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No.85: Donate for Monk Shelter & Chanting Hall Construction

Temple Activities

Donate for Monk Shelter & Chanting Hall Construction

Wat Thung Mon, Ayutthaya Province

Dear customers,

You all are cordially invited by Wat Thung Mon, Ayutthaya Province to join 'Kathina' 2018 the Buddhist yearly merit-making activity in order to earn money to build the monk shelter and chanting hall that is lacking the budget to complete.


Holy LP An Locket - Donate for Monk Shelter & Chanting Hall

Joining this, donor will get a holy 'LP An Thanwaro' Locket, 1st batch for wealth, people's kindness and good business. (made only 1,000 pieces)

Size: 2.4 x 3.1 cm

Material: enameled metallic case filled with holy powder

Present: There is stamped Yant on the back. 



Lucky Coin - Donate for Monk Shelter & Chanting Hall

Joining this, donor will get a lucky coin called 'Ngoen Khwan Thung' to keep in a wallet to attract more money

Size: 2.1 cm diameter

Material: 2 Baht Coin



Holy Copper LP An Medal - Donate for Monk Shelter & Chanting Hall

Joining this, donor will get a holy 'LP An Thanwaro' Medal which is good for protection, luck, business and people kindness.

Material: copper

Present: backside with holy Yant symbol to increase the power

**We will go to temple to get the medal on Kathina, 3 Nov. 2018.**

About Kathina and Pha Pa:

 "Kathina" is a Buddhist festival which comes at the end of Vassa, the three-month rainy season retreat for Theravada Buddhists. The season during which a monastery may hold a 'Kathina' festival is one month long, beginning after the full moon of the eleventh month in the lunar calendar (usually in October).  It is a time of giving, for the laity to express gratitude to monks. Lay Buddhists bring donation to temples, especially new robes for the monks.

"Pha Pa" (frequent: Pha Pa Samakki) is a kind of Kathina that has no a specific date to do unlike Kathina.  People can do Pha Pa in every season of a year. Doing Pha Pa is mainly for giving new robes for monks and making a donation for the temples.

Doing Kathina and doing Pha Pa can support Buddhism. The merit of doing Kathina and doing Pha Pa will bring the doer auspiciousness and prosperity. People believe when Kathina or Pha Pa doer dies, he or she will go to the heaven and when they are born, they will be in the rich & good family, good-looking and a beloved person of people as well as have a lot of money and properties. 

Update: On 15 April 2018, we went to temple and offered donations to the abbot.


Update: On Sunday 3 November 2018, we went to Wat Thung Mon to join Kathina event and offer donations to temple.

"This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted."

Last modified : 10 Nov 2018 - 11:17 AM (GMT+7:00)


Merit Building Monk Shelter & Chanting Hall: Holy LP An Locket

Wat Thung Mon, Ayutthaya Province

2.4 x 3.1 cm



product detail / customize


Merit Building Monk Shelter & Chanting Hall: Lucky Coin

Wat Thung Mon, Ayutthaya Province

2.1 cm diameter



product detail / customize


Merit Building Monk Shelter & Chanting Hall - Free Copper LP An Medal

Wat Thung Mon, Ayutthaya Province



product detail / customize

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