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Black magic is a common concept that transcends national borders and religious beliefs. In Thailand, for instance, black magic is an integral part of local culture and spirituality. The country has a rich tradition of using talismans and charms to ward off evil spirits, attract good fortune, and protect oneself from harm. In this article, we will delve into the world of Thai black magic and explore the various talismans and charms that are believed to possess magical powers.

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PDMAD5340R : Protection Phra Somdej Ayu 89 LP Te in Stainless Steel Casing (LP Te, Wat Sam Ngam, Nakhon Pathom Province)
with Katha: LPTe_WatSamNgam
Stock Status Out of Stock   
Size 2.5 x 4 cm


100% Authentic from the Temple

Name: Phra Somdej Ayu 89 (last batch blessed for 8 years) encased in a stainless steel casing

- Back side has LP Te's face.
- The last batch
- LP Te intensively blessed for 8 years.

Size: 2.5 x 4 cm

Material:the powder made by LP Te from writing Yants mixed with hairs of LP Te

From: LP Te, Wat Sam Ngam, Nakhon Pathom Province

Origin: Thailand

Name: "Roon Chalong Ayu 89 Pi"

Year: BE2516 (CE1973)

Consecration: LP Te properly consecrated this amulet by himself.

Power: LP Te's amulets are energetic and can bring good luck, wealth and protection. Whoever worships LP Te's amulets will do business well, be lucky, successful and safe from accidents, weapons and bad things.

The Biography of LP Te :
LP Te was born on 15 September 1891 at Nakhon Pathom Province. From the age of seven years he was stayed with his Uncle Daeng, who was a monk at Wat Gahlong in Samutsakorn Province, where LP Te first started to study knowledge of Dhamma. At the age of 10 he returned with Luang Por Daeng to their home village, to construct a new temple 20KM south at Tambon Don Pusah. In 1904, the newly built temple was moved from Tambon Don Pusah to Tambon Sam Nagm, and the temple was known as Wat Sam Nagm.
LP Te was novice at the age of 15 for studying Dharma and magic under his uncle until the age of 20 when he was finally ordained as a monk. LP Te eventually was to become the close disciple of LP Tah, of Wat Panaengtak who was knowledge of Dhamma and Sammahdti. LP Te would accompany his Master whenever he went Tudung, until such time that LP Te had gained sufficient experience to go alone. After LP Tah passed away, LP Te had learned such art from LP Chaem of Wat Takong and also an unnamed monk from Cambodia.

LP Te was well known for making 'Guman Thong'. The first temples in Thailand to make 'Guman Thong' were Wat Sahm Ngahm and Wat Takong. He passed away on 25 December 1981 at the age of 90.

This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted. When having an order, can buy a Holy Gift at special price. Click on the link:

Amulets by LP Te, Wat Sam Ngam, Nakhon Pathom Province

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HOT DEAL - Excellent Protection: Phra Somdej by LP Te
with Katha LPTe_WatSamNgam

LP Te, Wat Sam Ngam, Nakhon Pathom Province

product detail / customize add to cart $84.99
Protection, Business 2519 BE Rian Lor Nur Nawa LP Te
with Katha LPTe_WatSamNgam

LP Te, Wat Sam Ngam, Nakhon Pathom Province

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