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No.1335: Wat Bangphra **Good Luck & Protection

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Good Worship by
Wat Bangphra, Nakhon Pathom Province

This is collection by Wat Bangphra where is famous for tiger magic and invulnerable tattooing of Luangpho Pern a former abbot. LP Pern was a great guru monk in Thai history who owned powerful tiger magic that is great in protection, invulnerability and good luck. Every year, there are a lot of devotees come to join "Wai Kru" a holy ceremony to pay respect to LP Pern at Wat Bangphra.

Luangpho Pern, Timeless Guru Monk of Thailand

Rank Name:       Phra Udomprachanad
Birth:               12 August 2466 B.E. (1923 C.E.)
Hometown:       Nakhon Pathom province
Ordination:       23 May 2491 B.E. (1948 C.E.)
Death:             30 June 2545 B.E. (2002 C.E.)
Total Age:        79
Total Monkhood Years: 54

Luangpho Pern (Phra Udomprachanad) is the timeless holy guru monk of Thailand whom Thai people highly esteem.  He had many virtues and superb knowledge of magic and mantra as well as skillfulness in herbs. LP Pern was very famous in those days because his amulets gave people experiences on charm called Metta, good trading, good luck and protection especially tattooing from him that could make person invulnerable to dangers. Besides, he established the hospital for people named Luangphopern Hospital showing his mercy.

LP Pern was a famous guru monk of Nakhon Pathom province. He was a former abbot of Wat Bang Phra, Nakhon Pathom. He was born on 12 August 1923 C.E. in Nakhon Pathom. When he was young, he felt interested in mantras in order to protect himself. Due to a short distance from his house to Wat Bang Phra, he came to Wat Bang Phra very often to study mantras from a monk. He studied Sak Yant or holy tattooing and herbs from Luangpu Him, abbot of Wat Bang Phra at that time who had very strong mind power that could stop any danger and herbal knowledge curing illnesses efficaciously.  LP Pern also studied mantras from Luangpho Daeng, Wat Thung Kork who was a famous guru monk of Suphanburi province.

At age 20, LP Pern got ordained as a Buddhist monk at Wat Bang Phra, Nakhon Pathom province. After ordination, he looked after LP Him, abbot of Wat Bang Phra until LP Him passed away. After that, LP Pern asked Luangpho Ophasi, a famous guru monk in Bangkok for being a disciple. He stayed with and studied from LP Ophasi for 1 year. Then he went on a pilgrimage (Tudong). His first destination was the north. LP Pern walked in the woods of the north where was very quiet to practice meditation following the way of Buddha. He passed many northern provinces such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lampang, etc.  He spent 2 years in the north. Then he went to the south.

Before he reached the south, he passed Kanchanaburi province in the west.  In Kanchanaburi, there are many caves and mountains and also had a mysterious story about existing of specters and dangerous animals in the woods especially Suer Saming or a mystical tiger spirit that could transform itself into a human in order to tempt people and eat. Although many dangers in the woods, LP Pern passed them safely.

In 1961 C.E., during pilgrimage, LP Pern stopped and rested at the field in Kanchaburi. Here, LP Pern used his knowledge of herbs to help sick people. People could recover from illnesses and had faith in LP Pern very much. LP Pern was invited by people to be an abbot of Wat Thung Nang Lork, Kanchanaburi and Wat Kok Khema, Nakhon Pathom. When LP Him of Wat Bang Phra, Nakhon Pathom passed away, there was no abbot. So, people invited LP Pern to be an abbot after LP Him. LP Pern became an abbot of Wat Bang Phra on 25 August 1975 C.E. and on 5 December 1994 C.E., LP Pern got a rank of ecclesiastical chief from His Majesty the King Bhumibol and was named Phra Udomprachanad. LP Pern peacefully passed away on 30 June 2002 at age 79 and 54 years in monkhood.

Today, people still remember him and his teachings about doing good deeds and understanding instability of life. When people think of LP Pern, they think of a superb guru monk who had great merit and holiness. His Sak Yant (holy tattooing of being invulnerable) is still famous and it was handed down to Luangpho Samang (sam-ang) a current abbot of Wat Bang Phra. Tattooing ceremony to show gratitude to LP Pern is held annually at Wat Bang Phra that many Thai men who have faith in LP Pern come to the ceremony. 

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Mini Sacred Tiger Joss Stick Bowl

Year: 2561 B.E. (2018 C.E.)

Material: blackened brass

Size:  about 3 inches wide

Description: Mini sacred joss stick bowl with tiger heads aside. Useful item to hold joss sticks for everyday worship.


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Mini Sacred Tiger Joss Stick Bowl

Wat Bangphra, Nakhon Pathom Province

12 x 8 cm


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