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Recommend Amulets for Wealth & Good Business

There are various amulets in Thai belief for inducing wealth and good business. Here we list popular items for you guys. 

Nang  Kwak

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Nang Kwak is a holy benevolent spirit of wealth. Her image in beckoning posture can be seen in many shops in Thailand believed to attract customers and money coming continuously. 

Setthi Nawakot

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People believe Phra Setthi Nawakot can make the worshiper become a millionaire.

Phra Setthi Nawakot is a name of nine millionaires in the time of Buddha as follows:
1.    ThaNanChai Setthi
2.    YatSa Setthi
3.    SuMaNa Setthi
4.    ChaTiKatSa Setthi
5.    AnaThaPinThiKa Setthi
6.    MenThaKatSa Setthi
7.    ChoTiKa Setthi
8.    SuMangKhaKatSa Setthi
9.    WiSaKha MaHa U-BaSiKa.
These millionaires were good Buddhists who supported Buddhism and loved charity. They got ordained as a monk and enlightened dharma of Buddha.

Phra PidTa

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A chubby Buddha with his hands covering his eyes is well-known as “Phra PidTa”, an icon of wealth in Thai belief. Idea of making Phra PidTa derives from “Phra Kawampati” or “Phra Sangkajjai” who was an enlightened disciple of Buddha. With image that looked very much like Buddha, Phra Kawampati transformed himself to a chubby monk so that people will not misunderstand him as Buddha and that became signature of Phra Kawampati or Phra Sangkajjai. Phra PidTa looks like Phra Sangkajjai, but is in a different posture; putting his hands on his eyes that implies an attempt to obtain calmness of mind by stopping seeing. Phra PidTa is praised as god of wealth. Whoever worships Phra PidTa will be successful in wealth and business.

Chu Chok

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There are many wealthy amulets in Thailand and Chu Chok is one of them. From Buddha story to the great amulet of wealth, Chu Chok has been said to excellently bring money and fruitful business to the owner.

The appearance of Chu Chok is usually an old man with long beard, a bun of hair like a Brahman, and a bent back. He does not wear the upper clothes. He is often seen with a walking stick and bag.

According to the story of Buddha, although Chu Chok was an old ugly beggar, he never lacked money because people who saw Chu Chok always had compassion for him and donated to him every time. That is why an image of Chu Chok is believed to magnetize money and draw people mercy very well. Also, the story says Chu Chok got a son and a daughter of Buddha and even a beautiful wife (daughter of a rich man). This description shows that Chu Chok is not common.

 Palad Khik

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Palad Khik’ is a well-known amulet in Thailand in shape of phallus that represents ‘Lord Shiva’ or the father of all human beings. Believed to provide great charm to the male and most outstandingly used for good business and windfalls.  Normally, Palad Khik is worn on a waist especially of a man, considered as magical charm for a wearer and it helps attract customers. However, for female owners, wearing Palad Khik sounds funny, so carrying along is recommended.

Rok Maew/ Look Krok Maew

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Rok Maew or Cat placenta is hard to get because mother cat usually eats it after giving birth to her baby. It is believed to help the owner lucky, do business well and easily gain people mercy and favor.

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Thai people believe Stillborn Offspring Cat or “Look Krok Maew” is powerful material that can bring good luck and wealth to owner. In fact, stillborn offspring cat is hard to find. Occultists say Look Krok Maew has no disadvantages to its owner. 

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