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The Fascinating Thai Amulets to Prevent Black Magic
Black magic is a common concept that transcends national borders and religious beliefs. In Thailand, for instance, black magic is an integral part of local culture and spirituality. The country has a rich tradition of using talismans and charms to ward off evil spirits, attract good fortune, and protect oneself from harm. In this article, we will delve into the world of Thai black magic and explore the various talismans and charms that are believed to possess magical powers.

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AUSHG03 : Selected Amulets in Frame: Powerful Protection & Harm Avoidance (Auspicious Home Decors & Gifts)
with Katha: KBBaeng, Charm_Master, TK_LPThongwan_NgiwDam
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(1 left in stock)
Size Frame 14 x 17 cm
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Dear Customers,

If you have amulets in your mind and want to arrange in wooden frame, feel free and let us know at

Name: Selected Amulets in Frame: Powerful Protection & Harm Avoidance

We are thrilled to introduce you to this extraordinary collection of three rare and powerful amulets, each imbued with its own distinct properties and benefits. These sacred relics have been meticulously consecrated by renowned Buddhist monks, who have infused them with the essence of ancient wisdom and spiritual power. For centuries, these amulets have been revered for their ability to offer protection, ward off harm, and even attract fortune and wealth.

Within this sacred circle of discovery, we invite you to explore the mysteries of these three extraordinary amulets, each one a testament to the enduring legacy of Buddhist wisdom. As you journey through this collection, you will uncover the secrets of:

1. All about Love: Takrut Saneh Koo Rak

From: AJ Dam Ban Pong (Pupil of AJ Meng), Ratchaburi Province
Year:2566 BE (2023 CE)
Material:metal, a holy mass
Quantity Built: only 188 pcs
Size: 1.2 x 4 cm
Katha: Charm_Master.MP3

This metal Takrut, created in 2023 CE by AJ Dam Ban Pong, is said to inspire, improve, and enhance love and relationships for couples and singles alike. Only 188 pieces were made, making it a rare and valuable amulet.

2. Make People Obey: Takrut Maha Rangap Prap Hongsa

From: KB Baeng, Wat Ban Tanod, Nakhon Ratchasima Province
Year: 2566 BE (2023 CE)
Material:metal masked with Wan 108 and magic powder and coated with liquid gold
Quantity Built: 500 pcs.
Serial number:124
Size: 1 x 12.5 cm
Katha: KBBaeng.MP3

This metal Takrut, created in 2023 CE by KB Baeng of Wat Ban Tanod, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, is believed to possess powers of protection from harm and the ability to make people obey easily. The amulet is made from metal masked with Wan 108 and magic powder, coated with liquid gold. Only 500 pieces were made, with serial number 124.

3. Fortunate & Wealthy Pure Silver Wrap Takrut Phaya Ngiw Dam

From: LP Thongwan, Wat Pohkam, Ubon Ratchathani Province
Year: BE2564 (CE2021)
Material:Mai Ngiw Dam (holy wood)wrapped with pure silver sheet
Quantity Built: 299 pcs
Size: 2.5 x 0.8 cm
Katha: TK_LPThongwan_NgiwDam.mp3

This amulet, created in 2021 CE by LP Thongwan of Wat Pohkam, Ubon Ratchathani Province, is said to bring fortune and wealth to its owner. The amulet is made from Mai Ngiw Dam (holy wood) wrapped with pure silver sheet. Only 299 pieces were made.

These amulets are not only beautiful pieces of art but also powerful tools for spiritual protection and enhancement. They are believed to possess the energy of their creators, who were renowned Buddhist monks known for their magical abilities and spiritual power.

Frame Details:
* Made from high-quality wood
* Features a sturdy stand for display on table or altar
* Allows amulets to radiate their energies outward, filling surroundings with positive vibrations

The amulets are arranged in a wooden frame with a stand that can be placed on a desk or altar. By displaying these amulets in the frame, you can harness their combined energies to attract financial abundance and success.

This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted. When having an order, can buy a Holy Gift at special price. Click on the link:

Amulets by Auspicious Home Decors & Gifts

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product detail / customize add to cart $39.97
Selected Amulets in Frame: Great Authority & Blockage on Black Magic
with Katha TK_Master, BG_LPCharoen, LPIm_WatThungNaMai

Auspicious Home Decors & Gifts

product detail / customize add to cart $51.97
Selected Amulets in Frame: Cheerful Heart, Love, Romance & Charming
with Katha KBKhampeng , NaAokTaek_AJAui, TK_KBNoy_ManeeChot

Auspicious Home Decors & Gifts

product detail / customize add to cart $53.97
Selected Amulets in Frame: Powerful Protection & Harm Avoidance
with Katha KBBaeng, Charm_Master, TK_LPThongwan_NgiwDam

Auspicious Home Decors & Gifts

product detail / customize add to cart $37.97
Selected Amulets in Frame: Attract Money, Wealthy Business, Effortless Financial Gain
with Katha KBKhampeng , PaeRongSee-FahPrathan, LPIm_WatThungNaMai

Auspicious Home Decors & Gifts

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