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PBUOS166 : Charm collection Set of Phra Khun Paen Klueb amulet – Only 658 sets (LP Huan Wat Phutthaisawan, Ayuthaya province) 泰国佛牌
with Katha: KP_Master
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Size 2.6 cm x 4.6 cm
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The best amulet of Metta Maha Saney


Name: Set of Phra Khun Paen Klueb amulet

Batch: Great wealth

From: LP Huan Wat Phutthaisawan, Ayuthaya province

Material: LP Huan created these Phra Khun Paen amulets from many holy soils mixed with herb and powders.

Origin: Thailand

Year: C.E. 2011 (B.E.2554)

Amount: 658 sets

Code: 346

Size: big imprint is 2.6 cm x 4.6 cm, medium imprint is 2.3 cm x 4.3 cm and small imprint is 1.5 cm x2.8 cm

Purpose for making: The temple created these amulets for rebuild a new Sermon Hall of this temple and offer medical device to hospital.

Ceremony: Sacrifice ceremony on Friday 18th March 2011 (B.E.2554) Time 13.39.
This ceremony was smelt Nam Phi iron, cast Phra Kring and Phra Chaiwat amulets and press holy mass for create Khun Paen by Khu Yen who LP Tim have ever given the knowledge of Visha( Magic Subject) at Phra BoromRachaNusawari Har Phraong. And Friday 13rd May B.E. 2554 Time 13.39 LP Huan and Phra AJ Chot strong blessed and did the ceremony at Ubosot. For this batch LP Huan use the 6 kinds of sacred mass to do amulets: there are LP’s hair, 108 slates, Paya Lek, ancient roof tile and nails of Stupa which age 658 years old and Buddha images from Ayuttaya Period

Power: Phra Khun Paen Klueb amulet is one of well known about make worshiper to be more charm, attractive, kindness and Metta.

Presented: there are 3 Phra Khun Paen amulets in this set.

Biography of LP Huan:
Luang Pu Huan is well-known and popular for his knowledge in Visha (supernatural arts).This amulet blessed properly by LP Huan. People believe this amulet can help the owner to secure good fortune in life.

History of Wat Phutthaisawan
This temple is located to the south of the river bank opposite the city island. Constructed in the area where King U-Thong and his subjects first migrated in order to establish the new town, it was formerly known as "Wiang Lek" named after the royal palace of King U-Thong. The most distinctive feature of this temple is the great principal Buddha image cast in the early Ayutthaya style.

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