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No.124: Make Merit: Buy Color to Renovate Ubosot Hall

Temple Activities

Make Merit: Buy Color to Renovate Ubosot Hall at Wat Maiprachumchon

JOIN Today Till Renovation is Finished.

 Year:  B.E. 2564 (C.E.2021)

Thank you so much for all donations.
We will update progress of this renovation periodically.
May you rejoice and appreciate this merit by saying "Sadhu" with us.

You guys are cordially invited by LP Phadet to be part of great merit Renovating Old Uposatha Hall at Wat Maiprachumchon. To do this, temple require money to buy the paint color. The abbot and monks are working together by using material they have for example building scaffolding from bamboo. YOUR DONATIONS are needful to help the monk finish this renovation sooner.

The new renovate Uposatha Hall will be beautiful place for monks to do rite, perform ceremonies as well as Buddhists  to visit, pay respect to Buddha and listen to sermon.

May this merit bring you happiness, prosperity and everything you wish go successfully.

Not only that, you can dedicate this merit to your deceased persons and spirit amulets if you would like by mention their names at special command when do transaction.

Referring to the sutra, Mindfulness, Buddha's teaching, it is mentioned that making statues, temples and places for Sangha, with bedding and other needs, makes one's life go from happiness to happiness. All the future lives will be always in happiness, going from virtue to virtue, always positive; not just being born human and having ordinary pleasures, not just that-virtue to virtue means having a virtuous life. Even for 1000 ten million eons the virtue collected by having provided these things will never get lost; so you see, it is unbelievable merit.

About LP Phadet :

This is LP Phadet whom people often call "Phra Arjarn Phadet", abbot of Wat Maiprachumchon, Prachinburi province. LP Phadet is a good monk who devotes himself to developing the temple. His first medal, Nimit Chedi batch 2016 has experience that a man who wore got by from being shot.  


This story was revealed by Mr Somsak who works at Rong Guea Market, Sa Kaeo province. He told that on last Songkran Day (15 April 2016) while he was enjoying with friends, his enemies came and shot him. He was shot 2 times, but wonderfully survived. The first shot, bullet hit LP Phadet medal on a necklace we wore. The medal was distorted by intensity. The second shot, bullet scratched under his chest, but did not get into skin. Mr Somsak said among friends, only he was all right. His friends were shot and admitted to a hospital. He believed LP Phadet Medal saved his life on that day.


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PROMO Make Merit: Buy Paint Color to Renovate Old Uposatha Hall at Wat Maiprachumchon

LP Phadet, Wat Maiprachumchon, Prachinburi province


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