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Wat Chang, Ayutthaya **Protection & Prosperity

LP Charn, Wat Bang Bor, Samut Prakan **Great Protection

No.1345: LP Nujan **Help & Protect

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No.10: Handmade Braided Waist Rope

No.11: Nice Coconut Shell & Natural Material Accessories

No.12: Auspicious Picture Collection**Good Decor

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No.1346: Wat SaTue **Protection & Auspiciousness
No. 1346

Wat SaTue, Ayutthaya Province

No.1345: LP Nujan **Help & Protect
No. 1345

LP Nujan, Wat Ban See Kaeo, Roi Et Province

No.1344: Occult Collection **Charm, Luck, Money, etc.
No. 1344

Occult Talismans from Various Masters & Monks
No.1343: LP Laem **More Magical Favors!!
No. 1343

LP Laem, Wat Pa Yang, Phetchabun Province

No.1342: Wat Phra Bat Bang Faen **lucky, charming & kindness
No. 1342

Wat Phra Bat Bang Faen, Chiang Mai Province

No.1341: LP Jan **Lots of Beneficial Powers!
No. 1341

LP Jan, Wat Ban Jaeng, Roi Et Province
No.1340: LP Amnat **Brings More Ease to Life!
No. 1340

LP Amnat, Wat Ku Bang Luang, Pathum Thani Province
No.1339: Powerful Collection **Charm-Wealth-Protect
No. 1339

Powerful Amulets from Various Gurus

No.1338: Wat Bangphra **Good Luck & Protection
No. 1338

Wat Bangphra, Nakhon Pathom Province

No.1337: LP Denchai **Charm & Kindness
No. 1337

LP Denchai, Wat Tak Fah, Sa Kaeo Province

No.1336: LP UdomSarp **Good Luck & Wealth
No. 1336

LP UdomSarp, Wat Weruwan Thammawihan, Sisaket Province
No.1335: LP Joy **Stability & Prosperity
No. 1335

LP Joy, Wat Non Thai, Nakhon Ratchasima Province
No.1334: KB Or ** auspicious, peaceful, protective & lucky
No. 1334

KB Or, Wat Phra That Doi Jomvae, Chiang Mai Province
No.1333: AJ Kan Sapparer **Wealth, Charm, Love & Security
No. 1333

AJ Kan Sapparer

No.1332: Wat Avutvikasitaram **Great Luck & Wealth
No. 1332

Wat Avutvikasitaram, Bangkok
No.1331: Wat Kiriwan **Good luck & Prosperity
No. 1331

Wat Kiriwan, Nakhon Ratchasima Province
No.1330: LP Thar **Wealth, Charm & Good Luck
No. 1330

LP Thar, Wat Pah Tosapon Mungkalaram, Roi Et Province
No.1325: LP Thub + LP Thongsapab **Wonderful Charm, Luck & Protect
No. 1325

1. LP Thub, Wat Lad Namkhow, Suphanburi Province
2. LP Thongsapab, Wat Kor Tha, Lamphun Province

No.1324: Wat Dong Makuea **Good Luck & Auspiciousness
No. 1324

Wat Dong Makuea, Saraburi Province

No.1323: Wat PhraSriRattanaMahathat **Supreme Auspice of Life
No. 1323

Wat PhraSriRattanaMahathat, Phitsanulok Province
No.1322: Lersi Kam HongNgoen **Protection, Love, Charm & Good Luck
No. 1322

Lersi Kam HongNgoen
No.1321: LP Ong **Wealth, Good Luck & Protection
No. 1321

LP Ong, Thitadhammo Monastery, Ubon Ratchathani Province
No.1320: Wat Phra Borommathat Nakhon Chum **Good Luck, Wealth & Protection
No. 1320

Wat Phra Borommathat Nakhon Chum, Kamphaeng Phet Province 
No.1319: Wat Awutvikasitaram **Full of Miracles
No. 1319

Wat Awutvikasitaram, Bangkok **Collection of Nun Boonruean**
No.1318: AJ Tong **Love, Charm, Luck & Protection
No. 1318

AJ Tong, Samnak Phutthakhunyantlanan, Lamphun Province
No.1317: AJ Auan **Charm, Love, Luck & Protection

AJ Auan, Thailand
No.1316: KB Chai **Powerful Protection, Wealth & Charm
No. 1316

KB Chai, Good Nam Kam Monastery, Amnat Charoen Province
No.1315: LP Suphap **Protect & Support Destiny
No. 1315

LP Suphap, Wat Tham Ngu Lueam, Khon Kaen Province
No.1314: Wat Chumpolnigayaram **Powerful Harm Protection
No. 1314

Wat Chumpolnigayaram, Ayutthaya Province Batch: Luangpu Thuad Fah Kamram (Thunder LP Thuad)
No.1166(2): LP Leng **Miraculous Powers!
No. 1166 (2)

LP Leng, Wat Phantai Norasing, Samut Sakhon province
No.1313: AJ Per Salan **Revenge, Love & Good Luck
No. 1313

