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GLASS DOME(Stupa Design) Offerings, Thai amulet

No.1370: AJ Piyasitthi **Spritual Charm, Love & Wishes

Wat Phra That Phanom, Nakhon Phanom ** Prosperity & Wealth

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No.112: Make Merit Donate Rice to LP Yai’s Temple

Temple Activities

Make Merit Donate Rice to LP Yai Temple

Get Free 1 Protective LP Yai holy powder embed Lek Lai

Today till stock lasts.

You are cordially invited to join making merit donate rice to Wat Pa Thammayanmunee. This is under supervision of LP Yai abbot in order to earn rice for temple and distribute to poor rural temples where shortage of food.

Joining this merit, you will get free 1 piece LP Yai holy powder amulet embed Lek Lai which LP Yai properly re-blessed by himself. 

Color of Amulet: brown or black  **Right to choose color is reserved**

From: LP Yai, Wat Pa Thammayanmunee, Nakhon Pathom Province

Size: amulet 3.4 cm x 3.7 cm

Power: LP Yai amulet embed Lek Lai will help us avoid harmful incidents and bad invisible things.

Moreover, benefit from donating rice to temple, you will never get poor and starving this life and next life. Also the merit will help you well progress in Dharma practice and closer to Nirvara.

Read Full Article : Luangpho Yai, a Master of Lek Lai!

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When talking about guru monks who can fetch Lek Lai, Luangpho Yai is one of them. This is LP Yai or Phra Ajarn Somporn Somwaro, abbot of Wat Pa Phrathamyannamunee in Nakhon Pathom province. LP Yai is experienced and can fetch Lek Lai, supernatural ore which people say only holy people can do by himself.

LP Yai was born on 26 April 2506 B.E. (1963 C.E.) in Bangkok. In Childhood, in place of playing like other boys, LP Yai would rather do Buddhist chanting. So as a boy, he could chant very well. LP Yai went to novicehood at age 13. As a novice, LP Yai liked to study by himself. He achieved Nak Tham Ek (highest level of dharma education for a Buddhist), then studied traditional Thai medicine and went to study with many guru monks. LP Yai had a chance to stay meditation with Luangpu Sim of Wat Tham Pha Pong and Luangpu Waen of Wat Doi Mae Pang who both were famous Northern monks. LP Yai went on a pilgrimage (called Tudong) by walking in the woods and mountains to develop meditation for 6 years. Until at 20, LP Yai got ordained as a Buddhist monk.

Path of being a master of Lek Lai:
LP Yai always learns new things especially ritual and mysterious science. He also keeps old mantra scriptures for next generations to learn. His interest led him to Arjarn Lamyoon, a Lek Lai guru in Southern Thailand. Arjarn Lamyoon taught LP Yai how to invite Lek Lai. LP Yai is the last disciple of Arjarn Lamyoon because after having LP Yai as a student, Arjarn Lamyoon never teaches anyone Lek Lai. Not only that, LP Yai sharpened knowledge and ability in Lek Lai by studying with other gurus until he became an expert in Lek Lai.

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Make Merit Donate Rice to LP Yai’s Temple – Get Free 1 piece Protective LP Yai holy powder embed Lek Lai

LP Yai, Wat Pa Thammayanmunee, Nakhon Pathom Province

amulet 3.4 cm x 3.7 cm


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No.112: Make Merit Donate Rice to LP Yai’s Temple

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