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Wat Klang Bang Pakong, Chachoengsao**Plenty & Security

No.1230: LP Chaiya **Powerful Auspiciousness, Wealth & Protection

LP Khwan, Wat Thab Yai Chiang, Phitsanulok ** Protect & Enrich

Amulet Accessories

No.1: Clear Waterproof Casing & Framing

No.2: Durable Strong Stainless Casing

No.15: Deity Picture Collection **Love, Wealth, Prosperity & Meditation

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No.1276: Wat Sothonwararam **Attract Good Luck & Good Things

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Good Collection to Worship!

By Wat Sothonwararam Worawihan,
Chachoengsao Province

100% Authentic from Temple

About Temple:

Wat Sothonwararam Worawihan is a must-visit temple for tourists, located in Chachoengsao province alongside Bang Pakong River, initially named Wat Hong and built in late Ayutthaya period. The temple has Luangpho Sothon, the revered Buddha image of Chachoengsao province, which is 1.48 meters tall, with a lap width of 1.65 meters.

Buddha Sothon (well-known as Luangpho Sothon) is the famous Buddha image, situated in the chapel of Wat Sothonwararam Worawihan, Chachoengsao province. For decades, faith in Buddha Sothon has not decreased. People from all regions of Thailand come to pay respect to Buddha Sothon. Thai people believe Buddha Sothon brings security, good luck, wealth and prosperity to people who worship.

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Note: The real items may be different from pictures. They are in original condition from temple.
We provide Katha in text and MP3 and instructions for every sacred item at Your Katha.


Worthy of Worship! Buddha Sothon Statue + Free Small One   

Material: brass

Size: 20 x 26 cm

**This sculpture comes with Buddha Sothon amulet in acrylic dome, size 2.5 x 3.5 cm (excludes the cover).

Year: 2558 B.E. (2015 C.E.)

Ceremony: This Buddha Sothon statue was already blessed by monks in holy ceremony at Wat Sothonwararam Worawihan, Chachoengsao Province in 2015.



Miracle Buddha Sothon Statue 7th Batch

Material: polished brass

Size: 18.8 x 22 cm

Batch: Pulling the Buddha from the River

Year:  2560 B.E. (2017 C.E.)

- backside with code "Sor Thor" (Thai alphabet abbreviation for Buddha Sothon) and number "1340"
- the back of the base with a copper Buddha Sothon medal  


Safe Journey & Glorious Life! Mini Buddha Sothon in Dome Statue

Size: 5 x 7.5 cm (includes base) 

Material:  metal with gold plating, acrylic dome and wooden base 

Year: 2560 B.E. (2018 C.E.)

Ceremony: This mini Buddha had holy blessing from the temple on the auspicious occasion. 

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after sent payment within 48 hours (2 business days).

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You can download incantation of every amulet from your bonus,
after we sent your order within 3 business days.

If there are any questions about Katha, contact us at

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Worthy of Worship! Buddha Sothon Statue + Free Small One

Wat Sothonwararam Worawihan, Chachoengsao Province

20 x 26 cm


Out of Stock

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Miracle Buddha Sothon Statue 7th Batch

Wat Sothonwararam Worawihan, Chachoengsao Province

18.8 x 22 cm


Low in Stock

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Safe Journey & Glorious Life! Mini Buddha Sothon in Dome Statue

Wat Sothonwararam Worawihan, Chachoengsao Province

5 x 7.5 cm (includes base)


Low in Stock

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No.78: Donation for Buddha Image Building

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