakhon Chum **Good Luck, Wealth & Protection
No. 1320

Wat Phra Borommathat Nakhon Chum, Kamphaeng Phet Province 
No.1319: Wat Avutvikasitaram **Full of Miracles
No. 1319

Wat Avutvikasitaram, Bangkok **Collection of Nun Boonruean**
No.1318: AJ Tong **Love, Charm, Luck & Protection
No. 1318

AJ Tong, Samnak Phutthakhunyantlanan, Lamphun Province
No.1317: AJ Auan **Charm, Love, Luck & Protection

AJ Auan, Thailand
No.1316: KB Chai **Powerful Protection, Wealth & Charm
No. 1316

KB Chai, Good Nam Kam Monastery, Amnat Charoen Province
No.1315: LP Suphap **Protect & Support Destiny
No. 1315

LP Suphap, Wat Tham Ngu Lueam, Khon Kaen Province
No.1314: Wat Chumpolnigayaram **Powerful Harm Protection
No. 1314

Wat Chumpolnigayaram, Ayutthaya Province Batch: Luangpu Thuad Fah Kamram (Thunder LP Thuad)
No.1166(2): LP Leng **Miraculous Powers!
No. 1166 (2)

LP Leng, Wat Phantai Norasing, Samut Sakhon province
No.1313: AJ Per Salan **Revenge, Love & Good Luck
No. 1313

AJ Per Salan, Thailand

No.1312 LP Sudjai **Good Luck & Wealth
No. 1312

LP Sudjai, Wat Aranyik, Chainat Province
No.1311: AJ Kao **Powerful Sensuality & Luck
No. 1311

AJ Kao, Kalasin Province
No.1310: LP Somjit **Powerful Spiritiual Help
No. 1310

LP Somjit, Wat Thanon Kong, Lopburi Province
No.1309: LP UdomChok **Charm, Wealth & Protection
No. 1309

LP UdomChok, Wat Ban Trakuan, Sisaket Province
No.1308: Wat Nak Glang, Bangkok ** Happiness & Abundance
No. 1308

Wat Nak Glang, Bangkok
Batch: Maha Setthi (Great Millionaire)
No.1307: AJ Kun Pan **Protection & Wealth
No. 1307

AJ Kun Pan, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province
No.1306: LP Boonthom **Auspicious & Prosperous
No. 1306

LP Boonthom, Wat Nafaai, Mahasarakham Province
No.3105: KB Kritsana **Good, Lucky & Rich
No. 1305

KB Kritsana, Asomsatan Suan Phutthasart, Nakhon Ratchasima Province  Batch: Jow Sua Muen Lan (Ten Thousand Million Millionaire)

No.1304: AJ Prathueang Inthong ** Powerful Charm, Love & Protection
No. 1304

AJ Prathueang Inthong

No.1303: AJ Kom **Excellent Good Luck, Charm & Wealth
No. 1303

AJ Kom, Suphanburi Province
No.1302: Wat Rakhang (9th party) **Great Protection
No. 1302

Wat Rakhang (9th party), Bangkok

No.1301: Wat Pak Klong Makham Thao **Protection, Good luck & Prosperity
No. 1301

Wat Pak Klong Makham Thao, Chainat Province 
No.1300: LP Mong **Good Luck, Wealth & Protection
No. 1300

LP Mong, Wat Phu Swan Banpot
No.1299: LP Yen **Fortune, Charm & Protect
No. 1299

 LP Yen, Wat Kaeng Sadao, Sakaeo Province

No.1298: AJ Grandma Hong **Love, Charm, Luck & Protect
No. 1298

AJ Grandma Hong, Thailand
No.1297: LP Boonlai **Charm, Love, Good Luck & Money
No. 1297

LP Boonlai, Thailand
No.1296: Wat KrutThaRam **Holy Protection
No. 1296

Wat KrutThaRam, Ayutthaya Province
No.1295: LP Yai **Find Out Miraculous Powers!
No. 1295

LP Yai, Wat Pa Phrathamyannamunee, Nakhon Pathom Province
No.1294: LP Sert **Excellence in Many Ways!
No. 1294

