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PGOPZ187 : Butterfly Amulet (Wing) (KB Kritsana, Thai amulet)
with Katha: BT_KBKritsana
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Size 4 cm x 6.3 cm
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Importance for buyer! You have to know the truth!

Now there are many Kruba Kritsana’s amulet style in Thai market. Some of amulet didn’t make and paint by Kruba Kritsana. This is because some disciple request for making amulet in Kruba Kritsana. As a result, there are many amulets selling at very cheap price!!! Thais call “Fake amulet”. Don’t wear the fake amulet because it reduces your power and enhance negative impact to your life.

Regarding to the amulets, we bought every pieces from this temple only. Every of our items painted by Kruba Kristina himself, not other people or disciple. The work is more refined and great details color!!

Name : Butterfly

From : Phra Kruba Kritsana

Material : Sacred mixture of flowers and herbs.

Size : 3 cms x 5 cms
(With Nickle Casing : 4 cms x 6.3 cms)

For decades, Kruba Kritsana of Wat Pa Mahawan, Nakhon Ratchasima province was born in 1st August 1954. He was ordained as monk in 27th October 1979.
He has been becomes a monk under Phra KruBa Pu who has been very well-known in North of Thailand and he followed Phra KruBa Pu on Tudong to Cambodia and Laos. Kruba Kritsana spent 10 year studying Buddhist holy texts and practiced meditation in the forests located in NE Thailand. Kruba Kritsana is one of the best-known in present day who is a guru master of unique amulet style.

We would like to recommend Kruba Kristina’s all amulets because Thais respect Kruba Kritsana and believe in his amulet that can help the owner to secure good fortune in business and protect form evil and any bad things.
Power amulet! Facilities were built along with a pond of water. Kruba Kritsana used the earth from excavated pond to make this amulet as a sacred object of worship blessed by Kruba himself. In 2532, Kruba dwelt in a cave above the Moonbon Dam in Khonburi. After 3 years the local local people became aware of a great monk that was residing in the area and requested that he move back to the forest and construct a new temple, Wat Pa Mahawan.

The Butterfly represents God and Goddess: Lord Shiva that is at the right side and Devi Uma are at the left side. Kruba Kritsana has been studied the art of making this efficacious amulet from India.

This amulet is part of the fifty two anniversary year of Kruba Krissana in 1st August 2005. This amulet style Kruba Kritasna built and blessed properly only 99 statues.

On the front have 11 Blue-Gemstones and beautiful Butterfly in Roman style.
On the back have 8 Red-Gemstones with tiny Butterfly in shape of octagon has powerful in protecting the owner from evil forces, bad magic and promising business success.

Kruba once said that any gemstones couldn’t be use except those which have been blessed and cleaned of any impure energy. Thai People believe that Blue-Gemstones can be making the owner having good judgment and increase ability to make wise decisions. Also, Red-Gemstones are able to stimulate energy of the owner.

People believe Kruba Kristina’s amulet has powerful in protecting the owner from evil, obtain luck and success. Good grounding and meditative properties. Excellent for business.

Copyright (c) 2006, All rights reserved.