AJ Per Salan, Thailand

No.1312 LP Sudjai **Good Luck & Wealth
No. 1312

LP Sudjai, Wat Aranyik, Chainat Province
No.1311: AJ Kao **Powerful Sensuality & Luck
No. 1311

AJ Kao, Kalasin Province
No.1310: LP Somjit **Powerful Spiritiual Help
No. 1310

LP Somjit, Wat Thanon Kong, Lopburi Province
No.1309: LP UdomChok **Charm, Wealth & Protection
No. 1309

LP UdomChok, Wat Ban Trakuan, Sisaket Province
No.1308: Wat Nak Glang, Bangkok ** Happiness & Abundance
No. 1308

Wat Nak Glang, Bangkok
Batch: Maha Setthi (Great Millionaire)
No.1307: AJ Kun Pan **Protection & Wealth
No. 1307

AJ Kun Pan, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province
No.1306: LP Boonthom **Auspicious & Prosperous
No. 1306

LP Boonthom, Wat Nafaai, Mahasarakham Province
No.3105: KB Kritsana **Good, Lucky & Rich
No. 1305

KB Kritsana, Asomsatan Suan Phutthasart, Nakhon Ratchasima Province  Batch: Jow Sua Muen Lan (Ten Thousand Million Millionaire)

No.1304: AJ Prathueang Inthong ** Powerful Charm, Love & Protection
No. 1304

AJ Prathueang Inthong

No.1303: AJ Kom **Excellent Good Luck, Charm & Wealth
No. 1303

AJ Kom, Suphanburi Province
No.1302: Wat Rakhang (9th party) **Great Protection
No. 1302

Wat Rakhang (9th party), Bangkok

No.1301: Wat Pak Klong Makham Thao **Protection, Good luck & Prosperity
No. 1301

Wat Pak Klong Makham Thao, Chainat Province 
No.1300: LP Mong **Good Luck, Wealth & Protection
No. 1300

LP Mong, Wat Phu Swan Banpot
No.1299: LP Yen **Fortune, Charm & Protect
No. 1299

 LP Yen, Wat Kaeng Sadao, Sakaeo Province

No.1298: AJ Grandma Hong **Love, Charm, Luck & Protect
No. 1298

AJ Grandma Hong, Thailand
No.1297: LP Boonlai **Charm, Love, Good Luck & Money
No. 1297

LP Boonlai, Thailand
No.1296: Wat KrutThaRam **Holy Protection
No. 1296

Wat KrutThaRam, Ayutthaya Province
No.1295: LP Yai **Find Out Miraculous Powers!
No. 1295

LP Yai, Wat Pa Phrathamyannamunee, Nakhon Pathom Province
No.1294: LP Sert **Excellence in Many Ways!
No. 1294

LP Sert, Wat Kaeng Song, Phitsanulok Province

No.1293: KB Kritsana ** Good Luck & Business
No. 1293

KB Kritsana, Asomsatan Suan Phutthasart, Nakhon Ratchasima Province Batch: Mang Mee See Suk (Well-being)
No.1292: Wat Bua Khwan **Highly Auspicious for Worship
No. 1292

Wat Bua Khwan, Nonthaburi Province

No.1291: Wat Phaya Wat, Nan Province
No. 1291

Wat Phaya Wat, Nan Province Batch: Ruay Than Jai Somprathana
No.1290: Bodh Gaya Foundation **Great Wealth
No. 1290

Bodh Gaya Foundation, Phetchaburi Province Batch: Sombat Naka Sri Suttho (King Serpent's Treasure)
No.1289: AJ Plian **Superb Southern Magic
No. 1289

AJ Plian, Wat KowOor, Phatthalung Province

No.1288: KB Boonyang **Good Luck, Wealth & Safety
No. 1288

KB Boonyang, Wat Huai Nam Aoon, Lamphun Province
No.1287: KB Wasin **Protect-Charm-Luck-Wealth
No. 1287

KB Wasin, Wat SriThanNork, Yasothon Province
No.1286: Good Amulets to Worship **All Desirable Favors!
No. 1286

Good Amulets to Worship
No.1285: LP Tee **Protect & Good Luck
No. 1285

LP Tee, Wat Hu Chang, Nonthaburi Province
No.1284: AJ Boonrod **Charm-Luck-Career-Business
No. 1284

 AJ Boonrod, Arsom Phravej Pu Kam, Phayao Province
No.1283: KB Kritsana **Wealth & Fulfillment
No. 1283

KB Kritsana, Asomsatan Suan Phutthasart, Nakhon Ratchasima Province Batch: Maha Thep Maha Setthi (Great Deity Great Millionaire)
No.1282: Lersi Solot **Good Luck & Favorable Powers
No. 1282

Lersi Solot, Arsom Ban Kok Gong, Khon Kaen Province

No.1280: LP Thongsapab **The Superior Protection
No. 1280

LP Thongsapab, Wat Kor Tha, Lamphun Province
No.1279: AJ PuEee **Love-Charm-Luck-Protect
No. 1279