LP Sert, Wat Kaeng Song, Phitsanulok Province

No.1293: KB Kritsana ** Good Luck & Business
No. 1293

KB Kritsana, Asomsatan Suan Phutthasart, Nakhon Ratchasima Province Batch: Mang Mee See Suk (Well-being)
No.1292: Wat Bua Khwan **Highly Auspicious for Worship
No. 1292

Wat Bua Khwan, Nonthaburi Province

No.1291: Wat Phaya Wat, Nan Province
No. 1291

Wat Phaya Wat, Nan Province Batch: Ruay Than Jai Somprathana
No.1290: Bodh Gaya Foundation **Great Wealth
No. 1290

Bodh Gaya Foundation, Phetchaburi Province Batch: Sombat Naka Sri Suttho (King Serpent's Treasure)
No.1289: AJ Plian **Superb Southern Magic
No. 1289

AJ Plian, Wat KowOor, Phatthalung Province

No.1288: KB Boonyang **Good Luck, Wealth & Safety
No. 1288

KB Boonyang, Wat Huai Nam Aoon, Lamphun Province
No.1287: KB Wasin **Protect-Charm-Luck-Wealth
No. 1287

KB Wasin, Wat SriThanNork, Yasothon Province
No.1286: Good Amulets to Worship **All Desirable Favors!
No. 1286

Good Amulets to Worship
No.1285: LP Tee **Protect & Good Luck
No. 1285

LP Tee, Wat Hu Chang, Nonthaburi Province
No.1284: AJ Boonrod **Charm-Luck-Career-Business
No. 1284

 AJ Boonrod, Arsom Phravej Pu Kam, Phayao Province
No.1283: KB Kritsana **Wealth & Fulfillment
No. 1283

KB Kritsana, Asomsatan Suan Phutthasart, Nakhon Ratchasima Province Batch: Maha Thep Maha Setthi (Great Deity Great Millionaire)
No.1282: Lersi Solot **Good Luck & Favorable Powers
No. 1282

Lersi Solot, Arsom Ban Kok Gong, Khon Kaen Province

No.1280: LP Thongsapab **The Superior Protection
No. 1280

LP Thongsapab, Wat Kor Tha, Lamphun Province
No.1279: AJ PuEee **Love-Charm-Luck-Protect
No. 1279

AJ PuEee, Thailand

No.1278: AJ Mae Sanejan **Charm, Love & Luck
No. 1278

AJ Mae Sanejan

No.1277: LP Lueang **Real Protection and Good Luck


LP Lueang, Wat Kradueng Thong, Buriram Province

No.1276: Wat Sothonwararam **Attract Good Luck & Good Things
No. 1276

Wat Sothonwararam Worawihan, Chachoengsao Province 
No.1275: LP Thangthong **Good Fortune, Business & Protection
No. 1275

LP Thangthong, Wat Nang Phaya, Nakhon Sawan Province

No.1274: Wat San Chao **Good Luck & Abundance

No. 1274

Wat San Chao, Pathum Thani Province

No.1273: Wat Pang Ma Gong **Best Phra Khun Paen
No. 1273

Wat Pang Ma Gong, Chiang Mai Province
No.1272: LP Ruay **Beneficial Sacredness
No. 1272

LP Ruay, Wat Klong Khanon, Ratchaburi Province
No.1271: KB Chai **Love & Prosperity
No. 1271

KB Chai, Amnard Charoen Province

No.1270: KB Tao **Charm- Luck-Wealth
No. 1270

KB Tao, Wat Ubosot Ban Lao, Chiang Mai Province
No.1269: LP Yai **Find Out Miraculous Powers!
No. 1269

LP Yai, Wat Pa Phrathamyannamunee, Nakhon Pathom Province
No.1268: Wat Chumpolnigayaram **Protection & Wealth
No. 1268

Wat Chumpolnigayaram, Ayutthaya Province

No.1267: Jow Khun Thongchai **Good Luck & Protection
No. 1267

Jow Khun Thongchai, Wat Trimit, Bangkok Batch: Thongchai Setthi Ruay Ruay Ruay

No.1266: LP Laem **Mercy-Love-Protect
No. 1266

LP Laem, Wat Pa Yang, Phetchabun Province
No.1265: LP Sin **Charm-Wealth-Protect
No. 1265

