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Pochangkaparitra - Prayer to Prevent Outbreak & Illness

Pochangkaparitra - Prayer to Prevent Outbreak & Illness

Buddhists believe Pochangkaparitra is a prayer to eliminate diseases. We would like to invite everyone to help pray together or to listen and meditate with this prayer in order to build encouragement for those who are sick from Covid-19 and stop the situation of the outbreak very soon.


Pochangkaparitra is a powerful Buddhist mantra that helps people who have listened to capable of being well from the illness, mentioned in Tipitaka that Buddha once prayed this mantra to help Phra Maha Kassapa and Mokkullana to recover from illness. Also, when the Buddha was ill, he asked Phra Jantha Thera to pray this mantra to him and Buddha got well.

This mantra also corresponds to the Buddha's teachings:  "the clear and bright spirit is the great healing power" because the body and the mind are things that rely on each other.


March 9, 2020- Missionary India and Nepal, Abbot of Buddhakhaya Thai Temple Brought 50 Buddhist clergy from Buddhakhaya Temple and many Thai clergy to pray the Pochangkaparitra to quench the epidemic for all life, both Thai and world citizens.

There were 500 monks from 3 groups, Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana assembled to spread the great spiritual encouragement at Sri Maha Pho tree the enlightenment place of Buddha to bless for everybody to be strong and escape from all epidemics as well as who is suffering from the disease to get well soon.


Listen to Pochangkaparitra

"Phochchang kho sa ti sang kha to tham ma nang  wi ca yo  ta tha  wi ri yam pi ti passaththi phochchang kha ca ta tha pare sa ma thu pek kha phochchang kha sat te te saph pha thas si na muni na sam ma thak kha ta pha wi ta pha hu li ka ta

sang wat tanti aphinya ya nipphana ya ca phothi ya ae te na sacca wach chena sotthi te hotu saph pha tha aeka sa ming sa maye natho mok khalla nal ja kassa pang khi lane thukkhi te thi sa wa phochchangkhe satta the sayi te ca tang a phi nan thi ta wa rokha mu jing su tang kha ne

ae te na sacca wach chena sotthi te hotu saph pha tha ae ka tha thamma ra chapi khelanye naphi li to cun that the re na tayye wa phana pet a wa na sa tha rang sam mo thita wa ca a phatha tam ha wuttha si thana so ae te na sacca wach che na sotthi te hotu saph pha tha

pa hi na te ca a phatha tin nannampi ma he sinang makh kha ha ta kile sa wa pat ta nup patti thamma tang ae te na sacca wach che na sotthi te hotu saph pha tha"

"This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted."

Last modified : 13 Mar 2020 - 02:05 PM (GMT+7:00)
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