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LP Ngern Wat Don-Yaihom - Legend of Invulnerability

LP Ngern Wat Don-Yaihom

Legend of Invulnerability

Hello everybody, today we're going to know why amulets from LP Ngern
Wat Don-Yaihom reputed for being invulnerable.

Part 1: LP Ngern on Pilgrimage

At year 5 of ordination, he started going on a pilgrimage with bare foot like the way of instructors in order to practice mindfulness and make good deeds to worship Buddha and conserve the Buddhism.
Once, LP Ngern walked into the military shooting range, Lopburi Province. At that time, soldiers were shooting. When knowing in the dangerous area, LP Ngern recalled the Buddha, Dharma and Monk or 'Rattanatrai',
kept praying "With Buddha's grace, if I had destiny to serve people in the future, may I be safe from the danger."
With his wish and merit, the bullets didn't touch his body; only narrowly missed. Then one soldier on a horse back asked him "Why did you come into military zone", "I haven't known this place dangerous before. When I came, I just realized. Anyway, I'm still safe. So, it is the luckiness of us both", LP Ngern simply answered.

Part 2: LP Ngern Stopped the Robbers

In 1936 during harvest season, the 7-8 farmers in Don-Yaihom Sub-district were kidnapped by robbers addressed himself as the Robbers from Mae Klong River zone: Suer Phan, Suer Fung, Suer Jian and Suer Yot. They asked for the ransom, 50 baht for each person if not those farmers were killed.
When the government knew, they ambushed and then violent assault between police and robbers. One of the police 'Muen Phajontorrapak' was shot and admitted in the hospital. 'Khun Chao Preecha Sueksakorn', one of the committee, Nakhon Pathom District announced to have people with martial art skills to fight against the robbers.
Before villagers went to fight the robbers, they all went to get holy water sprinkled from LP Ngern at the temple to collect their brave. With encouragement, villagers and police could overcome the robbers that one robber was killed. 

Part 3 : LP Ngern and the Snipping

In March 1959, LP Ngern was invited to Chiang Mai. He sat in a car of police officer Mr. Siri Kotchahiran. When the car reached Nakhon Sawan Province, the robbers saw and thought people in car coming to arrest them, so the robbers shot many times that car's front mirror and boiler were broken and damaged. 
People in the car couldn't believe their eyes because they saw LP Ngern still in calm posture and series of bullets couldn't leave any wounds on LP Ngern's body.
But unfortunately, when going back home, the robbers attacked again and there was a victim. Mrs. Arun was injured at armpit and admitted to hospital.
While nurses were supporting her to stand up, the bullet fell off from armpit, leaving only a burn on skin among eyes of nurses and doctors.   

Biography of LP Ngern:

Luang Pho Ngern was born B.E.2433 (C.E.1890) in NakhonPathom province. In 1910, LP was ordained as a monk with LP Huay who was abbot of Wat Don-Yaihom, NakhonPathom province. "JaNaSaWaNaNo" has been the Buddhist name of him but people called him LP "Ngern". Only 3 month LP Ngern could remember all recite parts of the Buddhist scripture. One year later, LP has knowledge of Vish (Peng Ga Sin) it is one of the ten objects for Buddhist meditation and introspection from his father who knowledge of Visha and magic. LP intended to learn until succeed subject according to his father teaches to give him. LP has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. After 5 years LP went or "Tudong" alone to north of Thailand for building up good/ Karma by 6 month.
After that LP came to Wat Don-Yaihom. LP has been developed the temple and help an abbot of this temple. Until an abbot passed away, people invited LP Ngern to become abbot of Wat Don-Yaihom. LP was one of the famous guru monks who have been created many famous amulets collectors. LP has deep knowledge of Visha and is highly respected in Thailand. His amulet is very famous in protection and wealth.
LP Ngern was passed away in B.E.2519 (C.E.1976).

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