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No.1398: AJ Subin **Charm-Popular-Fortune

No.89: LP Key Batch: Plod Nee Maha Setthi

No.1396: Wat Nok **Auspicious for Life

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No.1262: LP Noi **Magically Rescue!

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Holy Collection by LP Noi
An Experienced Guru Monk
Wat Thung Phut, Prachuabkirikhan Province

100% Authentic from Temple

Objective: to earn donations for developing and restoring the temple

About Guru Monk:
This is Luangpu Noi of Wat Thung Phut, Prachuabkirikhan Province aged 90 (2017 C.E.). LP Noi is a disciple of LP Chor of Wat KokKetBunSiri, Samut Songkhram Province a masterly instructor at Holy Water for Good Business. LP Noi is also a disciple of LP Nueng of Wat Huay Rong, Phetchaburi Province a skilled guru monk.

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Magically Rescuing! Takrut Nok Yoong Thong (Gold Peacock Takrut)

Material: a Yant inscribed metal sheet fully tied with holy colorful rope

Amount: created only 300 pieces

Year: 2560 B.E. (2017 C.E.)

Description: This is a powerful amulet by an experienced guru monk “Luangpu Noi” of Wat Thung Phut, Prachuabkirikhan Province. This special Takrut was blessed with “Phra Katha Moraparit” or “Gold Peacock Incantation”.

“Moraparit” is the incantation praising favors of Buddha. The regular chanter of this mantra will receive holy beneficial power; being protected from dangers and ambushing by malicious people like stated in a Buddhist allegory “The Gold Peacock” (Nok Yoong Thong).

Story of the Gold Peacock:

Once, Buddha was born as a peacock living in Himavanta, the paradise forest. The peacock saw his beautiful image on the water and realized it would bring him danger, so he moved to inner area of the paradise forest to stay away from enemies.  In the mornings, the peacock mindfully looked at the sun and chanted the incantation “Moraparit”. He did that every morning and night, before and after going for food.
One day Khemarat Devi, the queen of King Phrommathat dreamt of the gold peacock preaching her dharma. After dreaming, she told her husband to fetch her the gold peacock. The King ordered servants to hunt the gold peacock, but no one could. Many years passed, the Queen died without contentment with the gold peacock.
That caused anger to the King. He told everyone a lie that whoever ate the gold peacock meat would be immortal. However, from King Phrommathat to the Sixth King, the gold peacock was still free.
Until the Seventh King, one hunter noticed a habit of the gold peacock that he chanted every day. The hunter taught a peahen to tempt the gold peacock. With irresistible charm of the peahen, the gold peacock was trapped. The hunter brought the gold peacock to the King. But with power of the incantation, when the King saw the gold peacock, he felt admiration and changed thought of eating. Eventually, the gold peacock was released to the forest as usual.


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Magically Rescuing! Takrut Nok Yoong Thong (Gold Peacock Takrut)

LP Noi, Wat Thung Phut, Prachuabkirikhan Province

1 x 1.5 cm


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