AJ PuEee, Thailand

No.1278: AJ Mae Sanejan **Charm, Love & Luck
No. 1278

AJ Mae Sanejan

No.1277: LP Lueang **Real Protection and Good Luck


LP Lueang, Wat Kradueng Thong, Buriram Province

No.1276: Wat Sothonwararam **Attract Good Luck & Good Things
No. 1276

Wat Sothonwararam Worawihan, Chachoengsao Province 
No.1275: LP Thangthong **Good Fortune, Business & Protection
No. 1275

LP Thangthong, Wat Nang Phaya, Nakhon Sawan Province

No.1274: Wat San Chao **Good Luck & Abundance

No. 1274

Wat San Chao, Pathum Thani Province

No.1273: Wat Pang Ma Gong **Best Phra Khun Paen
No. 1273

Wat Pang Ma Gong, Chiang Mai Province
No.1272: LP Ruay **Beneficial Sacredness
No. 1272

LP Ruay, Wat Klong Khanon, Ratchaburi Province
No.1271: KB Chai **Love & Prosperity
No. 1271

KB Chai, Amnard Charoen Province

No.1270: KB Tao **Charm- Luck-Wealth
No. 1270

KB Tao, Wat Ubosot Ban Lao, Chiang Mai Province
No.1269: LP Yai **Find Out Miraculous Powers!
No. 1269

LP Yai, Wat Pa Phrathamyannamunee, Nakhon Pathom Province
No.1268: Wat Chumpolnigayaram **Protection & Wealth
No. 1268

Wat Chumpolnigayaram, Ayutthaya Province

No.1267: Jow Khun Thongchai **Good Luck & Protection
No. 1267

Jow Khun Thongchai, Wat Trimit, Bangkok Batch: Thongchai Setthi Ruay Ruay Ruay

No.1266: LP Laem **Mercy-Love-Protect
No. 1266

LP Laem, Wat Pa Yang, Phetchabun Province
No.1265: LP Sin **Charm-Wealth-Protect
No. 1265

LP Sin, Wat Lahanyai, Rayong Province Batch: Maha Rerk Jan Sorn Jan
No.1264: AJ Phet Praithong **Love-Charm-Protect
No. 1264

AJ Phet Praithong, Thailand

No.1263: Lersi Kasem **Powerful Spiritual Help
No. 1263

Lersi Kasem, Thailand
No.1262: LP Noi **Magically Rescue!
No. 1262

LP Noi, Wat Thung Phut, Prachuabkirikhan Province
No.1261: Wat Nakhon Inn **Wonderful Protection & Wealth
No. 1261

Wat Nakhon Inn, Nonthaburi province
No.1260: LP Chaowarat **Great Auspiciousness
No. 1260

LP Chaowarat, Wat Tha Wang Hin, Sakon Nakhon province
No.1259: KB Kritsana **Charm & Good Luck
No. 1259

KB Kritsana, Asomsatan Suan Phutthasart, Nakhon Ratchasima Province
No.1258: Wat Phra That Chae Haeng **Secure Destiny!
No. 1258

Wat Phra That Chae Haeng, Nan Province
No.1257: Wat Kiriwan **Increase Financial Asset
No. 1257

Wat Kiriwan, Nakhon Ratchasima Province
No.1256: Wat Pong Com **Super Protection!
No. 1256

Wat Pong Com, Suphanburi Province
No.1255: Wat Kok Loh **Wealth & Protection
No. 1255

Wat Kok Loh, Amnard Charoen Province

No.1254: KB Sarijaikam **Powerful Northern Mantras of Luck & Wealth
No. 1254

KB Sarijaikam, Wat RimRongSariSriBunTham, Lamphun Province

No.1253: KB Thorn **Amazing Charm Power
No. 1253

KB Thorn, Wat Nong Khaem, Chiang Mai Province
No.1252: LP Mee **Irresistible Charm
No. 1252

LP Mee, Wat Pho Chedi Loy, Phetchabun Province

No.125: Lersi AkKhaRaDej **Love-Charm-Luck
No. 1251

Lersi AkKhaRaDej, Kalasin Province
No.1250: LP Somnuek **Good Luck-Charm-Love
No. 1250

LP Somnuek, Wat Nong KraSang, Lopburi Province
No.1249: Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan ** Includes Many Excellences
No. 1249

Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan, Suphanburi Province  
No.1248: LP Amnard **Charm-Good Luck-Protect-Wealth
No. 1248

LP Amnard, Mahawiro Dharma Retreat, Chaiyaphum province
No.1247: LP KongDet **Excellent Way to Love, Charm & Luck

LP KongDet, ArsomThamPetThong, Buriram province
No.1246: Mystical Amulet Collection** Holy Spiritual Help
No. 1246

Mystical Amulet Collection
No.1245: KB Kritsana **Going to be a millionaire!
No. 1245

KB Kritsana, Asomsatan Suan Phutthasart, Nakhon Ratchasima province Batch: Jow Sua Maha Setthi 2016
No. 1244: LP Laai **Ceaseless Earnings!
No. 1244

