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PBUPZ7441R : Rare collection Somdej Toh Golden amulet – 118 yesars of Somdej Toh Batch (Wat Rakhang khositraram Woramahavihara (Wat Rakhang), Bangkok)
with Katha: CH_LPToh_New
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Great powerful amulet from top temple of Thailand

100% Authentic from temple

Name: Somdej Toh Golden amulet

Batch: 118 yesars of Somdej Toh

Origin: Thailand

From: Wat Rakhang khositraram Woramahavihara (Wat Rakhang), Bangkok

Year: B.E.2533 (C.E.1990)

Material: This Somdej Toh amulet created from real gold.

Serial number: 33

Purpose for making: Donate the money from amulet to develop and restore poor temples in Thailand.

Ceremony: there were 118 top monks around Thailand joined to bless at Buddhist of Wat Rakhang on auspicious day or 22 June 1990 such as
1. LP Pern of Wat Bang Phra, Nakhon Phathom province
2. LP Wiwian of Wat Duang Khae, Bangkok
3. LP Pae of Wat Pikul Thong, Singburi province
4. LP Cham of Wat Don Yaihom, Nakhon Phathom province
5. LP Tim of Wat Phra Khaow, Ayutthaya province
6. Other

Power: People believe Somdej Toh amulet can protect them from danger, enemies, weapon, harm and bad things. Moreover, there is the superb power about bringing the great success, progress and great happiness to the worshiper.

Presented: this amulet comes with temple box.

Biography of LP Toh:
LP Toh Promarungsri is a venerable person in Buddhism. LP Toh was born in 1776 at North of Thailand. From the age of seven years old, he became novice and stayed with LP Dang of at Wat GetChaiYo, Ang Thong province. At the age of ten, he went to Bangkok for studying knowledge of Dhamma. He was as a monk at wat Ta Krai in Pissanulok province. During the era of King Rama V, he was an abbot of wat Rakhang. LP Toh performed many miracles and dedicated his life for spreading Buddhism. He is one of top 10 guru monks of Thailand. He was the first monk who created style of Phra Somdej in Thailand and popular for his knowledge in both holy Dharma and Visha (magic). LP Toh has passed away at the age of 84 year old in 1872. In the year 1830, LP Toh went also called “Tudong” in the deep jungle alone to border of Thailand Lao and Cambodian by 25 years old. Tudong is monk’s journey togain knowledge to build up good karma and to know the teaching of Buddha.

History of Wat Rakhangkhositraram:
Wat Rakhangkhositraram Woramahavihara (Wat Rakhang) is situated on the Thonburi side, opposite Tha Chang Wang Luang Pier. Wat Rakhangkhositraram was originally called Wat Bang Wa Yai and was an ancient temple built during the Ayutthaya Period. King Taksin raised its status to that of a royal temple and had it used as the side of a Buddhist council to recompile the tripikata. In the First Reign , an ancient bell was discovered on the temple grounds and since that time the temple has been know as Wat Rakhang, or the Temple of the Bell. King Rama I have the bell, which has good tone, removed to the Wat Phrasrirattana Sassadaram.
The important buildings include the Golden Palace, where King Taksin and the Supreme Patriarch (Sri) resided, and the phra ubosot and tripitaka tower built in the First Reign and decorated with murals.

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