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No.1361: KB Thammamunee **Charm, Love, Wealth & Protection

No.1112: LP Somchai **Charm, Good Luck & Protect

No.1081: LP Vitthaya (or LP Srithep-Udon) **Go Fortunately & Prosperously

Amulet Accessories

No.2: Durable Strong Stainless Casing

No.519: Handmade Braid Rope Casing

No.7: Stainless Casing for Phra Somdej / Phra Phong

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No.80: Donation for Ritual - Free Phra Nirantarai Amulet

Temple Activities

You are cordially invited to join the Ceremony Seeing Off the Saturn
by SapPhaRaChen Foundation in order to reduce the affectations that may occur. This year on 1 December at 00.09 a.m. the Saturn will move out that may bring changes to the zodiac because the Saturn is an influential planet in the universe. 

To join this, only donate and inform your name. Then we will bring to the ceremony.

**Special for Donor**Get free 1 blackened copper Phra Nirantarai Amulet from SapPhaRaChen Foundation. 

People believe to worship Phra Nirantarai will bring safety, good things and prosperity. 

History of Phra Nirantarai:
Phra Nirantarai was created by King Rama the Fourth of Thailand with the intention of giving to eighteen temples. The name “Nirantarai” was named by King Rama the Fourth. This name means “without dangers” that comes from the event that Phra Nirantarai wasn’t stolen when the thief broke into the keeping place. He stole only Phra Kring but didn’t touch this Buddha statue at all. This Buddha statue has been patronized by kings of Thailand. These days, Wat Bowornniwet Vihara Rajaworavihara, Bangkok is one of 18 temples where Phra Nirantarai is situated.

“May windfalls, luckiness and prosperity happen to joiner and his family.”

About SapPhaRaChen Foundation:
SapPhaRaChen Foundation is a charitable organization located in Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand. It was founded in 2006 and has main duty to propagate favors of Prince Chumphon (Father of Navy) and to contribute to social affairs such as religion, education and disaster mitigation.


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Donation for Ritual - Free Holy Phra Nirantarai Amulet

SapPhaRaChen Foundation, Nakhon Pathom Province

1.5 x 3.2 cm


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No.463(1): Auspicious Jewelry & Gem Collection

No.463(3): Fine Jewelry Accessories **Pleasing Gem Lovers!

No.10 (1): Auspicious Elephant Tail Accessories

Amulet Book

“LP Jong of Natangnork Temple” Book with biography of LP Jong and pictures of amulets in colorful

Temple Activities

No. 61: Buy Land for Building Dharma Retreat

No.78: Donation for Buddha Image Building

SERM DUANG 3: Candle Lighting for Lucky Life

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Ultimately Powerful ‘Look Om Phong Prai Guman LP Tim’

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