LP Laai, Wat Na Jom Tien, Chonburi province

No. 1243: Wat Bang Mod **Protection & Prosperity
No. 1243

Wat Bang Mod, Bangkok

No.1242: LP Som **Excellent Charm-Luck-Windfall
No. 1242

LP Som, Wat Wang Phae, Saraburi Province
No.1241: LP Manoon **Beneficial Charm
No. 1241

LP Manoon, Wat Kanthod, Suphanburi province

No.1240: AJ Surak **Love-Charm-Luck-Protect
No. 1240

AJ Surak, Thailand
No.1239: LP Sohn **Ceaseless Prosperity
No. 1239

LP Sohn, Wat Nong Tor Yod, Kanchanaburi province

No.1238: KB KhamPeng **Great Wealth & Charm
No. 1238

KB KhamPeng, Arsom Sukhawadi, Kamphaeng Phet province Batch: Maha Larp

No.1237: Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan **Wealth & Protect
No. 1237

Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Batch:  Jow Sarp (god of fortune)
No. 1236: AJ Pu Boo **Charm, Love & Luck
No. 1236

AJ Pu Boo, Thailand
No.1235: KB That **Favorable Spiritual Powers
No. 1235

KB That, Wat Ban Na Noon, Phayao Province
No.1234: LP Muk **Amazing Good Luck
No. 1234

LP Muk, Wat KowLekRarngSadow, Kanchanaburi province
No.1233: LP Chuea **Powerfully Help & Protect
No. 1233

LP Chuea, Wat Yang Mani, Ang Thong province

No.1232: AJ Winai **Love-Charm-Luck
No. 1232

AJ Winai, Roi Et province

No.1231: LP Dam **helpful spiritual powers!
No. 1231

LP Dam, Wat PhraPhutthaBatRattanaKiri, Khon Khaen province
No.1230: LP Chaiya **Powerful Auspiciousness, Wealth & Protection
No. 1230

LP Chaiya, Wat Kuan Kiam, Phatthalung Province
No.1229: Wat Khun Phum **Protect & Wealth
No. 1229
Wat Khun Phum, Phichit province 
No.1228: LP Phiw **Holy Favors & Protection
No. 1228

LP Phiw, Wat Pradu Songtham, Ayutthaya province

No.1227: Wat Sra Long Ruer **Good Blessings for Life
No. 1227

Wat Sra Long Ruer, Kanchanaburi province
No 1226: AJ Phakinee **Charm-Love-Business
No. 1226

AJ Phakinee, Thailand
No.1225: AJ Bua Praiburapha **Luck, Charm, Love & Protect
No. 1225

 AJ Bua Praiburapha, Thailand

No.1224: LP Yot **Supernatural Protection!
No. 1224

LP Yot, Wat Na Lablaeng, Uttaradit province
No. 1223: Wat Boworn **Propitiousness, Security & Prosperity
No. 1223

Wat Boworn, Bangkok
No.1222: Wat Sathitkirirom **Holy Protection
No. 1222

Wat Sathitkirirom, Suratthani province Batch: Thoed Thoon Buraphajarn (showing deep respect to teachers)
No.1221: Thai Elderly Promotion & Health Care Association**Great Propitiousness of Life
No. 1221

Thai Elderly Promotion & Health Care Association
No.1220: LP Rel **Beckons Good Luck & Money!
No. 1220

LP Rel, Wat Nong No, Ubon Ratchathani province 
No.1219: LP Phon ** Safeguard & Business
No. 1219

LP Phon, Wat Lon, Phatthalung province
No.1218: LP Nen **Great Charm & Luck
No. 1218

LP Nen, Wat Ban Kases Toong Setthi, Roi Et province
No.1217: KB Phorn **Lucky in Game Lucky in Love
No. 1217

KB Phorn, Wat Pu Hor, Chiang Mai province

No.1216: LP Phusit **Good Luck, Wealth & Protection
No. 1216

LP Phusit, Wat Prutu, Songkhla Province

No.1215: KB KhamPeng **Wonderful Charm
No. 1215

KB KhamPeng, Arsom Sukhawadi, Kamphaeng Phet province
No.1214: LP Chaloem **Protect, Charm & Good Luck
No. 1214

LP Chaloem, Wat Boonnakprachasan, Samut Songkhram province

No.1213: Wat Phra Borommathat ** Notable Buddha’s Powers!
No. 1213

Wat Phra Borommathat, Kamphaeng Phet province
No.1212: LP Tong **Fulfilling Spiritual Power!
No. 1212

LP Tong, Wat Phutakian, Kanchanaburi province
Phra Khun Paen Prai Jampi Sarapat Nuek

No.1209: LP Yai **Find Out Miraculous Powers!
No. 1209

LP Yai, Wat Pa Phrathamyannamunee, Nakhon Pathom province
No.1208: Wat Mor Mui **Holy Helpful Powers

Wat Mor Mui, Rayong province
No.1207: LP Pornsit **Powerful Favorable Powers!

