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No.1252: LP Mee **Irresistible Charm

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Holy Collection by
LP Mee, Wat Pho Chedi Loy, Phetchabun Province

100% Authentic from Temple

Objective: to earn donations for developing and restoring the temple

About Guru Monk:

LP Mee, a Disciple of LP Chom & a Friend of KhunPhanThaRakRatChaDet

Luangpu Mee is abbot of Wat Pho Chedi Loy in Phetchabun Province. Now, he is 90 (2017 C.E.). His parents gave him to Luangpu Chom when he was a child as a novice. LP Chom was a friend of LP Mun Phurithatto. LP Chom handed down his magical knowledge to LP Mee. When LP Mee was a teenager, he walked from Esan (Northeastern Thailand) to China to study breathing, meditation and spiritual practice or “Neigong”. After that, went to study with LP Sai at Wat PhayakKaram, Lopburi province. Then he worked as a police. Ever met and exchanged magical knowledge with KhunPhanThaRakRatChaDet. After resignation from a police, LP Mee got ordained as a monk by LP Sai of Wat Thongkhung who was an expert in Yant Takror. LP Sai was a famous guru monk in Ang Thong Province. He knew LP Mee would continue monkhood until death and become a beloved monk in people’s hearts, so he taught LP Mee all his knowledge receiving from LP Klun Wat Phrayat, LP Im Wat Hua Khao and LP Sook Wat Pak Klong Makham Thao.

Wonderful Stories about LP Mee:

1. To build the new chapel, LP Mee made Phra Sangkajjai statue and blessed by himself. While he was blessing, people saw a big shadow of Phra Sangkajjai covering the chapel. 
2. After LP Mee inscribed Yant “Doh” on the brass sheet, the metal had a cracking sound and rolled itself. When LP Mee touch and blew on the metal 3 times, the metal became normal.
3. Once an owner of iron factory who lost much profit in 1997 came to LP Mee for blessing about his business. LP Mee anointed the forehead of that man and said he would be very rich in the next 4 years.  4 years later, he came to LP Mee again and said his business was very successful.
4.  Another story is from a seller in the market who was cheated a lot of money. She came to LP Mee for blessing. LP Mee anointed that woman’s forehead and said she would get all money back. 3 years later, she came to LP Mee again and said she got all money back together with interest.  

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Powerful Enchanting Bug! Malaeng Thab Mai Rorng, Satta Loha (7 metals)

Year: 2560 B.E. (2017 C.E.)

Material: Satta Loha, a mixture of 7 metals

Amount:created only 999 pieces  

“Malaeng Thab Mai Rorng” is the grand debut in amulet circle, born with powerful magic of LP Sook Wat Pak Klong Makham Thao, the originator. Magic of LP Sook is said to turn leaves to wasps and hornets wonderfully. This magic goes to LP Sai and LP Sai taught this to LP Mee. LP Mee intensively blessed this bug by himself.

“Malaeng Thab” or a metallic wood-boring beetle is charming and interesting. It flies high and fast. When it is disturbed by enemy, it will pretend to die and fall from the tree to stay secure.

Power: This bug amulet holds powerful magnetism that makes the opposite genders come to you. It is good for the singles to find soul mate and vendors to attract buyers. Not only charm, it also helps you safe from enemy because when enemy sees you, he will be charmed and forget to hurt you.


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Powerful Enchanting Bug! Malaeng Thab Mai Rorng, Satta Loha (7 metals)

LP Mee, Wat Pho Chedi Loy, Phetchabun Province

1.2 x 3 cm


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