LP Sin, Wat Lahanyai, Rayong Province Batch: Maha Rerk Jan Sorn Jan
No.1264: AJ Phet Praithong **Love-Charm-Protect
No. 1264

AJ Phet Praithong, Thailand

No.1263: Lersi Kasem **Powerful Spiritual Help
No. 1263

Lersi Kasem, Thailand
No.1262: LP Noi **Magically Rescue!
No. 1262

LP Noi, Wat Thung Phut, Prachuabkirikhan Province
No.1261: Wat Nakhon Inn **Wonderful Protection & Wealth
No. 1261

Wat Nakhon Inn, Nonthaburi province
No.1260: LP Chaowarat **Great Auspiciousness
No. 1260

LP Chaowarat, Wat Tha Wang Hin, Sakon Nakhon province
No.1259: KB Kritsana **Charm & Good Luck
No. 1259

KB Kritsana, Asomsatan Suan Phutthasart, Nakhon Ratchasima Province
No.1258: Wat Phra That Chae Haeng **Secure Destiny!
No. 1258

Wat Phra That Chae Haeng, Nan Province
No.1257: Wat Kiriwan **Increase Financial Asset
No. 1257

Wat Kiriwan, Nakhon Ratchasima Province
No.1256: Wat Pong Com **Super Protection!
No. 1256

Wat Pong Com, Suphanburi Province
No.1255: Wat Kok Loh **Wealth & Protection
No. 1255

Wat Kok Loh, Amnard Charoen Province

No.1254: KB Sarijaikam **Powerful Northern Mantras of Luck & Wealth
No. 1254

KB Sarijaikam, Wat RimRongSariSriBunTham, Lamphun Province

No.1253: KB Thorn **Amazing Charm Power
No. 1253

KB Thorn, Wat Nong Khaem, Chiang Mai Province
No.1252: LP Mee **Irresistible Charm
No. 1252

LP Mee, Wat Pho Chedi Loy, Phetchabun Province

No.125: Lersi AkKhaRaDej **Love-Charm-Luck
No. 1251

Lersi AkKhaRaDej, Kalasin Province
No.1250: LP Somnuek **Good Luck-Charm-Love
No. 1250

LP Somnuek, Wat Nong KraSang, Lopburi Province
No.1249: Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan ** Includes Many Excellences
No. 1249

Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan, Suphanburi Province  
No.1248: LP Amnard **Charm-Good Luck-Protect-Wealth
No. 1248

LP Amnard, Mahawiro Dharma Retreat, Chaiyaphum province
No.1247: LP KongDet **Excellent Way to Love, Charm & Luck

LP KongDet, ArsomThamPetThong, Buriram province
No.1246: Mystical Amulet Collection** Holy Spiritual Help
No. 1246

Mystical Amulet Collection
No.1245: KB Kritsana **Going to be a millionaire!
No. 1245

KB Kritsana, Asomsatan Suan Phutthasart, Nakhon Ratchasima province Batch: Jow Sua Maha Setthi 2016
No. 1244: LP Laai **Ceaseless Earnings!
No. 1244

LP Laai, Wat Na Jom Tien, Chonburi province

No. 1243: Wat Bang Mod **Protection & Prosperity
No. 1243

Wat Bang Mod, Bangkok

No.1242: LP Som **Excellent Charm-Luck-Windfall
No. 1242

LP Som, Wat Wang Phae, Saraburi Province
No.1241: LP Manoon **Beneficial Charm
No. 1241

LP Manoon, Wat Kanthod, Suphanburi province

No.1240: AJ Surak **Love-Charm-Luck-Protect
No. 1240

AJ Surak, Thailand
No.1239: LP Sohn **Ceaseless Prosperity
No. 1239

LP Sohn, Wat Nong Tor Yod, Kanchanaburi province

No.1238: KB KhamPeng **Great Wealth & Charm
No. 1238

KB KhamPeng, Arsom Sukhawadi, Kamphaeng Phet province Batch: Maha Larp

No.1237: Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan **Wealth & Protect
No. 1237

Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Batch:  Jow Sarp (god of fortune)
No. 1236: AJ Pu Boo **Charm, Love & Luck
No. 1236