LP Pornsit, Wat Sawang Arom, Chiang Mai province Batch: Ayu Watthana Mongkol
No.1206: AJ Khow **Charm-Luck-Wealth

AJ Khow, Samnak Phravejlanna
No.1204: LP Noo **Helpful All Aspects
No. 1204

LP Noo, Wat Ampawanaram, Roi Et province

No.1203: Wat Phra That Sam Duang **Quick Buddha’s Power
No. 1203

Wat Phra That Sam Duang, Phayao province Batch: Phuttha-Prasit-Itthi-Phol-Thanjai (Quick Buddha’s Power)
No.1202: LP Thar **Superb Loving-kindness& Good Luck
No. 1202

LP Thar, Wat Pah Tosapon Mungkalaram, Roi Et province **The best of LP Thar**
No.1201: Thai Red Cross **Great Auspiciousness
No. 1201

Thai Red Cross, Thailand Somdej Nang Phaya
No.1200: Wat Chang Taem **Great Propitiousness for life
No. 1200

Wat Chang Taem, Lampang province

No.1199: Wat BahnJarn **Protect & Wealth
No. 1199

Wat BahnJarn, Sisaket province  Batch: Moon Ngoen Moon Thong (year 2016)

No.1198: LP Weera **Protect, Good Luck and Wealth
No. 1198

LP Weera, Wat Homsil, Samut Prakan province

No.1197: LP Phring **Go Lucky, Wealthy and Secure!
No. 1197

LP Phring, Wat Sab Chomphu, Phetchabun province

No. 1196: Sacred Bangle Collection **Attracts Positive Energy
No. 1196

Sacred Bangle Collection

No.1195: King Bhumibol Collection **Priceless & Meaningful
No. 1195

King Bhumibol Collection

No.1194: KB Or **Good Luck-Charm-Windfall
No. 1194

KB Or, Wat Phra That Doi Jomvae, Chiang Mai province **good previous batches to collect!
No.1193: KB Na **Love-Luck-Windfall
No. 1193

KB Na, Doi Hui Monastery, Lamphun province Batch: Na Maha Saney (Great Charm)

No.1192: Good Medals to Collect **Protect, Prosperity & Propitious
No. 1192

Good Medals to Collect
No.1191: LP Leng **good luck, money & business
No. 1191

LP Leng, Wat Nong Gae, Sa Kaeo province
No.1190: LP Khowhaeng **Loving-kindness & Favorable Powers for Living
No. 1190

LP Khowhaeng, Wat Tapan Satthadham, Surin province
No.1189: KB Na **Great Luck & Wealth
No. 1189

KB Na, Doi Hui Monastery, Lamphun province Batch: Na Setthi Nuea Duang (Millionaire beyond Destiny) 
No.1188: Wat Mongkolkothawas **Helps and Protects
No. 1188

Wat Mongkolkothawas, Samut Prakan province Batch: Yok Bot (Elevating the Chapel)
No. 1187: Wat Chumpolnigayaram **Legendary Wealth
No. 1187

Wat Chumpolnigayaram, Ayutthaya province Batch: Ruay Lerd Talord Kan (Being Always Rich)

No.1186: Wat Nong Ngu Lueam ** Abundance of Money
No. 1186

Wat Nong Ngu Lueam, Chonburi province Batch: Udom Sarp Maha Larp (Abundance of Money)
No.1185: SapPhaRaChen Foundation **Support Life
No. 1185

SapPhaRaChen Foundation, Nakhon Pathom province

No.1184: KB Or **Astonishing Prosperity & Charm!
No. 1184

KB Or, Wat Denchai, Chiang Mai province Takrut Lek Lai Setthi Kin Namphueng

No.1183: AJ Thongtang **Love-Kindness-Luck-Protection
No. 1183

AJ Thongtang, Thewaphram Ritual House, Chaiyaphum province
No.1182: LP Nark **Holy Protection
No. 1182

LP Nark, Wat Nong Phan Ruer, Saraburi Province

No.1181: Wat Nak Glang **Greatly Peaceful Life

Wat Nak Glang, Bangkok Batch: Somprathana Maha Setthi

No.1180: Wat Pa Goh Laem **Holy Spiritual Help!
No. 1180

Wat Pa Goh Laem, Nakhon Ratchasima province

No.1179: Wat Rama IX Kanchanapisek **Safe from Foes and Dangers!

