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No.1224: LP Yot **Supernatural Protection!

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Sacred Collection
By LP Yot
Wat Na Lablaeng, Uttaradit Province

100% Authentic from Temple

Objective: to earn donations for developing and restoring Wat Na Lablaeng

This is Luangpho Yot (Wat Na Lablaeng, Uttaradit province) who is masterly at Lek Namphee (holy iron). LP Yot was born on Friday 17 March 1934 in Samut Sakhon province. LP Yot had worked for Thai navy before he decided to get ordained in 1959 in his hometown. After that, LP Yot went to study magic and mantras with many top guru monks such as LP Rung of Wat Tha Krabue, LP Koet of Wat Chong Lom, LP Unt of Wat Laem Suwannaram, LP Phon of Wat Thain Dad and LP Yu of Wat Mai Nong Phaong. The major amulets of LP Yot are made of Lek Namphee, holy iron believed powerful in protection and invulnerability.

Lek Namphee (holy iron)

“Lek Namphee” is a name of holy iron ore in Thailand having been used to make swords and knives since Ayutthaya era. This iron ore was named after Amphoe (district) Namphee in Uttaradit province where it is found. Lek Namphee is taken out of “the well”; a hollow on the ground where people dig for this iron ore. Lek Namphee is believed a sacred material supernaturally capable of protecting person from dangers, black magic, spirits and any bad invisible thing. People say Lek Namphee is a brother of Lek Lai because they have prominent safeguarding power.

Lek Namphee Well

model ancient people casting Lek Namphee

model ancient people hitting Lek Namphee into a sword

a sword made of Lek Namphee


Powerful Supernatural Protection Takrut Lek Namphee with Braided Bracelet 

Year: 2559 B.E. (2016 C.E.)

Size: Takrut 1 x 4.6 cm

Material: Lek Namphee Ore, cord rope

This is uncommon Takrut by skilled guru monk. It is Takrut Lek Namphee by Luangpho Yot who is very good at “Lek Namphee” the holy iron. This Takrut contains strong protective power that can make owner safe from dangers and bad things.


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Powerful Supernatural Protection Takrut Lek Namphee with Braided Bracelet

LP Yot, Wat Na Lablaeng, Uttaradit province

Takrut 1 x 4.6 cm


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