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PBUPZ7798R : Rare Collection B.E.2480 Phra Somdej holy powder amulet – Do not miss (LP Ophasi, Wat Bang Mod, Bangkok)
with Katha: Buddha_LPOphasi
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Great Powerful Buddha amulet from respectable monk

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: B.E.2480 Phra Somdej holy powder amulet

From: LP Ophasi, Wat Bang Mod, Bangkok

Year: B.E.2480 (C.E.1937)

Material: this powerful Buddha amulet created from powder of 108 herbs mixed with ashes from property that he burned.

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for Making: LP Ophasi would like to give the amulet for help people from dangerous and bad.

Ceremony: LP Ophasi created and strongly blessed Phra Somdej amulet with special magic.

Powerful: Phra Somdej amulet by LP Ophasi has many great powers such as protect worshiper from dangerous, weapons and problem. Moreover, this powerful Buddha amulet is very good in wealth and good business.

Presented: in the back of Buddha amulet has King Rama V symbol to increase powerful.

The Biography of LP Ophasi:
LP Ophasi was born in C.E.1898 when he finished high school, he was ordained as Buddhist novice at Wat Poh, Nakhon Srithammarat province. After that, he went to Bangkok to study Buddha’s teaching at Wat Bawon. LP Ophasi is one of great monk in Thailand that there are many wonderful stories from his amulets. LP Ophasi is the unambitious monk that when LP Ophasi got money, he will throw it in fire. LP Ophasi passed away in 31 October C.E.1955 but his corpse doesn’t decompose. Nowadays, the amulets of LP Ophasi are popular in Thailand.

The last wonderful story of LP Ophasi happened before LP Ophasi passed away in few days. Buddhism associate in India invited LP Ophasi to join meeting in India. When LP Baoeung knew the news, he requested LP Ophasi to go together but LP Ophasi denied and said he will go with out passport. In the morning of 31 October C.E.1955, Mr. Yee E Earth who is officer of Buddhism associate in India saw LP Ophasi’s face above his head and when the noon there was somebody told him that LP Ophasi waited to meet him. Mr. Yee E Earth was amazed that how to LP Ophasi came and why didn’t inform him before. However, Mr. Yee E Earth told LP Ophasi to wait a minute, he had to take something in his room, before brought LP Ophasi to associate but when he went out his room while he went to his room, he had got telegraph from Thailand that informed LP Ophasi passed away on morning of 31 October C.E.1955. After Mr. Yee E Earth read the message, he cried with sadness.

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