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Accessories, Thai amulet

Accessories, Thai amulet

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Auspicious Amulet
Wat Phang Thia, Songkhla Province

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Wat Phang Thia, Songkhla Province , Roon Patihan Tai Romyen, close order on Friday 19 September 2014

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PBUPZ3803 : Very Auspicious Phra Leela Amulet by LP Nam Tao Tong (LP Nam Tao Tong, Wat Tamma Panya, Nakonnayok Province )
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Size 1.2 cm x 3.3 cm
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Subtotal 29.99 USD


Beautiful Buddha Amulet with Real Holiness

100% Authentic Guarantee from Temple

Name: Phra Leela Amulet

From: LP Nam Tao Tong, Wat Tamma Panya, Nakonnayok Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E. 2555 (C.E. 2012)

Material: holy soil

Size: 1.2 cm x 3.3 cm

Purpose of Making: LP Nam Tao would like to make money for developing and restoring Wat Tamma Panya.

Ceremony: LP Nam Tao Tong intensively blessed this Buddha amulet by himself at Wat Tamma Panya on the auspicious date and time.

Power: Phra Leela is very auspicious and gives many good effects to the worshipper. Whoever worships Phra Leela will always have good things and good luck in life. The worshipper will be prosperous and wealthy more and more. That means people who have bad fortune should have Phra Leela because the auspicious power of Phra Leela can change bad fortune to good fortune. Moreover, business owners should own Phra Leela because this holy Buddha amulet will make the business progress. People who worship Phra Leela will be millionaires soon.

Information about LP Nam Tao Tong, Wat Tamma Panya, Nakonnayok Province:
LP Nam Tao Tong is an abbot of Wat Tamma Panya in Nakonnayok Province. He has a lot of magical knowledge and is highly respected by many people in Bangkok, Nakonnayok Province and other provinces. He is very good at prediction. He tells people’s fortune accurately without fee. He also tells right numbers of lottery free for people who really need money. His amulets are powerful bringing good luck and money. He likes to hold merit events that people can take part of because he wants people to gain merit fully. Today, many people visit him every day to ask him to tell their fortune, get some amulets and make merit. Those people have better finances and can pay for debts.

***We would like to recommend amulets by LP Nam Tao Tong that can help the owner to secure good fortune in business and protect from inauspicious things.

Information about Wat Tamma Panya:
Wat Tamma Panya is located in Nakonnayok Province. This temple is good to come. In the chapel, there is the big Buddha statue called "Luang Por Sao Ha” that is very holy. Many people who pay respect to and make a wish to this Buddha statue are fulfilled in what they wish.

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