Wat Rama IX Kanchanapisek, Bangkok
Batch: Phra Kring Pairee Pinard -Somdej Yan 100 Pi
No.1178: Devasathan **Good Luck & Good Things
No. 1178

Devasathan (Brahmin Temple), Bangkok
No.1177: Interesting Magic Cloth Collection **good luck, wealth and protection
No. 1177

Interesting Magic Cloth Collection

No.1176: LP Chin **Real Powerful Defence
No. 1176

LP Chin, Wat Wang Nam Khiew, Prachuabkirikhan province
No.1175: AJ Subin **Go a Billionaire!
No. 1175

AJ Subin, Koom Nah Na Thong Ritual House, Nonthaburi province Billionaire Bangle
No.1174: LP Ueam **Getting Lucky & Wealthy
No. 1174

LP Ueam, Wat Suan Pa Taling Chan, Phatthalung province batch: Boon Kathin 59
No.1173:Wat Rakhang **Superb Defending Power against All Dangers!
No. 1173

Wat Rakhang, Bangkok Batch: Somdej Mai Chofah Anusorn 144 Pi

No. 1172: Wat Lad Yai ** Fulfilled, Progress & Safe
No. 1172

Wat Lad Yai, Samut  Songkhram province
Batch: Pokasarp Muen Lan
No.1171: LP Krairerk**Quick Luck! & more
No. 1171

LP Krairerk, Pathipsaengtham Monastery, Sakaeo province
No.1170: Wat Thung Tong **Luck & Windfalls
No. 1170

Wat Thung Tong, Trat province

No.1169: LP Pakon **Carry off Bad Luck & Bad Things
No. 1169

LP Pakon, Wat Tham Pha Den, Sakon Nakhon province

No. 1168: LP Sumonthammasathod **Wealthy & Protect
No. 1168

LP Sumonthammasathod, Wat Khao Kalok, Prachuabkirikhan province 

No.1167: LP Dam **Powerful Danger Defense!
No. 1167

LP Dam, Wat Nong Faek, Phitsanulok province Singh Maha Kradon & Phra Rod Bai Makham
No.1166: LP Leng **Miraculous Powers!
No. 1166

LP Leng, Wat Phantai Norasing, Samut Sakhon province
No.1165: LP Chai **Good Luck-Wealth-Fulfillment
No. 1165

LP Chai, Wat Nong Ngu Lueam, Chonburi province batch: Chok Dee (good luck)
No.1164: Wat Phra That Phanom **Wealth & Good Luck
No. 1164

Wat Phra That Phanom, Nakhon Phanom province
No.1163: KB Det **Mystical Charm
No. 1163

KB Det, Wat Mai Rattanakosin, Lampang province

No.1162: LP Sriponthep **Luck, Biz, Charm & Protection
No. 1162

LP Sriponthep, Wat Ban Goom, Ang Thong province
Wat PhaNiang Taek **Get Tough to Dangers!

Wat PhaNiang Taek, Nakhon Pathom province
No.1160: LP Boon **Wealth-Charm-Protect
No. 1160

LP Boon, Wat Thung Krajet, Suphanburi province
No.1159: LP Suk **Powerful Divine Powers!
No. 1159

LP Suk, Wat Pa Wai, Singburi province **1st Batch Pho Pu Lersi
No.1158: KB Sri **Wonderful Favorable Powers!
No. 1158

KB Sri, Wat Ban Sob Gong, Lampang province
LP Charoon ** New Legend Wealth & Protection
No. 1157

LP Charoon, Wat Kow Mueang Gao, Phatthalung province
Wat Boworn **Protection & Auspiciousness
No. 1156

Wat Boworn, Bangkok batch: 05 Yon Yuk

Wat Phonimit **Good Luck, Wealth & Success
No. 1155

Wat Phonimit, Chachoengsao province **The Miracle Jewelry
LP Sang Tong **Good Luck & Wealth
No. 1154

LP Sang Tong, Wat Sri SaNga, Chaiyaphum province
LP Chuay **Getting Opulent
No. 1153

LP Chuay, Wat Kow Noi, Sukhothai province
LP Chai **Good Luck & Charm
No. 1152

LP Chai, Wat Boonnakprachasan, Samut Songkhram province

No.1151: Arsomkruthao **Supreme Protection & Good Luck
No. 1151

Arsomkruthao kruthong kruthep kruhon, Nonthaburi province

Wat Wirachottammaram **Safety & Prosperity
No. 1150

Wat Wirachottammaram, Chachoengsao province
No.1149: KB Kritsana **Create Better Life!
No. 1149

KB Kritsana, Asomsatan Suan Phutthasart, Nakhon Ratchasima province

LP Sook **Luck-Windfalls-Charm
No. 1148

LP Sook,Wat Inn Paeng, Laos
LP Jom **Protection & Good Luck
No. 1147

LP Jom, Wat Pa Ban Don Du, Amnat Charoen province
No.1146: AJ Thawee **Charming & Lucky
No. 1146

AJ Thawee, Ubon Ratchathani province
No.1145: LP Samretmuneerat **Superb Charm-Luck-Business
No. 1145

LP Samretmuneerat, Wat Phukhao Kwai, Ubon Ratchathani Province
No.1144: Wat Nakhon Inn **Legendary Protection & Supportive Powers
No. 1144

Wat Nakhon Inn, Nonthaburi province
No.1143: LP Saeng **Kindness, Lck, Wealth & Protect
No. 1143

LP Saeng, Wat Ban Trang, Pattani Province
Wat Sanmamao **Lucky & Wealthy
No. 1142

Wat Sanmamao, Chiang Rai province Lersi Doen Dong batch: Chokdee Mangmi Thawisarp
LP Foo **Being Protected
No. 1141

