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Tipping Point: LP Cham Wat Don Yai-hom

Phra Kru Kasemthammanan or Luangpho Cham Wat Don Yai-hom, Nakhon Pathom Province was born on 6 March B.E.2449 (C.E.1906).  Getting ordained at the Uposatha hall, Wat Don Yai-hom on 6 May B.E.2470 (C.E.1927). His passing away on  9 December B.E.2536 (C.E.1993).

LP Cham was highly respected by many people. Although, Wat Don Yai-hom is well-known for LP Ngern the former abbot, but LP Cham was also acceptable. That's because LP Cham accomplished Techo Kasin (a kind of meditation by eye-focusing on the flame) since early age of monkhood. Moreover, amulets by LP Cham have included many powers especially most outstanding on doing business.

Here are wonderful Tipping Points of LP Charm:

1)    Solidized Holy Water
Once having a Chinese man came to Wat Don Yai-hom. He wished to see LP Ngern, but when getting temple he knew LP Ngern already passed away. That place had LP Cham and disciple. LP Cham called disciple to get a bowl of holy water to that Chinese man. But he was not pleased, walking and pour down holy water at LP Cham's Kuti (monk house). The wonderful thing happened when the holy water was not flow out of the bowl- that made a Chinese man admire LP Cham so much.

2)    A Guarding Ox (Wooah Phayon)

In the past during harvest season, nearby Wat Don Yai-hom, rice was often stolen. Farmers had a trouble. They asked LP Ngern at Wat Don Yai-hom for help, but LP Ngern suggested people to LP Cham. LP Cham had farmers get soil and sculp into an ox for him. LP Cham magically created a living soul to the ox figures one by one and gave back to farmers to put in their field. It had no thieves coming in rice field anymore.

3)    Wealth Blessing
This story is from Mr. Simit  Phuetipanyasakul from Bangkok He has 2 brothers. After their father died, they met difficulty in family business. One day, three brothers visited LP Cham at Wat Don Yai-hom and told their life. LP Cham knew three brothers' life before by medition, he said to three brothers not to forget their father's words, they would be rich sooner. It really happened like LP Cham said, the three brothers were very successful in their family business.

4)    Poor Lady to Rich Lady
This story belongs to Mrs. See Raemchuen from Nakhon Pathom Province. On 10 December B.E.2528 (C.E.1985), she went paying respect to LP Cham at Wat Don Yai-hom. She got seeds to LP Cham for blessing. She planted the seeds and her crops grew very well. Before Mrs. See was poor, but after getting blessed seeds, she could set up her status and became a rich lady.

5)    Saving from Fatal Accidents
Aunt Pon In-suer-see from Nakhon Chai Si told her story that holy rope "Chueak Chorakhe Khob" from LP Cham Wat Don Yai-hom could save lives of her 2-year-old grandson from drowning and 6-year-old granddaughter from tiger bites.

6)    Stopping Fierce House with Mercy
The last story is told by Mr. Wisit Charoenitthikul a columnist. In B.E.2528 (C.E.1985), Mr. Wisit followed Mr. Huek-han Pawatyothin to Wat Don Yai-hom. On that day, there was a fierce horse called "Kamlai" coming at the back of temple. Mr. Wisit and Mr. Huek-han went there and saw LP Cham stood in front of the horse. LP Cham stood calmly and looked down the ground like doing meditation. At first the horse acted fiercely, but second when LP Cham looked up and raise hands, the horse sat down the ground like paying respect to LP Cham.

PHOLD83 : C.E.1990 Silver Phra Chaiwat amulet 84 Years of LP Cham - best of mercy & gainful business (LP Cham, Wat Don Yai-hom, Nakhon Pathom Province) click!!

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