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No.114: Make Merit Contruct Vihara Building to Keep LP Pian\'s Bone Relics

Temple Activities

Make Merit Contruct Vihara Building to Keep LP Pian's Bone Relics - get free 1 sacred LP Pian amulet

( donation money will be gathered and offered on Kathin Day at Wat GernGaTin on 11 October 2020)

Today till stock lasts.

From:  Wat GernGaTin, Lopburi Province

You are cordially invited by Wat GernGaTin to join making merit in order to construct the Vihara Building to keep LP Pian's bone relics showing  gratitude and propagating his virtues.

Donor get free 1 sacred LP Pian amulet holy powder mixed LP Pian's ashes.

Size: size 2.1 cm x 3.7 cm.

Present: Backside of LP Pian amulet is scattered with gems.

Ceremony: This amulet was properly blessed by abbot and monks on the auspicious date.

Power: LP Pian is respected by many Thai and foreign devotees. LP was so kind and his amulets are wonderfully experienced for harm protection, invulnerable, good luck and wealth.

Real Experience:

This experience is one of many miracles of people who have amulets from LP Pian. In 2553 B.E. (2010 C.E.), a newspaper published a wonderful story of a man who survived from being shot. A man wearing LP Pian medal was shot by chance in the battle of guys.  He was shocked thinking he had to die. When he was out of there, he opened his shirt, he was surprised because he had only a bruise on his breast.

Biography of LP Pian:

LP Pian of Wat GrernGaTin, Lopburi province. He studied magic from his father when he was young. He was ordained at the age of 49 at Wat Gum Paeng, Lopburi province. After that, LP Pian stayed with LP Pahn of Wat GrernGaTin for studying magic and Vipassana meditation. LP Pahn was a Cambodian monk and popular for his knowledge in both holy Dharma and magic.
LP Pian was one of the most famous guru monks who had good knowledge in the magical arts amulets and Buddhist Dharma. His amulets are very famous in protection and wealth. LP Pian has been made amulets that require donation of money for develop this temple and other temples in rural area.
LP Pian died at aged 92 on the 16th of November last year (2017) at 03.25 a.m. His body was kept in a temple in which he served in the central Thai province of Lopburi. This week, when his body was removed from his coffin, his followers were shocked to find that his body had not decayed and he also appeared to be "smiling".
The monk's followers will continue to pray for him until a final resting ceremony is held on the 100th day of his death.

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Make Merit Contruct Vihara Building to Keep LP Pian's Bone Relics - get free 1 sacred LP Pian amulet

Wat GernGaTin, Lopburi Province

2.1 cm x 3.7 cm


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