AJ Pu Boo, Thailand
No.1235: KB That **Favorable Spiritual Powers
No. 1235

KB That, Wat Ban Na Noon, Phayao Province
No.1234: LP Muk **Amazing Good Luck
No. 1234

LP Muk, Wat KowLekRarngSadow, Kanchanaburi province
No.1233: LP Chuea **Powerfully Help & Protect
No. 1233

LP Chuea, Wat Yang Mani, Ang Thong province

No.1232: AJ Winai **Love-Charm-Luck
No. 1232

AJ Winai, Roi Et province

No.1231: LP Dum **helpful spiritual powers!
No. 1231

LP Dum, Wat PhraPhutthaBatRattanaKiri, Khon Kaen province
No.1230: LP Chaiya **Powerful Auspiciousness, Wealth & Protection
No. 1230

LP Chaiya, Wat Kuan Kiam, Phatthalung Province
No.1229: Wat Khun Phum **Protect & Wealth
No. 1229
Wat Khun Phum, Phichit province 
No.1228: LP Phiw **Holy Favors & Protection
No. 1228

LP Phiw, Wat Pradu Songtham, Ayutthaya province

No.1227: Wat Sra Long Ruer **Good Blessings for Life
No. 1227

Wat Sra Long Ruer, Kanchanaburi province
No 1226: AJ Phakinee **Charm-Love-Business
No. 1226

AJ Phakinee, Thailand
No.1225: AJ Bua Praiburapha **Luck, Charm, Love & Protect
No. 1225

 AJ Bua Praiburapha, Thailand

No.1224: LP Yot **Supernatural Protection!
No. 1224

LP Yot, Wat Na Lablaeng, Uttaradit province
No. 1223: Wat Boworn **Propitiousness, Security & Prosperity
No. 1223

Wat Boworn, Bangkok
No.1222: Wat Sathitkirirom **Holy Protection
No. 1222

Wat Sathitkirirom, Suratthani province Batch: Thoed Thoon Buraphajarn (showing deep respect to teachers)
No.1221: Thai Elderly Promotion & Health Care Association**Great Propitiousness of Life
No. 1221

Thai Elderly Promotion & Health Care Association
No.1220: LP Rel **Beckons Good Luck & Money!
No. 1220

LP Rel, Wat Nong No, Ubon Ratchathani province 
No.1219: LP Phon ** Safeguard & Business
No. 1219

LP Phon, Wat Lon, Phatthalung province
No.1218: LP Nen **Great Charm & Luck
No. 1218

LP Nen, Wat Ban Kases Toong Setthi, Roi Et province
No.1217: KB Phorn **Lucky in Game Lucky in Love
No. 1217

KB Phorn, Wat Pu Hor, Chiang Mai province

No.1216: LP Phusit **Good Luck, Wealth & Protection
No. 1216

LP Phusit, Wat Prutu, Songkhla Province

No.1215: KB KhamPeng **Wonderful Charm
No. 1215

KB KhamPeng, Arsom Sukhawadi, Kamphaeng Phet Province
No.1214: LP Chaloem **Protect, Charm & Good Luck
No. 1214

LP Chaloem, Wat Boonnakprachasan, Samut Songkhram province

No.1213: Wat Phra Borommathat ** Notable Buddha’s Powers!
No. 1213

Wat Phra Borommathat, Kamphaeng Phet province
No.1212: LP Tong **Fulfilling Spiritual Power!
No. 1212

LP Tong, Wat Phutakian, Kanchanaburi province
Phra Khun Paen Prai Jampi Sarapat Nuek

No.1209: LP Yai **Find Out Miraculous Powers!
No. 1209

LP Yai, Wat Pa Phrathamyannamunee, Nakhon Pathom province
No.1208: Wat Mor Mui **Holy Helpful Powers

Wat Mor Mui, Rayong province
No.1207: LP Pornsit **Powerful Favorable Powers!

