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Name:  2518 B.E. PidTa Maha Saney Gesorn (Pollen) Powder Immersed Holy Water

From: LP Toh, Wat Pra Doo Chim Plee, Bangkok

Year: 2518 B.E. (1975 C.E.)

Origin: Thailand

Material: This amulet is created from great blessed pollen powder from LP Toh. Moreover, LP Toh immersed amulet in the holy water for a period of time to increase the power.

Present: backside of amulet engraved with LP Toh name and temple name.

Purpose of making: to earn donations for developing and restoring the temple.

Ceremony: LP Toh spelt holy mantra and spread his meditation energy to the amulet in the Ubosot of Wat Pradoo Chim Plee.

Power:  Phra PidTa of LP Toh is very well-known among collectors in Thailand and also Asians because the amulet can help worshiper to be wealthy, prosperous in business, gain lots of Metta (people kindness) and also safe from dangers, spirits and bad things.

Biography of LP Toh:
Luangpu Toh or Phraraj Sangwaraphimon (27 March 1887- 5 March 1981) was a past abbot of Wat Pra Doo Chim Plee in Bangkok. LP Toh was an admirable guru monk whom Thai Buddhists have faith in. His Majesty the King Bhumibol also has faith in LP Toh. When LP Toh was alive, the king visited LP Toh at the temple many times. LP Toh was famous for his sacred amulets which worshippers experienced wonderful events. The amulets were so holy that they became the top ranked by amulet gurus.

LP Toh was born on 27 March 1887 C.E. in the reign of King Rama V. He got ordained as a Buddhist monk at Wat Pra Doo Chim Plee at age 20 in 1907 C.E.  He became an abbot of Wat Pra Doo Chim Plee in 1913 C.E.

After ordination, LP Toh set his heart on dharma of Buddha and meditation. He set off on a monk journey (Thai: Tudong) with aim of mysticism.  LP Toh met many experienced guru monks and learnt contemplation and Mantra from them. LP Toh was contemporary with superb past monks for example:

1. LP Sod of Wat Pak Nam (Phasicharoen District, Bangkok)
2. LP Chaeng of Wat Bang Pang (Nonthaburi Province)
3. LP Klaii of Wat Hong Rattanaram Ratchaworawihan (Bangkok)

LP Toh calmly passed away on 5 March 1981 C.E. at age 93 and for 73 years in monkhood. The funeral was deservedly held and the king exclusively came to the funeral.

**Real Experience: Luangpu Toh was a famous guru monk and his amulets are famous too. His previous amulets are well-known among worshipers such as Phra PidTa Maha Larp holy powder that is now up to ten thousand until million baht with manifested miracles in good luck and wealth and also amulets with LP Toh image that could save many people's lives from dangers and edges.

- Mr. Chaichana, a police officer always wears LP Toh amulet. "I do believe in LP Toh. I always carry LP Toh amulet when going on duty that makes me feel more secure because according to my job I can be in danger all the time. Sometimes when I am solving cases, I find difficulties, but when I think of LP Toh, then everything turns successful", said Mr. Chaichana.

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