LP Foo, Wat Bangsamak, Chachoengsao province
AJ Naphacha **people kindness-luck- gambling-business
No. 1140

AJ Naphacha, Surat Thani province
No.1139: LP Lek **Good Luck, Prosperity & Protection
no. 1139

LP Lek, Wat TamKaoNoi, Phetchaburi Province
AJ Songtham YanKrooMetta **Charm, Love, Health
No. 1138

AJ Songtham YanKrooMetta, Thailand
AJ Thaworn **Occultism-Charm-Luck
No. 1137

AJ Thaworn, Lampang province
No.1136: AJ NaanKong **Favorable Northern Magic
No. 1136

AJ NaanKong, Chiang Mai province
LP Ngei ** Help & Protect
No. 1135

LP Ngei, Wat Pathumsarawas, Suphanburi province

LP Thong **Wealth & Protection
No. 1133

LP Thong, Wat PhraPhutthabatKowYaiHom, Chaiyaphum province Roon:Jow Sua Kot Setthi
No.1132: Siriraj Hospital **Greatly Propitious for Life
No. 1132

 Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok Batch: Somdet Siriraj 100 Pi, 2011 C.E.
LP Phadet **Get Protected!
No. 1131

LP Phadet, Wat Maiprachumchon, Prachinburi province Roon: Nimit Chedi
LP Boonmee **charm, luck, wealth
No. 1130

LP Boonmee, Wat Ban Goom Yaso, Chanthaburi province
No.1129: LP Phrom **Auspiciousness for Life
No. 1129

LP Phrom, Wat Ban Suan, Phatthalung province
LP Ong **Miraculous Luck-Wealth-Protection
No. 1128

LP Ong, Wat Thep Sing Han, Ubon Ratchathani province
Amarinpotisat Foundation **Mavelous Protection!
No. 1127

Amarinpotisat Foundation, Thailand Roon: Maha Parb Pairee Pinard
Wat Phra That Phu Phek **Great Propitiousness
No. 1126

Wat Phra That Phu Phek, Sakon Nakhon province

LP Rak **Get Wealthy, Fulfilled & Protected
No. 1125

LP Rak, Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana, Ayutthaya province Roon: Rian Setthi
Wat Banpodsuttaram **holy protection from harm and bad things
No. 1124

Wat Banpodsuttaram, Phichit province Roon:  Sarng Ubosot
No.1123: LP Vichai **Fosters Finance & Business
No. 1123

LP Vichai, Wat ThodRat, Sakaeo Province
No.1122: LP Dam **Great Protector with Experience!
No. 1122

LP Dam, Wat Nong Faek, Phitsanulok Province

LP Kloy **Being Prosperous& Protected
No. 1121

LP Kloy, Wat PuKowThong, Phatthalung province

LP Chuan **Get Rich!
No. 1120

LP Chuan, Wat Khao Kaeo, Ang Thong province **Rian Setthi (Millionaire Medal)**
LP Phin **charm & protection
No. 1119

LP Phin, Wat Koksawang, Prachinburi province

LP Wiang **Charm-Luck-Wealth
No. 1118

LP Wiang, Wat Sawangnongchart, Maha Sarakham province Roon: Jao Saney Chana Jai

LP Goh **Protection & Charisma
No. 1117

LP Goh, Wat Tha Samor, Chainat province

LP Khantee ** Secure from any bad things
No. 1116

LP Khantee, Wat Luang Bodindecha, Prachinburi province **Luangpho Mor (doctor Buddha)**
LP Nen Kumpeero **Such Promising Future
No. 1115

LP Nen Kumpeero, Wat Ban Kases Toong Setthi, Roi Et province Roon: Benjamongkol

No.1114: Holy Amulet Sets **protect, wealth, luck, charisma
No. 1114

Amulet Sets, Thailand

No.1113: LP Khieaw **Help & Protect
No. 1113

LP Khieaw, Wat Huayngow, Pattani province

No.1112: LP Somchai **Charm, Good Luck & Protect
No. 1112

LP Somchai, Wat Nong Khin, Saraburi province
LP Kamsing **in favor of worshipers
No. 1111

LP Kamsing, Wat Pla Siw, Sisaket province

LP Kong **Wealth & Protect
No. 1110

LP Kong, Wat Klang Bang Kaew, Nakhon Pathom province 
Wat Phrathat Ket Kaew Chulamanee ** Flourish & Accomplish
No. 1109

Wat Phrathat Ket Kaew Chulamanee, Chiang Rai province Roon: Sook Samret Thanjai

Wat Boworn **Increase Assets & Protect

Wat Boworn, Bangkok Roon: Riak Sarp
Wat Prasart Thong **Commemorate LP Pard: Help & Protect

Wat Prasart Thong, Buriram province Roon: Moradok Tham
LP Boon **Good Luck-Wealth-Protection
No. 1106

LP Boon, Wat Thoonghiang, Chonburi province Roon: Luean Samanasak
No.1105: Wat Rakhang ** The Legendary Protection in Thailand
No. 1105

