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No.1285: LP Tee **Protect & Good Luck

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Holy Collection by

LP Tee, Wat Hu Chang, Nonthaburi Province

100% Authentic from Temple

About Guru Monk:

Luangpho Tee of Wat Hu Chang is a well-known guru monk in Nonthaburi. He keeps on magical knowledge of LP Kee, past abbot of Wat Hu Chang.

LP Kee of Wat Hu Chang passed away many years ago. When he was alive, he was famous for Palad Khik, Takrut and Bia Gae for example that LP Kee participated in every step of making such as inscribing Yant (a magical script), peeling wood, preparing the ingredients and so on and this makes his amulets powerful. LP Kee was also good at making holy water that could cure illness that modern medicine could not.
Although LP Kee is gone, his valuable knowledge goes to LP Tee who is a disciple and a nephew of him. Today, LP Tee, age 76 (2015 C.E.) is an abbot of Wat Hu Chang in Nonthaburi province.

 LP Tee can make powerful Palad Khik, Takrut and Bia Gae like LP Kee, his teacher. LP Tee magically inscribes Yant on amulets in style of LP Kee because LP Tee used to help LP Kee inscribe amulets. LP Tee is respected by many people in Nonthaburi and other provinces.

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Note: The real item may be different from picture. It is in original condition from temple.
We provide Katha in text and MP3 and instructions for every sacred item at Your Katha.


Protect & Good Luck - Dow Fah Kamron (star) Amulet

Color: front brushed gold, back brushed silver

Material:  old holy powder of LP Phina who was famous for star amulet

Size: 2 x 3 cm

Year: 2560 B.E. (2017 C.E.)

Description: When talking about star amulets, most Thai collectors think of one by LP Phina because it is very powerful. This one is made of old holy powder of LP Phina and was blessed by LP Tee, Wat Hu Chang.

Power: This star amulet will bring owner good luck and protect against harm and bad invisible things.  


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Protect & Good Luck - Dow Fah Kamron (star) Amulet

LP Tee, Wat Hu Chang, Nonthaburi Province

2 x 3 cm


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