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Phra Groo: The Ancient Buddha Amulets in Thailand


Phra Groo is a name of ancient Buddha amulets in Thailand usually more than 100 years old. Phra Groo amulets were made by Thai guru monks in ancient time to give people as a protective talisman from dangers. The material of Phra Groo can be earth or metal substance.

Phra Groo amulets were important. The monks would keep the amulets well in a safe place for example in the underground chamber or under the pagoda and Buddha statue in order to prevent stealing.

When time passed, those amulets were found by a monk in the temple or sometimes by people working in the related site of amulets.

>> These are some popular Phra Groo amulets in Thailand:

1.    Phra Groo of Wat Bang Gra-ting, Ayutthaya Province

2.    Phra Groo of Wat Krachai, Ayutthaya Province

3.    Phra Groo of Wat Chanasongkram, Bangkok

>> Let's see in details of each one:

Marnvichai style 
 Samathi style

1.    Phra Groo amulets of Wat Bang Gra-ting, Ayutthaya Province were created around 2300 in Ayutthaya Era. Found under Buddha statue and pagoda in the temple. Made of baked clay in 2 styles 'Marnvichai' and 'Samathi'. Samathi style is more popular than Marnvichai style because it was made a small amount. Phra Groo amulets of this temple are famous for invulnerability and Metta; type of mercy and kindness.

2.    Phra Groo amulets of Wat Krachai, Ayutthaya Province were created in the reign of King Ekathotsarot of Ayutthaya. Made of baked clay. In art of 'Marvichai' and 'Samathi'. These ancient Buddha amulets have been reputed for great protection, career progression and wealth. Some people had proved the power of amulets with a gun and the result was that the bullets didn't come out!! Some worshipers also got a promotion in their careers especially government officers.

Phra Kon Samor
Phra Song Thoed
 Phra Soom Thaowan

3.    Phra Groo amulets of Wat Chanasongkram, Bangkok were found in time of abbot 'Luangpho Thongsuk', 1953. The earth amulets came out from the inside of the cracking cement pagoda. There are different styles of amulets such as 'Phra Kon Samor' like Ayutthaya, 'Phra Song Thoed', 'Phra Soom Thaowan', etc. Assumed to be created in the reign of King Rama I of Rattanakosin.

See more Phra Groo amulets, click.

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