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Wat Klang Bang Pakong, Chachoengsao**Plenty & Security

Wat Nong Bua, Chiang Mai **Protects & Brings Prosperity

No.1395: LP Jin **Protection & Wealth

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Collection 7: Thai Mala-Malai Beadcraft

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Recommend Amulets by LP Sriponthep

Found a Skilled Guru Monk! "LP Sriponthep"

(abbot of Wat Ban Goom, Ang Thong province)

Like a saying "White Elephant Found in the Forest", a skilled guru monk usually found in the distance. Although civilization does not reach, but his magical knowledge and meditative power can help people from bad fate. This is LP Sriponthep (Sriponthep Apiyano or his ranking name Phra Kru Palad Sriponthep from Wat Ban Goom, Ang Thong province. His prominent holy magic is Visha Phra Lak Naa Thong (installing divine power of Lord Laksamana) to enhance charm for people that can help love, personal attraction and business very well. Not only that, this guru monk can do Arb Nammon Sador Kroh or Holy Bath that can remove bad luck and lengthen life. Another ability is using "Wahn Mai Phaya Yae-Yae" (name of plant) to reinforce prestige, luck and wealth of a person. Moreover, LP Sriponthep gives people who committed sin such as doing abortion or people who are encountering misfortune caused by someone from past life (with previous deeds on each other) a chance to do Apology Ceremony (Khor Kama Gam) in order to fade out bad effects.

Garner Fortune & Profits!

Experienced Super Lucky Takrut Phaya Mai Yae-Yae *sacred cat placenta filled  

Size: 1 x 4.5 cm (includes casing)

Year: 2559 B.E. (2016 C.E.)

This is amulet made of Wahn Phaya Mai Yae-Yae, a plant that brings good luck and money. It was cut and put in a casing for people to carry along. This one was already blessed by LP Sriponthep, so you can be sure of the power.

**Experience of owners:
-    Some won the lottery.
-    Some did a good sale.
-    Some won gambling.

Well Selling!  Nang Mao Yant Cloth, Gray  CLICK!!

Color: gray

Size: 24 x 34 cm

Year: 2560 B.E. (2017 C.E.)

Power: Lady on the cloth is called 'Nang Mao'. Nang means 'a lady' and Mao means 'buy all'. People believe a picture of Nang Mao will help a seller do business well especially in the way that attracting customers and make them buy goods easily.

Money Beckoning Boy Spirit Amulet, Silver  CLICK!!

Name: Money Beckoning Boy Spirit Amulet

Year: 2559 B.E. (2016 C.E.)

Size: 1.6 x 3 cm

Material: silver

Power: call people kindness, good luck, windfalls and business.

Money Beckoning Cat Amulet, Silver (filled baby cat carcass & placenta)  CLICK!!

Year: 2559 B.E. (2016 C.E.)

Size: 1.2 x 2 cm

Material: silver filled with baby cat carcass and cat placenta to increase the power

Power: Prominent people kindness, good luck, windfalls and business.

Bringer of Luck & Opulence! Look Krok Maew (Stillborn Offspring Cat) with Plastic Casing & Clip for Carry

Year: 2562 B.E. (2019 C.E.)

Material: a properly blessed baby cat carcass (early weeks old) who died in mother's womb

Size: diameter 6 cm x height 7 cm (includes casing)

Power: Thai people believe Stillborn Offspring Cat or "Look Krok Maew" is powerful material that can bring good luck and wealth to owner. In fact, stillborn offspring cat is hard to find. Occultists say Look Krok Maew has no disadvantages to its owner.

"This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted."

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C.E.1990 Silver Phra Chaiwat amulet 84 Years of LP Cham best of mercy & gainful business

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No.423: Handmade Braid Rope Framing

No.2: Durable Strong Stainless Casing

No.9: Nice Feminine Style Handmade Braid Rope Work

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SERM DUANG 2 - Make merit the coffin

SERM DUANG 4: Magic Candle Lighting for Happy Love

SERM DUANG 9: Lighting Brahma Candle Ceremony

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