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How Is Katha Needed?

Nowadays, there is progression of technology and science, but the root of "beliefs and superstitions" is not fading down, collected and handed from generation to generation.

Today, most Thai and Asian people believe in amulets and talismans carried to repose their trust and ensure fates.

Not many people clearly know how to make amulets fully work.

Most amulets are created by the principle of Buddhism as the gimmick of dharma teaching.

Many people use amulets to serve their worldly desires and some of them don't succeed in worship.

...To make amulet to fully work, the worshiper must have pure faith as basis. Pure faith is the power. If we only think of our desires without faith in amulet, the worship is useless.

Not only that, to make amulet fully work, the worshiper needs to regularly pay respect, chant the Katha and pray for something...

1.    Paying respect is to physically show respect to amulet we worship.

2.    Chanting Katha of the amulet:

-    It is the way to evoke our mindfulness and active for the power from amulet and link our mind to monk/master who blessed the amulet, and also remind us what we are wearing at the moment.

-    Katha for amulet has both specific and general. It's mostly chanted for 3 times, 5 times or 9 times, or number of the day of birth. Also while chanting please think of the monk/master who blessed the amulet.

-    The last thing is praying for help or something you would like to say to your amulet such as to help from accident, to make work successful, or to be fulfilled in a wish based on self-sufficiency.

Why do we pay respect? Chant? And pray for something?

It is because that shows our faith and mental support. This is the energy to enhance and maintain amulet more power.

Some people wear amulets, but never pay respect, never chant and never pray. Compared to a car which doesn't get started; no engine, even a new car if not used for long time when real use may be out of order.

It's the same as amulet that always needs faith of worshiper to stay powerful.

To buy amulets/talismans for tourists or foreigners who are interested, the worship both hanging on neck or putting on shelf/altar, one important thing is chanting the Katha of amulet in order to activate your amulet power.  It's a service from shop to provide as complimentary. When your amulet with Katha, it's correct. If not, amulet is like a stone or wood that always sleep.

More important thing than having good amulet, the worshiper must always hold precepts and commit good deeds --this is the sustainable way to maintain amulet powerful with us.

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