LP Pornsit, Wat Sawang Arom, Chiang Mai province Batch: Ayu Watthana Mongkol
No.1206: AJ Khow **Charm-Luck-Wealth

AJ Khow, Samnak Phravejlanna
No.1204: LP Noo **Helpful All Aspects
No. 1204

LP Noo, Wat Ampawanaram, Roi Et province

No.1203: Wat Phra That Sam Duang **Quick Buddha’s Power
No. 1203

Wat Phra That Sam Duang, Phayao province Batch: Phuttha-Prasit-Itthi-Phol-Thanjai (Quick Buddha’s Power)
No.1202: LP Thar **Superb Loving-kindness& Good Luck
No. 1202

LP Thar, Wat Pah Tosapon Mungkalaram, Roi Et province **The best of LP Thar**
No.1201: Thai Red Cross **Great Auspiciousness
No. 1201

Thai Red Cross, Thailand Somdej Nang Phaya
No.1200: Wat Chang Taem **Great Propitiousness for life
No. 1200

Wat Chang Taem, Lampang province

No.1199: Wat BahnJarn **Protect & Wealth
No. 1199

Wat BahnJarn, Sisaket province  Batch: Moon Ngoen Moon Thong (year 2016)

No.1198: LP Weera **Protect, Good Luck and Wealth
No. 1198

LP Weera, Wat Homsil, Samut Prakan province

No.1197: LP Phring **Go Lucky, Wealthy and Secure!
No. 1197

LP Phring, Wat Sab Chomphu, Phetchabun province

No. 1196: Sacred Bangle Collection **Attracts Positive Energy
No. 1196

Sacred Bangle Collection

No.1195: King Bhumibol Collection **Priceless & Meaningful
No. 1195

King Bhumibol Collection

No.1194: KB Or **Good Luck-Charm-Windfall
No. 1194

KB Or, Wat Phra That Doi Jomvae, Chiang Mai province **good previous batches to collect!
No.1193: KB Na **Love-Luck-Windfall
No. 1193

KB Na, Doi Hui Monastery, Lamphun province Batch: Na Maha Saney (Great Charm)

No.1192: Good Medals to Collect **Protect, Prosperity & Propitious
No. 1192

Good Medals to Collect
No.1191: LP Leng **good luck, money & business
No. 1191

LP Leng, Wat Nong Gae, Sa Kaeo province
No.1190: LP Khowhaeng **Loving-kindness & Favorable Powers for Living
No. 1190

LP Khowhaeng, Wat Tapan Satthadham, Surin province
No.1189: KB Na **Great Luck & Wealth
No. 1189

KB Na, Doi Hui Monastery, Lamphun province Batch: Na Setthi Nuea Duang (Millionaire beyond Destiny) 
No.1188: Wat Mongkolkothawas **Helps and Protects
No. 1188

Wat Mongkolkothawas, Samut Prakan province Batch: Yok Bot (Elevating the Chapel)
No. 1187: Wat Chumpolnigayaram **Legendary Wealth
No. 1187

Wat Chumpolnigayaram, Ayutthaya province Batch: Ruay Lerd Talord Kan (Being Always Rich)

No.1186: Wat Nong Ngu Lueam ** Abundance of Money
No. 1186

Wat Nong Ngu Lueam, Chonburi province Batch: Udom Sarp Maha Larp (Abundance of Money)
No.1185: SapPhaRaChen Foundation **Support Life
No. 1185

SapPhaRaChen Foundation, Nakhon Pathom province

No.1184: KB Or **Astonishing Prosperity & Charm!
No. 1184

KB Or, Wat Denchai, Chiang Mai province Takrut Lek Lai Setthi Kin Namphueng

No.1183: AJ Thongtang **Love-Kindness-Luck-Protection
No. 1183

AJ Thongtang, Thewaphram Ritual House, Chaiyaphum province
No.1182: LP Nark **Holy Protection
No. 1182

LP Nark, Wat Nong Phan Ruer, Saraburi Province

No.1181: Wat Nak Glang **Greatly Peaceful Life

Wat Nak Glang, Bangkok Batch: Somprathana Maha Setthi

No.1180: Wat Pa Goh Laem **Holy Spiritual Help!
No. 1180

Wat Pa Goh Laem, Nakhon Ratchasima province

No.1179: Wat Rama IX Kanchanapisek **Safe from Foes and Dangers!

