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How to Clean Buddha Image & Holy Statues by Yourself

Hello lovely readers, here we have good tips to share for cleaning Buddha image and holy statues bu yourself. As we know, there is dust in the air, so when placing Buddha image and holy statues for a long time may accumulate a lot of dust or the stain coming unexpectedly with statue. But this problem will be gone with our good tips. 

Let's do it!

1.    soft Sponge
2.    soft brush
3.    microfiber cloth

**Note: The equipment for cleaning Buddha image and holy statues should be used separately from other uses in order to be respect to Buddha and holy spirits.

We classify how to clean according to materials A. Powder, B. Stone, C. Metal.

A.    Powder Buddha Image and Holy Statues

This kind of material shouldn't get water because it may damage the skin of image. So, we recommend using the soft brush to dust off. While doing, please be careful and gently touch. 

B.    Stone Buddha Image and Holy Statues

This kind of material, first we dust off with soft brush and next wipe with a damp soft sponge and finally dry with microfiber cloth.

C.    Metal Buddha Image and Holy Statues

1) Equipment suitable for dusting, cleaning the Buddha image is a paint brush. Try to find a soft brush.

2) For Buddha images that are stained with stains. Use the shampoo mixed with water. Then use a cotton bud to rub the dirty area. After finished, bring the monk to wash the water again and dry the monk with microfiber cloth.

3) The Buddha that stains the candle is very easy to clean. Just bring the Buddha in the heat resistant container. Then pouring hot water and wait a moment, the candle will melt and be pushed to the water above the surface. Pour water out and pour hot water into the new one.  Do this many times until the candle has gone completely. Then dry with microfiber cloth.

Benefit when we see clean Buddha image will make us feel happy and think in good way like our mind is cleaned too. ^^ 

Last modified : 04 Feb 2019 - 11:15 AM (GMT+7:00)
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