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PBUPZ7187R : Rare collection B.E.2460 Phra Chaiwat holy metal amulet – The best powerful amulet (LP Iam, Wat Nang, Bangkok)
with Katha: Buddha_LPIem
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Do not miss good occasion to worship real powerful amulet

100% Authentic from temple

Name: B.E.2460 Phra Chaiwat holy metal amulet

From: LP Iam, Wat Nang, Bangkok

Material: this powerful Buddha amulet created from many holy metals such as Yant sheets that LP Iam wrote holy Yant by himself.

Purpose for making: LP Iam would like to donate the money from amulet to Wat Apsorn Sawan for restore and develop the temple.

Year: around B.E.2460 (C.E.1917)

Origin: Thailand

Ceremony: LP Iam was chairman in ceremony blessing that he strongly blessed for long time.

Powerful: B.E.2460 Phra Chaiwat holy metal amulet by LP Iam is one of powerful amulet in Thailand that is good for protection and help worshiper from dangerous, accident and weapon. By the way, this powerful Buddha amulet is good for success and progression.

Biography of LP Iam from Wat Nang:

“Phra Phaowanakosol” or LP Iam from Wat Nang was top monk in King Rama V’s reign. LP Iam was born in 5 October B.E.2375 (C.E.1832) at Bang Khun Tain district, Bangkok. In B.E.2387 (C.E.1844) his parents brought LP Iam to study Buddha’s teaching at Wat Nang. LP Iam studied at Wat Nang until B.E.2397 (C.E.1854) then was ordained at Wat Ratcha Orot. After ordination, LP Iam went to Wat Nang Nong to study magic and meditation with LP Rod who was magical expert in the past. LP Iam hard studied the magic from LP Rod until he was close disciple of LP Rod. In the end of King Rama IV’s reign, LP Rod was demoted from abbot to be general monk. After that, LP Rod went to live at Wat Khonon with LP Iam. LP Iam served LP Rod until LP Rod passed away then LP Iam was the abbot of Wat Khonon instead LP Rod. In B.E.2411 (C.E.1898), King Rama V appointed LP Iam to be “Phra Phaowanakosol” (clerical title monk) and the abbot of Wat Nang. LP Iam was the abbot of Wat Nang about 27 years and passed away in 26 April B.E.2469 (C.E.1926) while he was 94 years old.
The amulets of LP Iam are very popular in Thailand such as “Phra Pidta Yant Yung”, “Rian LP Iam Lang Yant Sie”, “Rian LP Iam Lang Yant Ha” and other.

There are many miracle stories of LP Iam such as when King Rama V should go to visit in Europe, he went to respect LP Iam before visited Europe. LP Iam foretold King Rama V to caution the harm from sea and the animal that has four legs. LP Iam gave “Pha Yant” (magic cloth) with special katha that LP Aim said “when the king live in trouble from sea, take Pha Yant to prow of a ship and recite katha then wave Pha Yant and will safe”. The second harm happened when King Rama V visited France. The president of France “Félix François” had plan to harm King Rama V because in that time Thailand and France has problem with border. The agency of France beg King Rama V shown to ride the horse but it was fling and throw horse, it ever killed grooms. The agency intended to abandon the horse to harm the king but King Rama V took the grass to hold in his hand then recite with special magic that LP Iam gave him before travelling. After that, he fed the grass to horse then the horse changed to domesticated horse that King Rama V can ride and control the horse. The katha that King Rama V recited is “katha Itipiso Ruen Taie” or “Mongkut Phra Phuttha Chao” that following:

“Itipiso – Wi Se Se I – I Se Se – Phut Tha Na Me I – I Me Na – Phuttha Tang So I – I So Tang – Phuttha Pi Ti I”

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