Wat Rama IX Kanchanapisek, Bangkok
Batch: Phra Kring Pairee Pinard -Somdej Yan 100 Pi
No.1178: Devasathan **Good Luck & Good Things
No. 1178

Devasathan (Brahmin Temple), Bangkok
No.1177: Yant Cloth Collection **good luck, wealth and protection
No. 1177

Yant Cloth Collection

No.1176: LP Chin **Real Powerful Defence
No. 1176

LP Chin, Wat Wang Nam Khiew, Prachuabkirikhan province
No.1175: AJ Subin **Go a Billionaire!
No. 1175

AJ Subin, Koom Nah Na Thong Ritual House, Nonthaburi province Billionaire Bangle
No.1174: LP Ueam **Getting Lucky & Wealthy
No. 1174

LP Ueam, Wat Suan Pa Taling Chan, Phatthalung province batch: Boon Kathin 59
No.1173:Wat Rakhang **Superb Defending Power against All Dangers!
No. 1173

Wat Rakhang, Bangkok Batch: Somdej Mai Chofah Anusorn 144 Pi

No. 1172: Wat Lad Yai ** Fulfilled, Progress & Safe
No. 1172

Wat Lad Yai, Samut  Songkhram province
Batch: Pokasarp Muen Lan
No.1171: LP Krairerk**Quick Luck! & more
No. 1171

LP Krairerk, Pathipsaengtham Monastery, Sakaeo province
No.1170: Wat Thung Tong **Luck & Windfalls
No. 1170

Wat Thung Tong, Trat province

No.1169: LP Pakon **Carry off Bad Luck & Bad Things
No. 1169

LP Pakon, Wat Tham Pha Den, Sakon Nakhon province

No. 1168: LP Sumonthammasathod **Wealthy & Protect
No. 1168

LP Sumonthammasathod, Wat Khao Kalok, Prachuabkirikhan province 

No.1167: LP Dam **Powerful Danger Defense!
No. 1167

LP Dam, Wat Nong Faek, Phitsanulok province Singh Maha Kradon & Phra Rod Bai Makham
No.1166: LP Leng **Miraculous Powers!
No. 1166

LP Leng, Wat Phantai Norasing, Samut Sakhon province
No.1165: LP Chai **Good Luck-Wealth-Fulfillment
No. 1165

LP Chai, Wat Nong Ngu Lueam, Chonburi province batch: Chok Dee (good luck)
No.1164: Wat Phra That Phanom **Wealth & Good Luck
No. 1164

Wat Phra That Phanom, Nakhon Phanom province
No.1163: KB Det **Mystical Charm
No. 1163

KB Det, Wat Mai Rattanakosin, Lampang province

No.1162: LP Sriponthep **Luck, Biz, Charm & Protection
No. 1162

LP Sriponthep, Wat Ban Goom, Ang Thong province
Wat PhaNiang Taek **Get Tough to Dangers!

Wat PhaNiang Taek, Nakhon Pathom province
No.1160: LP Boon **Wealth-Charm-Protect
No. 1160

LP Boon, Wat Thung Krajet, Suphanburi province
No.1159: LP Suk **Powerful Divine Powers!
No. 1159

LP Suk, Wat Pa Wai, Singburi province **1st Batch Pho Pu Lersi
No.1158: KB Sri **Wonderful Favorable Powers!
No. 1158

KB Sri, Wat Ban Sob Gong, Lampang province
LP Charoon ** New Legend Wealth & Protection
No. 1157

LP Charoon, Wat Kow Mueang Gao, Phatthalung province
Wat Boworn **Protection & Auspiciousness
No. 1156

Wat Boworn, Bangkok batch: 05 Yon Yuk

Wat Phonimit **Good Luck, Wealth & Success
No. 1155

Wat Phonimit, Chachoengsao province **The Miracle Jewelry
LP Sang Tong **Good Luck & Wealth
No. 1154

LP Sang Tong, Wat Sri SaNga, Chaiyaphum province
LP Chuay **Getting Opulent
No. 1153

LP Chuay, Wat Kow Noi, Sukhothai province
LP Chai **Good Luck & Charm
No. 1152

LP Chai, Wat Boonnakprachasan, Samut Songkhram province

No.1151: AJ Hon Yoon **Supreme Protection & Good Luck
No. 1151

AJ Hon Yoon, Arsomkruthao kruthong kruthep kruhon, Nonthaburi province

Wat Wirachottammaram **Safety & Prosperity
No. 1150

Wat Wirachottammaram, Chachoengsao province
No.1149: KB Kritsana **Create Better Life!
No. 1149