Wat Rakhang, Bangkok

Wat Phantai Norasing **Bring Propitiousness to Your Life
No. 1104

Wat Phantai Norasing, Samut Sakhon province
No.1103: AJ To Praimadee **Double Charm & Luck
No. 1103

AJ To Praimadee, Thailand
LP Suer **Mercy & Luck
No. 1102

LP Suer, Dharma Park, Nakhon Ratchasima province

AJ Mor Phrom **Excellent Charm
No. 1101

AJ Mor Phrom, Thailand

No.1100: LP Wet Surin **Luck-Windfalls-Love Desire
No. 1100

LP Wet Surin, Wat PhoThiChaiya Wanaram, Udon Thani province

LP Im **Experience the Real Charm
No. 1099

LP Im, Wat Ban Khao Khard, Prachinburi province

AJ Chor ** Charm & Ongoing Windfalls
No. 1098

AJ Chor, Samnak Sak Yant Thep Salika, Chaserngsao province

No.1097: LP Phol **sacred protection & propitiousness
No. 1097

LP Phol, Wat Lum Pho Thong, Phetchaburi province
No.1096: LP Saman **Superb Charm-Business-Protection
No. 1096

LP Saman,
Khao Yang Hak Monastery, Ratchaburi Province
LP Phat **Good Luck & Charisma
No. 1095

LP Phat, Wat Than Thahan, Nakhon Sawan province

No.1094: Wat Prutu **Amazing Lucky Medal!
No. 1094

Wat Prutu, Songkhla province
  Boromma Kru Norah Medal, first batch

No.1093: AJ Sor Prakam **Charm-Love-Luck
No. 1093

AJ Sor Prakam, Thailand
No.1092: LP Charn **Protect & Wealth
No. 1092

LP Charn, Wat Bang Bor, Samut Prakan province
Roon: Luangpho Hai Pon Ruay Phan Lan
LP La **Charm-Business-Protection
No. 1092

LP La, Wat Soi Suwan, Kamphaeng Phet province Roon: Wai Kru 59

Wat InDraRaViharn ** Opulence & Protection
No. 1091

Wat InDraRaViharn, Bangkok
Wat Sothonwararam **brings good Luck & opulence
No. 1090

Wat Sothonwararam, Chachoengsao province
Wat Phra Srirattana Mahathat **Protective & Propitious
No. 1089

Wat Phra Srirattana Mahathat, Suphanburi province Roon: Moradok Phandin Thong
No.1088: Wat Huay Chorakhe **legendary wealth & protection
No. 1088

Wat Huay Chorakhe, Nakhon Pathom province Roon: Sarp Setthi 119 Pi
Wat Kiriwan **Prevents Bad Luck
No. 1087

Wat Kiriwan, Nakhon Ratchasima province
Roon: Ruay Wan Ruay Kuen
Wat Saman Rattanaram ** God of Wealth & Success
No. 1086

Wat Saman Rattanaram, Chachoengsao province, Roon: Mee Wai Dai Sarp

Pa Non Mueang Monastery **Fulfilled Richness
No. 1085

Pa Non Mueang Monastery, Roi Et province, Roon:  Ruay Somprathana
No.1084: KB Pongpon **Good Luck & Charm
No. 1084

KB Pongpon, Wat Chaiyaphap, Chiang Rai province
Sia Jet **Reinforcing Financial Stability
No. 1083

Sia Jet, Thai Amulet Organization

Wat Kok Loh **Bringing Good Luck, Wealth & Safety
No. 1082

Wat Kok Loh, Amnard Charoen province, Roon: Kot Setthi Barami Luangpu

No.1081: LP Vitthaya **Go Fortunately & Prosperously
No. 1081

LP Vitthaya, Wat Phued Nimit, Pathumthani province
LP Ritthee **Luck, Wealth & Protect
No. 1080

LP Ritthee, Wat Ban Jork, Amnat Charoen province

LP Boonsong **Supports Life & Career
No. 1079

LP Boonsong, Wat Krajom, Singburi province

No.1078: KB Itti **Find Out Miraculous Powers!
No. 1078

KB Itti of Wat Sann, Chiang Mai province

Wat Ratchasit **luckiness & propitiousness
No. 1077

Wat Ratchasit, Bangkok

LP Hor **Quick Fulfillment
No. 1076

LP Hor, Wat Chumsaeng, Rayong province

LP Rung **Protection & Eliminates Obstacles
No. 1075

LP Rung, Tha Mai Lai Monastery, Prachuabkirikhan province
No.1074: LP Nong **Luckiness & Prosperity
No. 1074

LP Nong, Wat Goh Bod, Lopburi province **The Last Batch
No.1073: LP Somchai **Good Luck & Protection
No. 1073

LP Somchai, Wat Khongkha, Kanchanaburi province

KB Vi **Wealth & Love
No. 1072

KB Vi, Wat Weruwan, Chiang Mai province

Wat Absorn Sawan **Good Luck & Good Things for Life
No. 1071

Wat Absorn Sawan, Bangkok