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Tip for Planting Wahn

Tip for planting Wahn


The relationship between the shape and the bucket.

  1. Size and proportion, you should choose the Wahn that suits the bucket and you should study the growth of that Wahn in order to change the bucket frequently.


  1. Shape, you should choose the bucket that suits the Wahn, too.

Short shape bucket suits for the small Wahn.

Height shape bucket suits for the medium and large sizes of Wahns.

Round shap bucket and an angle bucket that will effect in the water on the first floor, that are, the round bucket has more surface for evaporating the water.

Cylinder and the pyramid bucket, if you choose to plant a Wahn with pyramid bucket, the Wahn will get a little of water so, if it is a Wahn that wants more water, it will not grow well.

The height of bucket, if it is a short root Wahn, the water will not be enough so the Wahn will die or you must pour the water often.

The wide mouth of bucket suits with the Wahn that is a push or small size of Wahn that can bring many species to plant in the same bucket.

The narrow mouth of bucket suits with the height trunk of a Wahn.


  1. The colour of the bucket because the colour of the bucket has effect to the temperature of bucket such as the colourful of bucket will inferior the growth of flowers or Wahns.
  2. Evaporation, you should choose the good evaporation bucket because the Wahn can receive the oxygen thoroughly.  So you should study the Wahn that you want to plant first well.
  3. Restore the moisture,  it depends on the species that some species want a little moisture such as Fern, so you should choose the bucket that can get a moisture for so long and it will grow well.
  4. Expired date, you should choose the durable bucket for long live using.
  5. The way for cleaning , you should rub the unclean point out of the bucket for beautifulness.


There are many utensils, what kind of these are?

Plastic bucket, the good point is light and can keep moisture well, cheap price but it is easy to broken.


High ground bucket, it is popular to use because itís easy to find and cheap with many shapes.  Itís good to use high ground bucket because there are many evaporation holes from the clay so the Wahn will grew well.


Ceremic bucket, it is easy to clean but the evaporation is slow and hard to get oxygen because there is no hole and the important is itís expensive.


Wood bucket, itís more harmonized than any other buckets and if you use wood bucket, you should choose the one that has a little moisture because it can make some decay.


Rock or cement bucket, it is very durable and good at the keeping moisture with beautiful design and easy to find but itís a lot of weight and difficult to move, so you should put foam in the buttom of bucket first for correcting the weight problem.


Iron bucket that built from Aluminium or zinc but you shouldnít  place on the outdoor because of the sun ray.  You should lay indoor that is the best.


Handicrafts bucket, you should bring glass, wood, bowl, can and etc. to reduce your budget.


The material for putting in the bucket:


01. Soil should have an air go inside and come outside fluently.

02. Sand for evaporating the air for a good well growth.

03. Charcoal to make the material soft and absorb salt for protecting the Wahn.

04. Fuzzy coconuts for the ingredient of Wahnís food with light weight and cheap price.

05. Wood filings help the soil full of the absorbent of moisture as the fuzzy coconuts do.

06. Chaff, it has potassium and calcium for relieving the hot of the soil face and can keep moisture from the face soil well.

 07. Pea Pot, it has nitrogen which has a benefits for Wahn, you can place pea pot with Nonsri Wahn.

08. Rock on the volcano (Pumice) is the essential ingredients for Wahn.  For example, calcium, magnesium, etc.  It can make Wahn moistured.

09. Perlite is the ash from the volcano with the light weight.  It can increase the light for the materials.

10. Vermiculite has the same weight as perlite but it is cheaper.

11. Peatmoss is a cleaner of the Wahn that help it grew fast.

12. Sphagnum moss suits the large Wahn with high moisture.

13. Compost is the origin of Wahn food which came from the natural products.

14. Stable manure came from the animals waste matter such as chicken, bat, ox, buffalo, pig, etc.  The stable manure is cheap and easy to find and without toxic, too. 

The problem for bringing a Wahn bucket to lay in the house has many factor:


  1. The Wahn factor.  Each plant has many qualifications such as:


Each Wahn has the range of light differently.  For the flowers, they like light but if you lay on the dull area, the flowers will not blossom.



The quantity of water is regulate the bucket such as:

  1. Wahn that like water the most  such as ferns, you should put sfagnummos to be a material for sufficient water.
  2. Wahn that like water in a medium level, you should put fuzzy coconuts.
  3. Wahn that like water in a low level, such as cactus.  You should put the sand into the bucket.


  1. The material and the utensil of planting Wahn factor, you should :
    1. Choose the clean materials
    2. Choose the clean utensils. You should clean with dettol to destroy the fungus on the bucket by dipping the bucket into a dettol water for 30 minutes and then dry and clean with clear water again and can use it.  Do like this the fungus will not irritate you anymore.

The steps for planting Wahns in the bucket:

The most important is the shape of Wahn and the bucket must equalize and

1.      Prepare the bucket and the utensil properly.

2.      Choose the Wahns that are matched the utensils

3.      Use the piece of the broken bucket into the bottom of the bucket.

4.      Put the materials inside the bucket about a half of bucket.

5.      Lay the Wahn in the middle of the bucket.

6.      After that add the soil until the full of the bucket and it is finished.

Way to look after the Wahns to be long live and beautifully.


  1. The way to pour the water to the Wahn.  The water of the outdoor Wahn and indoor Wahn are not equal.  You must study first before you plant a Wahn.  The remarks for what level of the Wahn  wants are:
    1. Look at the leaf, flower are burnt or not.
    2. Look at the front of the soil that is moisture or not.  If there are water in the soil, you should not pour.
    3. Dig into the soil and if you found that the soil is dry, you should pour.
  2. The way to put the fertilizer :

Formula of fertilizer 15-15-15, 16-16-16, 20-20-20 suit the every part of a Wahn.

Formula that the front is high number 46-0-0, 21-8-8.  These kinds of fertilizer has high nitrogen that is benefits for the growth of leaves

Formula that the medium is high number 12-24-12, 8-24-21.  These kinds of fertilizer has high phosphoras that helps to blossom of the flowers.

Formula that the last is high number 13-13-21, 3-37-37.  These kinds of fertilizer has high potassium for the root growth.

  1. The way to cut the Wahn.  The more you cut, the more beautiful Wahn you have.


The disease of plant and insects:


The decay, it came from the water cannot flow because of more over of pouring.

The way to protect:  you should pour a little and lay at the sun is rising to.


The leaf problem, it came from fungi that caused the leaves brown or black dots that can cause the Wahn die.

The way to protect:  injection every 7 days for protection of the disease.


The fungus disease, it is similar to the leaf problem but it is a white dot that is happened to the flower, it will not blossom.

The way to protect: spray in the season that is not hot for the fired leaves.


The leaf is not blossom problem,  it came form bacteria, the top is decayed and dry with the brown colour of the leaves.

The way to protect:  you should destroy that Wahn.


Mealy bugs problem, it will eat the young top of the leaf of the Wahn.

The way to protect: you should kill the ants before because the ants bring mealy bugs or use vinegar 1 lid mixed with water 2-3 litres and spray on the mealy bugs.

Thrips, it will have the fired spot of the  brown of the leaves.
The way to protect: you should use Posse 30 cc. with water 20 litres and sprinkle around.


Worm and grasshopper bite the leaves of the Wahn that build the Wahn not beautifully.

The way to protect:  use the matter that came from Neem-Wahn.

Red lice will suck the water from other parts of the Wahn that caused the brown dots, the leaves are soft.

The way to protect:  spray with malatyon every 10 days.



Last modified : 25 Nov 2008 - 10:44 PM (GMT+7:00)
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