KB Kritsana, Asomsatan Suan Phutthasart, Nakhon Ratchasima province

LP Sook **Luck-Windfalls-Charm
No. 1148

LP Sook,Wat Inn Paeng, Laos
LP Jom **Protection & Good Luck
No. 1147

LP Jom, Wat Pa Ban Don Du, Amnat Charoen province
No.1146: AJ Thawee **Charming & Lucky
No. 1146

AJ Thawee, Ubon Ratchathani province
No.1145: LP Samretmuneerat **Superb Charm-Luck-Business
No. 1145

LP Samretmuneerat, Wat Pa Phu Kow Kwai, Ubon Ratchathani Province
No.1144: Wat Nakhon Inn **Legendary Protection & Supportive Powers
No. 1144

Wat Nakhon Inn, Nonthaburi province
No.1143: LP Saeng **Kindness, Lck, Wealth & Protect
No. 1143

LP Saeng, Wat Ban Trang, Pattani Province
Wat Sanmamao **Lucky & Wealthy
No. 1142

Wat Sanmamao, Chiang Rai province Lersi Doen Dong batch: Chokdee Mangmi Thawisarp
LP Foo **Being Protected
No. 1141

LP Foo, Wat Bangsamak, Chachoengsao province
AJ Naphacha **people kindness-luck- gambling-business
No. 1140

AJ Naphacha, Surat Thani province
No.1139: LP Lek **Good Luck, Prosperity & Protection
no. 1139

LP Lek, Wat TamKaoNoi, Phetchaburi Province
AJ Songtham YanKrooMetta **Charm, Love, Health
No. 1138

AJ Songtham YanKrooMetta, Thailand
No.1137: AJ Thaworn **Occultism-Charm-Luck
No. 1137

AJ Thaworn, Lampang province
No.1136: AJ NaanKong **Favorable Northern Magic
No. 1136

AJ NaanKong, Chiang Mai province
LP Ngei ** Help & Protect
No. 1135

LP Ngei, Wat Pathumsarawas, Suphanburi province

LP Thong **Wealth & Protection
No. 1133

LP Thong, Wat PhraPhutthabatKowYaiHom, Chaiyaphum province Roon:Jow Sua Kot Setthi
No.1132: Siriraj Hospital **Greatly Propitious for Life
No. 1132

 Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok Batch: Somdet Siriraj 100 Pi, 2011 C.E.
LP Phadet **Get Protected!
No. 1131

LP Phadet, Wat Maiprachumchon, Prachinburi province Roon: Nimit Chedi
LP Boonmee **charm, luck, wealth
No. 1130

LP Boonmee, Wat Ban Goom Yaso, Chanthaburi province
No.1129: LP Phrom **Auspiciousness for Life
No. 1129

LP Phrom, Wat Ban Suan, Phatthalung Province
LP Ong **Miraculous Luck-Wealth-Protection
No. 1128

LP Ong, Wat Thep Sing Han, Ubon Ratchathani province
Amarinpotisat Foundation **Mavelous Protection!
No. 1127

Amarinpotisat Foundation, Thailand Roon: Maha Parb Pairee Pinard
Wat Phra That Phu Phek **Great Propitiousness
No. 1126

Wat Phra That Phu Phek, Sakon Nakhon province

LP Rak **Get Wealthy, Fulfilled & Protected
No. 1125

LP Rak, Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana, Ayutthaya province Roon: Rian Setthi
Wat Banpodsuttaram **holy protection from harm and bad things
No. 1124

Wat Banpodsuttaram, Phichit province Roon:  Sarng Ubosot
No.1123: LP Vichai **Fosters Finance & Business
No. 1123

LP Vichai, Wat ThodRat, Sakaeo Province
No.1122: LP Dam **Great Protector with Experience!
No. 1122

LP Dam, Wat Nong Faek, Phitsanulok Province

LP Kloy **Being Prosperous& Protected
No. 1121

LP Kloy, Wat PuKowThong, Phatthalung province

LP Chuan **Get Rich!
No. 1120

LP Chuan, Wat Khao Kaeo, Ang Thong province **Rian Setthi (Millionaire Medal)**
LP Phin **charm & protection
No. 1119

