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PBUPZ7469 : Wealth collection B.E.2497 Phra Somdej Ket Mongkol in popular imprint – First Batch (LP Toon, Wat PoNiMit, Bangkok )
with Katha: SD_Master
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Size 1.8 cm x 2.9 cm
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The best powerful amulet of wealth and protection

100% Authentic from temple

Name: B.E.2497 Phra Somdej Ket Mongkol in popular imprint

From: LP Toon, Wat PoNiMit, Bangkok

Year: B.E.2495 (C.E.1952)

Material: LP Toon created Phra Somdej Ket Mongkol amulet from many holy materials such as
1. Holy powder from LP Sook of Wat Pakkhlong Makhamthao that LP Toon took from “Somdej Phra Phutthajarn Nuam” of Wat Anong.
2. Hair from “Somdej Phra Phutthajarn Nuam” of Wat Anong
3. Holy powder from LP Sodh of Wat Pak Nam.
4. Powder from Phra Somdej amulets of Wat Rakhang
5. Powder of sharpen from old amulet of Wat Kru Chumnoomsong
6. Powder of sharpen from old amulet of Wat Ratchaburana
7. Powder of sharpen from Phra Kring amulet of Chao Khun Son’s Wat Suthat
8. Powder of sharpen from Buddha amulet in 25 centuries of Phutthamonthon Buddhist place.
9. Magical paper that wrote 108 Yants
10. Soils from 4 grand holy Buddhism in India
11. 108 herbs
12. Holy powders such as “Phong Itthijay”, “Phong Patthamang”, “Phong Maharaj” and other.

Size: 1.8 cm x 2.9 cm

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for making: LP Toon would like to donate the money from amulet to restore the crematory at the temple.

Ceremony: LP Toon strongly blessed Phra Somdej Ket Mongkol amulet with top monks such as “LP Toh of Wat Praduchimplee”, “LP Send of Wat Kanlaya”, “LP Saa of Wat Ratchanatda”, “LP Thit of Wat Palaylai” and other on “Sao Ha” day that is auspicious day to bless.

Powerful: Phra Somdej Ket Mongkol amulet by LP Toon has many great powers such as protect worshiper from dangerous, accident and weapon. By the way, Phra Somdej Ket Mongkol amulet can bring wealth, progression and good fortune to worshiper.

Presented: in the back of Buddha amulet has holy Yant to increase power. Moreover, this powerful Buddha amulet in popular imprint that call Ket Khu imprint.

Biography of LP Toon:
LP Toon was an aboot of Wat PoNiMit. He was close disciple of Somdej Phuttajarn Nuam of Wat Anong. LP was one of excellent guru monk in meditation. LP was one of long live guru monk. In B.E.2482-83, Somdej Phuttajarn Nuam of Wat Anong had called LP Toon and gave superb powders. This superb powder was powder which Somdej Phuttajarn Nuam had collected from many famous guru monks such as LP Sook, Wat MaKhamTao.
Moreover, LP Toon had collected (IttiJay) superb powders from LP Sod, Wat PakNam.

LP Toon passed away on 25 May C.E.1992.

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