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Overview Horoscope 2020 (part 1)

Let's check overview horoscope 2020 with 'Mor Chang' (Arjarn Thodsaphon Sritula) a famous fortuneteller in Thailand.

Aquarius (14 February - 14 March)

Aquarius will have better finance based on diligence from work. New opportunities will come to you. After middle of year should beware of money because there will be more expenses come unexpectedly.  Your health is okay in 2020, but people in family may get sick. Should take care of them specially. Work will have progress. Love is still okay. Lovers express enough romance and care consistently. 

Virgo (17 September - 17 October)

Everything will turn to better way. Turbulence in work is less. There will be adjustment in career. But will have more choices. It is good chance for business about medicine and herb. Finance will be balanced.  Love is sweet. May have wedding and baby.

Pisces (15 March - 13 April)

Pieces please do not give up because 2020 your fortune will change to good. Will have progress in work. Bad people will fade away from you. You will start up new things such as further study.  Love is very good. Will meet somebody you feel good with unexpectedly. Will have good luck from your effort.

Aries (14 April - 14 May)

Good news for Aries, 2020 your horoscope is very good including family.  Work will have progress. Have criteria for having a new house. End of the year might have a big expense. Should carefully plan about finance from early year.

Scorpio (17 November - 15 December)

Scorpio should be careful because there will be positive and negative sides happening to you. For positive side, will be lucky in finance. For negative side, if many opportunities go to you, please try not to be greedy or someone might lead you in wrong way that will have lawsuit involved. Love after middle of year, you would meet someone you like, but he/she might be different in age or nation that you can learn each other. 

Leo (17 August - 16 September)

Leo will have progression. Have tendency to change job. But you will be lucky, extra job and money. With being earnest in anything, sometimes Leo forget to concern their health. So in 2020, should know to balance your life. Although having problem, but everything will be solved including financial problem. If wish to have a baby, you will have.

Follow up other Zodiac Signs in next Article.^^

Last modified : 18 Dec 2019 - 06:19 PM (GMT+7:00)
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Let's check overview horoscope 2020 with 'Mor Chang' (Arjarn Thodsaphon Sritula) a famous fortuneteller in Thailand. [Aquarius/ Virgo/ Pisces/ Aries/ Scorpio/ Leo]

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