LP Phin, Wat Koksawang, Prachinburi province

LP Wiang **Charm-Luck-Wealth
No. 1118

LP Wiang, Wat Sawangnongchart, Maha Sarakham province Roon: Jao Saney Chana Jai

LP Goh **Protection & Charisma
No. 1117

LP Goh, Wat Tha Samor, Chainat province

LP Khantee ** Secure from any bad things
No. 1116

LP Khantee, Wat Luang Bodindecha, Prachinburi province **Luangpho Mor (doctor Buddha)**
LP Nen Kumpeero **Such Promising Future
No. 1115

LP Nen Kumpeero, Wat Ban Kases Toong Setthi, Roi Et province Roon: Benjamongkol

No.1114: Holy Amulet Sets **protect, wealth, luck, charisma
No. 1114

Amulet Sets, Thailand

No.1113: LP Khieaw **Help & Protect
No. 1113

LP Khieaw, Wat Huayngow, Pattani province

No.1112: LP Somchai **Charm, Good Luck & Protect
No. 1112

LP Somchai, Wat Nong Khin, Saraburi province
LP Kamsing **in favor of worshipers
No. 1111

LP Kamsing, Wat Pla Siw, Sisaket province

LP Kong **Wealth & Protect
No. 1110

LP Kong, Wat Klang Bang Kaew, Nakhon Pathom province 
Wat Phrathat Ket Kaew Chulamanee ** Flourish & Accomplish
No. 1109

Wat Phrathat Ket Kaew Chulamanee, Chiang Rai province Roon: Sook Samret Thanjai

Wat Boworn **Increase Assets & Protect

Wat Boworn, Bangkok Roon: Riak Sarp
Wat Prasart Thong **Commemorate LP Pard: Help & Protect

Wat Prasart Thong, Buriram province Roon: Moradok Tham
LP Boon **Good Luck-Wealth-Protection
No. 1106

LP Boon, Wat Thoonghiang, Chonburi province Roon: Luean Samanasak
No.1105: Wat Rakhang ** The Legendary Protection in Thailand
No. 1105

Wat Rakhang, Bangkok

Wat Phantai Norasing **Bring Propitiousness to Your Life
No. 1104

Wat Phantai Norasing, Samut Sakhon province
No.1103: AJ To Praimadee **Double Charm & Luck
No. 1103

AJ To Praimadee, Thailand
LP Suer **Mercy & Luck
No. 1102

LP Suer, Dharma Park, Nakhon Ratchasima province

AJ Mor Phrom **Excellent Charm
No. 1101

AJ Mor Phrom, Thailand

No.1100: LP Wet Surin **Luck-Windfalls-Love Desire
No. 1100

LP Wet Surin, Wat PhoThiChaiya Wanaram, Udon Thani province

No.1099: LP Im **Experience the Real Charm
No. 1099

LP Im, Wat Ban Khao Khard, Prachinburi province

AJ Chor ** Charm & Ongoing Windfalls
No. 1098

AJ Chor, Samnak Sak Yant Thep Salika, Chaserngsao province

No.1097: LP Phol **sacred protection & propitiousness
No. 1097

LP Phol, Wat Lum Pho Thong, Phetchaburi province
No.1096: LP Saman **Superb Charm-Business-Protection
No. 1096

LP Saman,
Khao Yang Hak Monastery, Ratchaburi Province
LP Phat **Good Luck & Charisma
No. 1095

LP Phat, Wat Than Thahan, Nakhon Sawan province

No.1094: Wat Prutu **Amazing Lucky Medal!
No. 1094

Wat Prutu, Songkhla province
  Boromma Kru Norah Medal, first batch

No.1093: AJ Sor Prakam **Charm-Love-Luck
No. 1093

AJ Sor Prakam, Thailand
No.1092: LP Charn **Protect & Wealth
No. 1092

LP Charn, Wat Bang Bor, Samut Prakan province
Roon: Luangpho Hai Pon Ruay Phan Lan
LP La **Charm-Business-Protection
No. 1092

LP La, Wat Soi Suwan, Kamphaeng Phet province Roon: Wai Kru 59